Back-Blast: Whineman’s Hill – 02.07.19

PAX: Brain (showing off the guns and quads for the warm weather in the high 40s) Hack, Fresh Prince, Grovetucky, Tarmac, LaLa

QIC: Mariah

After considering a roll in the grass for Brain we did a quick hammy stretch oyo then mosey around the park up to the fire station.

SSH x30ic
SS-squat jumps x15ic
Mosey down hill to playground for a slower paced stretch inspired by Conor McGregor…

Article/demo here:
1 – flexion gaping – kneel to ground and place one ankle behind other knee and sit down far as you can move hips side to side. Hold for time, switch.
2. Forward lunge – elbows to ankle, sink hips to ground, hold for time, switch.
3. Side lunge – sink hips to ground, hold for time, switch.
4. Toe squat – deep as possible with knees together, hold for time. 10ct each pax.
5. Hinge squat – spread legs hands on outside shoes, straight legs/flat back, hold 5ct, hinge to deep squat hands still on shoes chest up/back flat, 5ct, repeato x10 (like monkey humpers).
6. Dead hangs – we split the pax for this. Half did lean hangs from swing chains letting lats stretch taxing their grip while the rest of the pax ran a half park loop. Switch/repeato.

(2 rounds) Partner up. Both do a full leg blaster (20 squats, 20 lunge, 20 jump lunge, 10 jump squats). When both are finished leave in opposite diections at a moderate pace and do a loop of the entire park (approx 800m). When you meet in the middle 20 hand slap merkins together. Continue loop faster pace opposite directions back to playground trying to beat your partner back. REPEATO

When this was complete we did the McGregor stretch circuit one more time starting with the lunges.

Times up. Mosey to flag.
Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, COT
Grovetucky took us out in prayer.

Guys are getting strong and fast. It’s always a good push being around strong PAX to keep things moving. Great group today.


Pre-Blast 12.03.18 – Beacon of Light

WHERE: Camp Willis (aka – Jones Middle School)
WHEN: 0530-0615
WHO: All PAX and FNGs

We will quickly create order from chaos at 0530 that will keep the PAX moving for the entire 45 minutes. We will stay together throughout which is always a good thing, especially when it doesn’t feel like it. Each PAX will be the beacon of light at some point during the workout bringing hope to the suffering. Don’t miss. There will be plenty of running, it’s Monday after all, but there will be low impact modifications for the ailing and injured so you won’t miss out as there’s plenty of other work to get done. SYITG

YHC – Mariah



Pre-Blast 11.12.18 – Veterans Day Observed

AO: Jones Middle School (aka- Camp Willis)
WHO: ALL PAX, FNGs, Veterans
WHEN: 0530 – 0615
QIC: Mariah

We will kick things off with the 11min AMRAP – WOD For Warriors – JOIN TEAM HERE: and then we’ll continue the workout.

Back-Blast 07.07.18 – Goofy, Mountain, Merkins

WHERE: The Van (aka: Griggs Reservoir Park)
WHEN: 0600-0700
PAX: Mogul, Wildebeest, Hack, Rowdy(FNG)
QIC: Mariah

YHC arrived early to hide a surprise. Upon waiting the first to arrive was FNG (Rowdy) with questions about what we might be doing today… “So, are we just going to go for a run that way?” Yeah, pretty much, might do a few other things too. Everyone else arrived and we got started with a PAX of 5.

SSH x30 IC
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
Cotton Pickers x15 IC
Willie Mays Hays x20 IC
Teach Stretch
Sun Gods
Overhead Clap
1-min Burpees

The Thang
Split group into a group of 2 (Group A) and group of 3 (Group B). Both start at the same point at the same time.
Group A runs at 80-90% 3 light posts (approx 200yds) then drops for an exercise until group B arrives. First exercise was goofy man. Group B had started a slow trot when A took off. When B arrives they run 3 light posts and A trots. Repeato doing Goofy Man, Mountain Climbers, Merkins. This took us all the way to the bridge for those 3 rounds.

We broke for Mary
American Hammers x30 IC
Flutter Kicks x30 IC
Pulse Up V Ups x10 IC

Mosey to THE GUARDRAIL. Partner up for decline plank walks. One partner plank walks while the other does squats (each team had to reach 100 squats). When plank walking partner stops/switch. Do the whole rail.

ROUND 2 – Each team runs back to starting point same as before, but sprinting 2 posts then doing an exercise. Squats, Lunges, Burpees. Those 3 rounds took us back to the shelter at the starting point end of the parking lot. YHC reveals the BERTHA BALLS. We lined up for  trip up the hill around the loop and back. Balls in front. The first 2 get as far as they can before handing their ball off to someone behind them, then they drop and do 3 burpees and trot back to the end of the line – REPEATO

Once we got up top we split into our A/B teams for a race down the hill to the start doing 2 burpees after a hand-off. It’s now only 0647 so we have time to spare.

We use the parking lot to do a 40yd bear crawl and lunge back, then do 8-count bodybuilders for a nice slow set of 15 and call it to name our FNG.

Wildebeest takes us out in prayer after we name our FNG – Rowdy for his wrestling background after Rowdy Roddy Piper. We ran hard and managed to squeeze a lot in for just 5 people. Always glad for the company and the push.


Back-Blast: Hamburger Hill – Grandview Heights AO Launch 9.21.17

AO: Whineman’s Hill (aka Wyman Woods Park)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: Spikeball, Schembechler, Mogul, Van-Damme (RESPECT), Tony Paco, Pitt, Ahhh, Crossgrain, Jumper, Grovetucky, Teach, Spotlight, Guppy, Skipper
QIC: Mariah

0530: Several men arrived early to the new AO and we started promptly with a mosey to tour the grounds after YHC shoveled the flag with pride. Continue reading “Back-Blast: Hamburger Hill – Grandview Heights AO Launch 9.21.17”