Monday Morning Pre Blasts -Pick One and Show Up!

Antrim preblast: post july 4th weekend…too many cookouts and hotdogs (for you hotdog eaters…not me). We will work it off and keep moving.
All PAX welcome
Antrim Park: 0530 (early for extra credit if you want some)
July 8 Jones Pre-Blast
Who: Everyone! Hopefully our news coverage shakes out a few FNGs.
What: Monday Runday but not excessive. We’ll run some, do some burpees and have a good mix. For sure you’ll get a good sweat and put in some work. Fresh Prince is out of town so let’s all get stronger and faster while he’s gone.
Where: Camp Willis (JMS)
When: 0530-0615
Gloves recommended. SYITG!

Wreck Center Pre Blast- Re-Invigorated and ready to sweat out the remains of this cold of mine. Get to ready to move, but not far away as we hope to have new recruits.
Where: Westgate Wreck Center
Gloves recommended if not required.

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