What did you miss yesterday? Check out our Back Blasts and see

What did you miss Monday? Here’s what we did at our 3 AO’s! Sounds fun? Come out tomorrow to Jones Middle School or Antrim Park! Sounds terrible? Come out tomorrow to Jones Middle School or Antrim Park!. Can’t decipher the code? Come out tomorrow to Jones Middle School or Antrim Park! 5:30-6:45


Antrim Back Blast


Mosey to docks:

10 merkins 10 box jumps

10 derkins 10 box jumps

10 irkins 10 box jumps

Flutter kicks x 25

10 dips 10 rt leg step ups

10 dips 10 lft step ups 

10 dips 5rt 5 lt side step ups

Flutter kicks x 25

Mosey to hill

20 merkins bearcrawl up 5 getups mosey dwn


Mosey to soccer field sidewalk

20 squats 20 lbcs sprint to end 

20 shoulder taps 20 heels to sky sprint to end


To blocks: 

50 curls 10 overhead presses

20 monkey humpers

20 flutter kicks sitting on blocks


Plank with merkin x 10

Count off and namarama 

Prayed out for day ahead

Camp Willis Back Blast


Mosey to tennis courts: Burp-o-cide:  suicide with burpees at each line INCLUDING the start line.  Started with 5 burpees per line and decreased by 1 burpee each suicide for 5 sets total. @Mogul took the lead and maintained all the way through. Unless my math is off, we did 120 burpees and ran the length of 100 tennis courts.  That’s a good bit of work. I think we all caught up at least a little on @Fresh Prince during his vacation.

Mosey to the track for

flutter kicks x 25 IC

merkins X 10 IC

LBC x 25 IC

Run serpentine bleachers on small steps

Peter Parker merkins x 10 IC

Run serpentine bleachers on small steps

Mosey to the flag for one more set of flutter kicks

I had a different plan for the track but inadvertently doubled our burpees on the tennis courts. You are welcome.

Great weather for great effort this morning. Always an honor to lead this group. Thanks for the push!

Wreck Center Back Blast- 

COP to warm up and stretch the kinks out.

The Thang: Line at the end of the tennis courts. Bear crawl each court with movements in between. 

10 x Burpee

15 x Merkin

20 x 4 count mountain climber

25x 4 count flutter kick

30 x Straight Leg Lift

35 x Squat 

50 x LBC

Ended with tennis court suicides. Slow mosey over to the benches by the rec center. 

10 Derkins

20 Dips

20 Step ups (Each leg)

15 quick stair steps


Happy to have been able to make it out this morning.

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