Kettle Bear Back Blast: 08.14.19 – The Longest Lap

AO: Camp Willis

PAX: @rowdy, @rash, @ariel, @ steak, @veruca, @CandyMan, @Skipper, @Shaggy, @BooBoo, @Tinker, @Fresh, @ Rico (FNG), @grovetucky

The PAX assembled at 0530 without a Q so YHC took over unscripted. Forgot to give the disclaimer for the FNG. Mosey with bell to the flag pole for COP:

SSH IC x 30

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Grass Grabbers x 10 OC , the x 5 L to R and x 5 R to L

Down Dog to runners pose with 5 torso twists each side

Teach and Rash stretch

Mosey over to the blocks for THE THANG:

Those without a bell grabbed a block and we started the Longest Lap:

Lunge about 50 meters with bell/block

overhead carry for 50 yards

Then off to the side on the practice football field

Thoses with bells did 10 Scotty Bob’s each side

Those with blocks did Man-makers until Scotty Bob group was done

Switch groups so all PAX got to do both Bob’s and Man-makers

Heading West along the practice field, bear crawl with coupon pull-through for about 40 yards. @Tinker with an impressive @Mogul imitation

Then Moguls x 5 as we waited for the six

Back to the track for a Duck walk with coupons for about 50 yards, then overhead press around to the paved area just west of the bleachers

Hand-release merkins x 20 IC

WWI’s x 20

Lunge the length of the bleachers (Did 5 side lunges both left and right after passing the the mid point of the bleachers)

Blocks were then put back and the PAX lined up for Morning Call as each PAX did 5 dips while the rest of the PAX did 5 squats with the Bell or 5 Monkey Humpers.

Mosey Back to the flagpole for some Mary:

Reverse Crunches x 25

Flutter kicks x 25 IC

Heel touches x 10 IC

Freddy Mercury’s x 20 IC

Name-o-rama as we christened our FNG with the handle of Rico. BOM as YHC prayed us out. Good shit today, we didn’t do @Mariah’s proposed 5-mile timed run but we still got work in. Welcome back @Skipper! Thanks for the push PAX!





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