Westgate Backblast 04.15.2019

Just realized as I typed out the date that it’s tax day and I didn’t even think to do anything for it. Oh well. We taxed ourselves enough as it is.

QIC: Ball Bearing

Pax: Silverado , Spitz

Shot out of bed like a bolt of lightning when the alarm went off and the light came on (smart light bulbs are the secret weapon to getting out of the fartsack. Sometimes). Then the reality of Star Course +2 sank in a little and I made my way to get ready for the morning. Thankfully I did a quick weather check to see that it was 35° and slightly cooler than I was expecting. Did a quick wardrobe change over and made my way downstairs with an Advil pit stop before I made it out the door.

The Thang: 10x SSH (my left foot is the last one to let go of the pain from the weekend and it was all I had in me first thing). Followed by a cotton pickers series, cross leg hangers, sun gods and some more.

Mosey around the parking lot to loosen up a little and then went to gather the bricks.

25 reps each: Curls, Over head Press, Good Morning, lateral raises, Brick Merkins, American Hammers, 2 count flutter kicks (brick up), LBC, WWI.

Returned the bricks and short mosey to a park bench. 25 dips each while the Pax held elbow plank to wait their turn.

Another mosey to the front steps of the rec center and did 25 shuffle steps (both legs) and 35 high knees.

Mosey around the building and finished with protractors in the parking lot.

It felt good to move and get all of the weekend funk out of my system. By the end I started to feel very loose. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite me later.

Prayed for the day and made our way home. Thanks again for following my lead and come out Thursday for more.

YHC – Balls

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