Westgate Back Blast 01.10.2019

PAX: @Tecumseh @Silverado @Spitz @ball_bearing @Lars
Q: Lars

COP: Started with 21s with SSH. Completed on first try!
12 cotton pickers – F/M/B
13 cotton pickers – L/C/R
Stretched our thighs and calf
14 Imperial Walkers
2x round PAX for Circle Burp (each PAX called down twice per round)

Black Snake run around east and south side of Westgate Park. WE ARE STAYING WARM TODAY!


Paired the exercises with some tunes today and blasted it through my cheap bluetooth speaker:

1. Cotton-eyed Joe – 3:14
2. Quick mosey to the pavilion then to pick up two block a piece and head to tennis courts.
3. Created a new exercise called “The Railroad”. All blocks were placed with the first person in a line. Lift the blocks (one at a time) from left foot to press above head then down to right foot. Second in line continues, and same down the line. All of this is happening while you’re listening to “I’ve been working on the railroad” by Rock’n’learn – 3:54
4. Brick run – 2 bricks, one at a time, down to the other end of the tennis courts. 10 merkins. Take blocks one at a time back to start. 10 merkins.
5. Fast mosey to the pavilion.
6. Each PAX got on a table for Dr. W. This took me back to my teen years so we continued Dr. W through the whole song of “The Devil Is Bad” by The W’s. 3:34

Circled in pavilion for count-off and name-o-rama. Lars prayed out.

Thanks for letting me Q Monday and today. It was cold and windy today but I’m pretty sure we all stayed warm and sweat. I’ll be posting in Houston all next week!

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