The Bear Back Blast: 6.4.18

AO: Camp Willis (aka Jones M.S.)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Wildebeast, Wisdom, Bootleg, Chicken Little, Hack, Ball Bearing, Teach, Mogul, Mariah

Mosey to the far side of the bleachers for COP:

SSH x 25 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Sun Gods forward x 10 IC, backwards x 10 IC, Overhead Claps x 10 IC

10 burpees OYO

Rash stretch, Teach stretch, hamstring stretch with one leg extended

Morning Call: each PAX does 5 dips and the rest of the PAX does a merkin for each dip

To the bleachers, run up first set of steps, down next set of steps. Continue for length of bleachers

Mosey to the starting line of the track for THE THANG:

25 squats, 25 merkins, 25 lunges, run around the track back to the starting line. Repeat for a total of 4 sets. PAX does 4 x 4’s until the six completes the final lap.

Mosey to the tennis courts:

Leg Climbers x 10 each leg

American Hammers x 20

Divide into two groups of 5 for Crawl Bear inch worm across all 4 tennis courts

Mosey to the flag

V-up, Pulse ups x 10 IC

Reverse Crunches x 20

Double Toe Touches x 12 IC

Deep Lunge (Warrior One) stretch each side

5 burpees OYO

Name-o-rama, BOM as Wildebeast led us out prayer

Nice work on a beautiful morning PAX!! May was FNG month, the theme for June is for the Q to bring something new to the PAX (i.e: new movement, new exercise, new stretch ,etc). I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone will add to the mix!!



Whine Man’s Hill Back Blast 5.31.18

AO: Wyman Woods Park (a.k.a: Whine Man’s Hill)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Brain, FNG (Pommel Horse)

Mosey to playground for COP:

SSH x 30 IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

Double toe-touches x 15 IC

Sun Gods x 10 IC forwards, x 10 IC backwards

Overhead Claps x 10 IC

Rash stretch, Teach stretch, Hamstring stretch

10 burpees OYO

Mosey to the corner for THE THANG:

Run to top of hill, 5 burpees, run to bottom of hill, 10 merkins. Repeat for a total of 4 sets

Mosey to playground for a leg circuit

One PAX does lunges alternating legs, one PAX does squats, one PAX runs a lap, then switch. Repeat so each PAX does the circuit 3 times

A quick round of Mary:

Leg Climbers x 10 each leg

Freddy Mercury’s x 25 IC

V-up, pulse-ups x 10 IC

Mosey to the parking lot. Bear crawl 20 yards, 1 burpee and 1 jump squat, Crawl bear back, 2 burpees and 2 jump squats. Continued the burpee/jump squat ladder up to 4. Then 2 minutes of stretching, Downward Dog, side-to side cotton pickers, etc.

Name-o-rama, BOM as YHC led us out in prayer. Welcome to the gloom Pommel Horse!! Hope to see you back soon!! The end of the month brings our FNG challenge to a close. I think most everyone introduced an FNG to F3 this month. Strong work PAX!!



Whine Man Hill Back Blast 5.10.18: Leg Day

AO: Wyman Woods Park (0530-0615)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Brain, Ahhh, Matlock, Rash

YHC awoke to thunder @0330 prompting a look at the forecast which called for 70% chance of thunderstorms at 0500 hour. I have no desire to work out outside during a lightning storm. However, I signed up to Q, so I went back to sleep hoping for the best. As I awoke at 0445, I was pleased to hear the rain had stopped and the birds were chirping. My lightning storm VQ will have to wait for another day!!

At 0530 the disclaimer was given as late arriving PAX came into the parking lot hot. Mosey with high knees and butt-kicks to the playground for COP:

SSH x 30 IC

Sun Gods x 10 IC forward and backwards

Overhead claps x 15 IC

Side to side Cotton Pickers x 10 IC right to left and x 10 IC left to right

Teach stretch, Rash stretch, and hamstring stretch (one leg extended)

Then mosey to the street corner for THE THANG:

Run up the hill to fire station entrance and back, then 20 merkins. Rinse and repeat for a total of 4 sets

Indian Run to the tennis courts on Goodale:

LBC’s x 20 IC

Bear Crawl Suicides: Bear Crawl to second court, Crawl Bear back, perform 10 squats. Repeat to 3rd and 4th tennis courts. Modification was Crab Walk in place of Crawl Bear.

Freddy Mercury’s x 10 IC forwards, x 10 IC backwards

Indian Run back to the playground, then mosey to the midfield of the soccer field.

Duck Walk midfield to end-line, Squat Jumps back to midfield

Hop on right leg to end-line and hop on left leg back to midfield

Pulse-up, V-up’s x 15 IC

Lunge to end-line, Lizard Walk back to midfield

Mosey to the flag for 4 minutes of stretching with Rash (Discus thrower’s stretch, Downward Dog/Upward Dog, etc)

Name-o-Rama, COT, BOM as YHC led us out in prayer, giving thanks the storm subsided for our workout.  Thanks to Rash for closing us out with some stretching and thanks to the PAX for pushing YHC today.



Whine Man Hill Pre-Blast 5.10.18: Leg Day

AO: Wyman Wood’s Park

QIC: Grovetucky

Who: All PAX, EH an FNG

Simply put, Thursday is leg day, so we will pound the legs! Oh, and expect to keep the heart rate up! Join us to get stronger!!

The Bear Back Blast 5.7.18: Bring a Friend

AO: Camp Willis (Jones M.S)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Dimon, (Dr.) Ahhh, FNG (Matlock), Mogul, Crossgrain, Rash, Ball Bearing, Teach, FNG (Flash), Bo Schembechler, Mariah

YHC arrived at 0525 hopeful to see a few FNG’s. I put the EH on a couple of clowns yesterday, yet neither showed up. However, I was pumped to see Mogul and Teach follow the command to “Bring a Friend”.  Strong work men!!

At 0530 a quick disclaimer was given, then mosey to the far side of the bleachers for COP:

SSH x 25 IC

Sun Gods 10 forwards, 10 backwards IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

Rash glute stretch

Then to the bleachers for THE THANG:

Sevens: 1 burpee at the track, run up bleachers and do 6 squats, repeat with ascending number of burpees and descending number of squats

4 corners: Divide into 5 groups with groups 1,2,3, and 4 beginning at each corner of the track and perform the following exercises.

Corner #1: Hand-release merkins

Corner #2: Squats

Corner #3: Mountain Climbers

Corner #4: burpees

Group 5 starts off with a sprint from corner #1 to corner #2, then hands off to group 2 who sprints to corner #3 as group 5 takes over on squats. Each group does 2 laps (2 sets at each station)

A little break for Mary:

Crunchy Frogs x 20

Leg Climbers x 10 each leg

Reverse crunches x 20

Grizzly Bear: Bear crawl until someone calls out Grizzly, then PAX does 1 burpee, then resumes bear crawl. Each of PAX called out Grizzly once and the group bear crawled over 100 m total.

Mosey to the flag:

Merkins x 20 IC

WWI’s x 20

Howling Monkeys

Name-o-rama, COT, and BOM as Bo led us out in prayer. It was great to see 2 FNG’s this morning.  May is FNG month, so continue to EH friends and neighbors!!




The Bear Pre-Blast 5.7.18: Bring a Friend

Where: Camp Willis (Jones Middle School)

When: 0530-0615

Who: All PAX of C-bus and FNG’s!!

May is FNG month!! So EH an FNG so that you have someone to partner up with!

Bell Busters Back Blast 5.2.18: Joker’s (or Jack’s) Wild

AO: Camp Willis (Jones M.S.)

Weather: Perfect

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Chicken Little, Rash, Ahhh, Mogul, Mariah

YHC came prepared with a deck of cards sans Joker’s, therefore, Jack’s became wild. A quick disclaimer was given at 0530, then the PAX mosied with KB’s to the high-jump pad at the track for COP:

SSH x 20 IC

Sun Gods IC x 10 forwards and x 10 backwards

Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

Rash Glute stretch x 30 seconds both sides

One knee down other leg extended hamstring stretch, 30 seconds both sides


Deck of Pain (45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest). Jack’s are wild = SCOTTY BOBS!!!

Round 1 (12 cycles)

Hearts: Mountain Climbers

Diamonds: KB swings

Spades: right arm KB curls

Clubs: left arm KB curls

Brisk mosey around the track

Round 2 (12 cycles)

Hearts: burpees

Diamonds: Goblet squats*

Spades: right arm KB snatch and press

Clubs: left arm KB snatch and press

*no diamonds were drawn, so 10 Goblet squats OYO were done at the conclusion of Round 2

Walk back to the shovel flag keeping KB in overhead press position, alternating arms as needed.

Finished up with Mary:

LBC with KB x 30 on up

WWI’s with KB x 12 on up

Standing oblique crunch with KB x 15 each side

5 burpees OYO

COT and BOM. Remember that May is FNG month, let’s make F3 blow-up across Central Ohio this summer!!