Westgate Back Blast 01.07.2019

PAX: @Lars @Tecumseh @Silverado @Spitz @ball_bearing @schembechler
QIC: Lars
Wonderful morning for a good sweat.

CoP: Started with 21s. Had to do this multiple times and still didn’t get it right. Brainfarts all around. Because of the penalties, we ended up doing 4 sets, continued to fail so tabled the last time till the end.
15 cotton pickers
20 Alabama Ass-Kickers
2x round PAX for Circle Burp (each PAX called down twice per round)

Nice Black Snake run around east and south side of Westgate Park.

Partnered up for the remainder:
1. Partner 1 runs two laps around parking lot while Partner 2 did as many 4×4 as possible. Switched up and REPEATO!
2. Partner 1 runs Suicides in parking lot – REPEATO! Partner 2 does Absolution. Switch up and REPEATO!
3. Mosey over to tennis courts to pick up two blocks per person. Partner 1 takes one block at a time and runs them down to the end of the last tennis court (3 court widths). Partner two does LBFCs until all 4 blocks are re-located. Switch up and REPEATO!
4. End with Partner Derkin (15 each)
5. Tried 21s again to end on a good note and low and behold WE DID IT!

Returned blocks and mosey back to cars.

Circled at flag for CoT – @Lars talked about living of the world not in the world. Each step we take can lead to sin or to Jesus. Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us each step will help us live for him rather than live in the world. Prayed out.

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