Back-Blast: Camp Willis 03.11.19 – The Unbreakables

Where: Jone’s Middle School (aka – Camp Willis)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: Bootleg, Cheddar, Hack, Rash, Goose, Specimen
QIC: Mariah

QIC arrived a little early from a ruck to the AO to find Bootleg already there. The rest of the unbreakables (those who did not go on spring break) rolled in shortly after.

SSH icx35
Imperial Walkers icx20
Good Mornings icx10
Cotton Pickers icx15
Sun Gods icx20
Overhead Clap icx20
Seal Claps icx20
Air Squared w/Moroccan Night Clubs icx15 (Rash rolls in after calling fire dept on neighbor’s house!)
Deep lunge w/trunk rotations x5 each side
SSH icx10 to get Rash a little more warmed up.

Mosey to tennis courts…

11’s across 4 tennis courts (reducing a court each trip then adding them back on ladder fashion) burpees at far side (10 through 1) and squat jacks at baseline (1 through 10). Do 4x4s waiting on six to finish. For you mathematicians that’s 55reps each w/running between.

Mosey to track for Indian Snake Run (the six weaves through pax to front). 2.5 laps.

Mosey to far goal post on track. Run 200 to opposite goal post, 5 Catalina Wine Mixers (w/merkin), run 200 back to opposite post 15 knee up merkins. Run to high jump platform (200m) do 4x4s waiting on the six.

Mosey back to tennis courts lead by Cheddar. Circle up for planks. All 7 pax do a 3 count for each of the following…
Raised Plank
Elbow Plank
Raised Right Hand Up
Raised Left Hand Up
Elbow Right Hand Back Pocket
Elbow Left Hand Back Pocket
Elbow Right Hand and Leg Up
Elbow Left Hand and Leg Up
Merkins icx10

Mosey OYO to Flag
LBCs icx20

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, YHC shared a story inspired by Hack’s Saturday remarks on shame being a great motivator. In a nutshell, working out with a group if nothing else, eliminates standing around. You don’t always have to move fast, but always aim to “stop-stopping” and you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll string together. YHC took us out in prayer with thoughts for Lars’ family and those traveling this week.

– Mariah


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