Antrim wed. band of brothers 1/9/19

Disclaimer: Q has a bad Achilles so not much running. First Q with no Mosey

@dimon @jumper qic: @ wildebeest

COP: SSH X 50, good mornings x 20,  abe begoda x 16, cotton pickers x 16, slow squats x 20, down/up dog x 8, merkins x 25

Reverse lunge high knee stepup x 20

Overhead press x 20

Curls x 30

Merkins x 40

Squat x 50

Block on shelf 10 rt then 10 lt

Curl press x 20

Tricep press x 30

Block merkins x 40

Squag x 50

AMRAP X 1 MIN: curls, tricep press, merkins, front raises, overhead press

Plank: 5 1min variations

Front raises x 20

Curls x 30

Merkins x 40

Ended day with quick count off and namearama. The wind was whipping!!

Prayed thanking God for our homes and vehicles and place tk recover and stay warm and to honor him with all we say..think, do, watch…lets be leaders with integrity  !

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