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Whine Man’s Hill Back Blast

PAX: Grovetucky, Hack, Mogul, Tarmac, Fresh Prince, Bootleg, FNG (Swipe).

QIC: Bo Schembechler

0510: YHC (your humble correspondent) woke up in a haze didn’t know it was 44 degrees or raining. Hustled to the AO to arrive at 0525… 2 rolled in hot @0530 for a start time of 0531

Proper Disclosure for our FNG who got a bumbled, mumbled disclosure on the fly by MacDougall yesterday.

Mosey… One lap around


Being tired of SSH and Burpees YHC decided to avoid both movement for as much as possible today.

Imperial Walkers x 20

Cotton Pickers x 15 (exaggerate your movement… QIC almost fell over)

Hillbillies x 15

Straight Leg Cotton pickers x 15

Stevie Wonder x 10

4ct Squats x 10

Lunges x 10

Mosey. Long way back to Grandview Ave & Goodale

OYO: 3 rounds…

Reverse Crossgrains x 10

Run to top of hill

90° squats

Run to bottom of hill


Plank, 10 SSH, 10 ct, Mosey…

In front of shelter house, duck walk the loop.

15 Duck Jack’s (ducks flap their wings to fly)


10 Duck Jack’s

Calf raises on wall (wall humpers)

Forward x 50 each leg (Cramp)

Pigeon x 25 each leg

Out x 25 each leg

Over to stone wall for

Bulgarian Squats x 10 each leg

Step ups x 25 each leg

Mosey to Flag…

4 minutes…. 5 SSH and take a lap…

Ended Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama (welcome to Swipe) 2 days… Although thought today was Friday weightroom and got a special surprise!

Ball-O-Man: YHC shared about a God that is in perfect community, triune (father, spirit, son). How we are made in His image and therefore are built to live in community with one another and God. Isolation is an enemy we all face.

Prayers were lifted up for O’doyle’s family and the friend (including Mogul) that suffered the tragic lose of a young 39 year old brother. (That Peace & Comfort would be received in their mourning)

Prayers for Bootlegs friend undergoing a double myectomy today. That her image is not in her physical form but in the image God created inside her. (Strength & peace)

Prayers for Lars wife and unborn child. That the Lord would do marvelous things and give her and the baby overwhelming comfort, peace, and strength as she fights for her and baby Lucy’s life.

Extremely, grateful for you men in the gloom the reminder that we come as we are and we get better together because of one another. Mogul reminded us not to let people give up on themselves, see someone isolating you might have to do the work for them, but get them out here in one form or another!



Back-Blast: Camp Willis 03.11.19 – The Unbreakables

Where: Jone’s Middle School (aka – Camp Willis)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: Bootleg, Cheddar, Hack, Rash, Goose, Specimen
QIC: Mariah

QIC arrived a little early from a ruck to the AO to find Bootleg already there. The rest of the unbreakables (those who did not go on spring break) rolled in shortly after.

SSH icx35
Imperial Walkers icx20
Good Mornings icx10
Cotton Pickers icx15
Sun Gods icx20
Overhead Clap icx20
Seal Claps icx20
Air Squared w/Moroccan Night Clubs icx15 (Rash rolls in after calling fire dept on neighbor’s house!)
Deep lunge w/trunk rotations x5 each side
SSH icx10 to get Rash a little more warmed up.

Mosey to tennis courts…

11’s across 4 tennis courts (reducing a court each trip then adding them back on ladder fashion) burpees at far side (10 through 1) and squat jacks at baseline (1 through 10). Do 4x4s waiting on six to finish. For you mathematicians that’s 55reps each w/running between.

Mosey to track for Indian Snake Run (the six weaves through pax to front). 2.5 laps.

Mosey to far goal post on track. Run 200 to opposite goal post, 5 Catalina Wine Mixers (w/merkin), run 200 back to opposite post 15 knee up merkins. Run to high jump platform (200m) do 4x4s waiting on the six.

Mosey back to tennis courts lead by Cheddar. Circle up for planks. All 7 pax do a 3 count for each of the following…
Raised Plank
Elbow Plank
Raised Right Hand Up
Raised Left Hand Up
Elbow Right Hand Back Pocket
Elbow Left Hand Back Pocket
Elbow Right Hand and Leg Up
Elbow Left Hand and Leg Up
Merkins icx10

Mosey OYO to Flag
LBCs icx20

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, YHC shared a story inspired by Hack’s Saturday remarks on shame being a great motivator. In a nutshell, working out with a group if nothing else, eliminates standing around. You don’t always have to move fast, but always aim to “stop-stopping” and you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll string together. YHC took us out in prayer with thoughts for Lars’ family and those traveling this week.

– Mariah


Back Blast 01.07.19: The Bear

Where: Jones Middle School (aka: Camp Willis, The Bear)
When: 01.07.19 at 0530-0615
PAX: Teach, Grovetucky, Fresh Prince, Brain, Rash, LaLa, Hack, Specimen
QIC: Mariah

Things were looking like we’d have a skeleton crew until about 4 more PAX showed up right at 0530. Quick disclaimer on the move (for practice) as we took a mosey over to the track.

COP: We cirlced up on the pad at the Northwest side of the track.
Imperial Walkers ICx20
Cotton Pickers ICx13
Deep Lunge rotate to sky x3 sit back hamstring stretch – each side
Sungods ICx10
Overhead Claps ICx10
Seal Claps ICx10
Air Press ICx10
25 Burpees OYO

With everyone nice and warm from burpees we took off for an Indian Run. Encouragement for each sprinter just happened on its own during the whole run. It was a beautiful thing.  Not a single person asked how far we were going. Had it planned to just add a lap or 2 soon as someone asked, but not these guys… because it didn’t matter. They know we go until it’s over. We stopped at 2.5 laps at the pull-up bars.

10 Pull-ups
– 3 Palm Forward
– 3 Palm Inward
– 2 One forward one in
– 2 more the opposite way
plank for 6 then lineup at stadium steps

Step ups in cadence
Step up, knee up, step down, lunge ICx10 each leg


Inspired by Schembechler’s chasing of the dog runs at The Van Saturday we utilized the same format for some urban warrior training. Real world stuff like stopping run-a-way shopping carts in parking lots, saving a toddler from certain death headed toward a pool, catching your dog off leash. Real man stuff.

2 equal lines, both guys at the front of the lines lay face down.
Person in line #1 says go, gets up and starts jogging a 100m in front of the stadium steps
Person in line #2 has to do 5 hand release merkins, jump up and sprint to tag the other person before they get to the end of the stadium steps. Both mosey to finish the 100m then do 5 burpees together as the rest of the PAX completes the same behind them. Then REPEATO in the opposite direction. The goal was for each PAX to get 4 sprints in (8 trips), but we cut it early to mosey back to the pad for some mary.

Arms up crunch IC on the up x30
Heels to sky IC on the up x30
LBCs ICx15
WWIs IC on up x30

Mosey back to the flag for 5 Moguls.

Name-O-rama & COT: 
Brief words about accountability followed by Grovetucky taking us out in prayer. Always comforting to know guys are going to be there. Every time.



Pre-Blast Ruck & Junk

Who: Anyone that wants to Ruck
What: A 60 min movement through the city
When: 0515-0615
Where: NEW LOCATION 12 S Terrace Ave. Columbus, Oh 43204
Weather: Doesn’t ever matter…

Why: To get the heart rate up and move the legs while fellow shipping together.

QIC: Bo Schembechler

Half Deck Spades & Clubs BB

QIC: Bo Schembechler
PAX: Grovetucky, Mariah, Teach, Specimen, Ball Bearing, Rash, Ariel, Rowdy

This morning was a moderate paced workout with a focus on legs & core. YHC prepped the deck by removing all upper body and cardio. With a quick disclaimer we began with a slow mosey.

Slow mosey while listening to Mariah share stories about some interesting confrontations he had in the past, but with a solid point. You never know what others are going through when they are Angry, Aggressive, or Frustrated. It might not be anything you did but something that is weighing them down. #WISDOM #SLOW2REACT #LESSONSOFTHEGLOOM

The Thang:
13 X Wide Squats
17 X Monkey Humpers
13 X High Slow Flutter Kicks
14 X Alternating Side Squats
25 X ic American Hammers
25 X ic Smurf Jacks
15 X standing lunge
18 X Backward Lunge
16 X Jumping Lunge
17 X ic Lil Baby Crunch
25 X ic Squat
9 X Low Slow Squats
100 M Lunge Walk
100 X Flutter Kicks (2 ct)
12 X WWII Situp
100 X Calf Raises
25 X ic Monkey Humper
25 X ic Freddie Mercury
400 M Mosey
25 X Shoulder Tap
15 X each side Oblique Crunch
10ct X PAX Low Plank
18 X ic Luge
9ct X PAX High Plank
20 X ic Rosalita
14 X ic Heels to Heaven
12 X oyo Jumping Squats

0614 AYG to the flag: Count O Rama: Name O Rama : COT : Shared a quick word about getting better in the small things (Not just fitness) & Mariah Shared about the training ground for leadership being guys stepping up to Q. So Step On Into the circle!

YHC, Took us out in prayer.

Thank you men for the impact you’ve had on me.



10.4 Pre-blast “Spades & Clubs”

The Mission of F3 is : Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

“no man left behind, no man left the same” -unkown

Who: All PAX (f3 participants) & FNGs (friendly new guys)
What: 45 minutes of action moving your legs and pushing yourself to get better at a moderate pace
When: 0530-0615 Thursday 10.4.18
Where: Wyman Woods Park in Grandview (we call it Whine Man’s Hill)

QIC: Bo Schembechler


Back-Blast 09.27.18 from Whineman’s Hill

AO: Whineman’s Hill (aka – Wyman Woods)
WHEN: 0530-0615
PAX: Grovetucky, Hack, Rash, Specimen
QIC: Mariah

Almost rolled with 3 PAX, but Grovetucky and Rash rolled in right before the mosey. Headed over to the playground for C.O.P.

SSH icx30
Sungods icx20
Cotton Pickers front – back + side – side icx25
Rash stretch
Gobbler Stretch – down dog lunge past hands right back to down dog lunge foot past hands left back to down dog icx10

Mosey to block wall

Super Circuit
ROUND #1 – as a group
Side step ups x15 ea
Bulgarian Squat x15 ea (runners pose)
Bulgarian Squat x15 ea (chest up) Plank for 6
– Mosey to playground little hill: Heals down backwards squat walk down with hands behind head (elbows back) and back up x20 + plank for 6
– Mosey around trail past grass hill, run up sidewalk hill to fire station (approx 400m). Bounce Squats x25 (wide squat with bounce to bring feet together at top then back apart) + plank for 6
– Mosey down hill to far entry corner of park (approx 400m). Leg Blasters: 20 Squats (up to toes calf raise at bottom and up), 20 in place lunges, 20 jump lunges, 10 jump squats. + plank for 6
– Mosey past flag back to block wall (approx 400m). Specimen is crushing it, but some loud burping made me think we might see some of his last night’s Dewey’s Pizza.

Repeato running the loop OYO with lower reps: 10 reps on Bulgarian Squats, 10 hill squat walks, 15 Bounce Squats, 10-10-10-5 Leg Blaster, run to flag. Specimen set the pace and finished strong. No pizza re-served.

Flutter Kicks icx30
American Hammers icx15

Name-O-Rama + COT
We shared a few words about F3 and some simple mental benefits commenting on how all men are battling something whether they share it with us or not. Grovetucky took us out in prayer.