BB Ruckers & Runners

YHC spent a bit of time under a ruck over the weekend and thought it was only fair to share the load with the men that have brought YHC so far!

0530- we were standing around in mumblechatter formation and YHC didn’t realize it was go time.

0532- grabbed ruck and mosey to track.


SSH x 30

Good mornings x 20

Forget x 14

Squats x 10

Warrior pose

Count off: instructions: 1-10 starting @1 the Rucker would lap while the 9 ran an Indian run. (Originally was to be an exercise waiting in Rucker) However the PAX is strong and often kept up with the Indian run. We would break in between for <10

Wash rinse and repeat until 10 laps 2.5 miles was completed.

Mosey to flag:


WWI x 25

Am Ham x 15

Flutter kicks x 15

Heels to heaven x 15

Leg raises x 15

Cobra Stretch

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama. BOM

Thank you both for the deep support and push you have provided. From 2 years ago.not being able to do 15 pushups or run 1/2 mile to crushing a 50+ mile ruck and posting on a Monday! I got emotional just trying to share the admiration and respect I have for you men! Thank you for allowing me to lead this morning!



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