Back-Blast – Antrim 01.02.20

PAX: DimonWildebeest, coconut f3toledo
Leg day 2020Cop 20 ssh 20ssh, 20 imperial walkers 29 hillbillies 20 good ams 20 sungods fwd back overhead seal claps, leg stretchMosey down to docks
20 mnt climbers with:
20 jump squats
Repeat with: 20 broad jumps
20 toe touch squats
20 lunges
20 monkey humpers
(Mnt climbers between each exercise)Run to circle bear crawl around
20 merkins 20 merkins
Run back
20 squats 20 squats
Repeat Mosey back up around tennis crts to get blocks:
Coupon carry lunges: 10 spaces trade at end and lunge back:
Ruck 45lbs
Slam ball 30lbCore: 20 cnts til time: flutter kicks 20 and 20
Big boy situps x 200620Prayed for day ahead
Good to have @coconut from f3 toledo

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