Brick City : “Circuit of Trust”: Pre-Blast

QIC: Crossgrain

Invitation to any and all men… As discussed in our COT (circle of trust) this morning at 0615. “Most Leaders can (and do) have many faults, but no man will follow another man very far if he does not trust him. A leader who breaches the Trust of his followers through disloyalty has (in most nations) committed the capital crime of treason.” –F3 Qsource

What: 45 mins of good ‘ol fashion movement. Burning Calories & Building Muscle -Crossgrain

When: Tuesday 0530-0615

Where: Battelle Riverfront Park: a 25 Marconi Blvd. Downtown Columbus, Oh


5.3 pre blast. Bigger, stronger, faster!

Where : 0530 – 0615 @the bear (jones middle school)

Who : all men, young, old, fat, skinny, stronger, weak! Never been to a workout, been to a ton, you’re all welcome!!

What : a 45 minute kettlebell workout you won’t forget!

4.3 back blast. Is walking even a thing?

Where 0530-0615 brick city
Who crossgrain and Savannah
Run 1.2 miles
SSH X 30
Calf raises x50
Squats x 15
Jump squats x10
One legged box squats x 20 each side
Mosey to end of road and back

Crossgrain led us out in prayer.

4.2 back blast. This ain’t no April fools joke!

The bear 0530 – 0615 Upper Arlington middle school.

Who Mariah, bo, dimon, ahh, crossgrain, balls, teach, wildebeest, rash, Francis, mogul, brain, and grovetucky.

YHC showed up to pick bo up at 0510 and he’s just now getting out of the fart sack so he leaves him. (Bo told me to go ahead).

Pull up to the AO and start stretching a bit. As other pax members start showing it appears we’re going to have a little crew. Then more show and more. Next thing you know we have 13 guys ready to get better.

0530 hits so we start.

Some stretches to get the legs warm.

Mosey to track followed by one lap.
Standing calf raises X 50 IC
Run a lap.
100 squats IC
run a lap.
50 good mornings.
Run a lap.

Then Q crossgrain hands over the steaming torch to the newest member brain and makes him the Q at 0600.

He calls for a lap.
Then box jumps up the bleachers.
Run a lap.
Jump squats x 30
Run a lap. 100 m lunges
300 m run.
Mosey to flag
2 minutes of stretching.
Circled up for count a Rama and name a Rama

Then bo lead us out in prayer!

4.2 pre blast this ain’t no April fools Joke!

Where 0530 – 0615 at the bear (jones middle school)

Who all men welcome! Young, old, fat, skinny, good health, bad health. Doesn’t matter let’s get better together!


What.. am I going to be able to walk when this over?