Westgate Backblast – 12.31.2018

QIC: Ball Bearing

Pax: Silverado; Spitz; Lars; Tecumseh

COP: Started to give a cruddy disclaimer and mission breakdown as Silverado broke through the gloom on his way to the parking lot with the intention to have a warm up lap done as he made his way in, but that didn’t go as planned and he ran the lap with us. Into the courts for COP with 31x SSH; Cotton Pickers; Willie May Hayes; Abe Vagodas; Down Dogs Up Dogs and other stretches. Did a back and forth of the courts with High knees; butt kickers; hurdles; Bruce Lees (Finally remembered one for the extra tennis court) and cariocas. Part way through here is where Tecumseh came in hot to ensure that he wouldn’t end up with the threatened flaming bag of dog poo for fartsacking. Did a back and forth of the courts with a long stride jog.

The Thang: After running on the tennis courts Q decided it was a bit too slippery to do the Thang so we took a mosey over to the covered shelter before we got started with the New Years Eve festivities.
Round 1:
12-   Burpees
31 –  Air Squats
20 –  Monkey Humpers
18 – Jump Squats
Pond Lap with hold plank for 6
Round 2:
12 – Hand Release Merkins
31 – Sun Gods
20 – Cherry Pickers
18 – Merkins
Pond Lap with wall sits for 6
Round 3
12 – Get Ups
31 – LBC’s
20 – WWI’s
18 – American Hammers
Pond Lap – with Pax choice (wall sit or plank) for 6
Round 4
12 – Box Jumps
31- Step Ups
20 – Dips
18 – Decline Merkins
Mosey to the parking lot

BOM:  Counted off; name-o-rama and prayed out for the year before heading out for coffee.

Thanks to all who have come out this year!

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