The Bear Back-Blast 4.23.18: Animal Kingdom

AO: Camp Willis (a.k.a Jones M.S)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mogul, Brain, Bootleg, Rash, Dimon, Teach

Finally, it feels like spring!! The PAX rolled in wearing shorts, except Rash, who received an erroneous weather report from his phone.  Mosey promptly at 0530 around the school back to the courtyard for COP

Seal Jacks x 30 IC

Rash hamstring stretch

Teach glute stretch

Bat Wings (Sun Gods x 20 forward IC, Sun Gods x 20 backwards IC, overhead claps x 20 IC, Seal claps x 20 IC)

Werewolf x 10 OYO (Downward Dog to Upward Dog “howl at the moon” position and back)

Mosey to the retaining wall for raccoon crawl

Mosey to the track:

Duck weave: PAX duck walks while the six runs (or weaves) between the ducks. A little over one lap around the track

To the field for some Mary:

Starfish crunches x 20 IC

Crunchy frogs x 20 IC

Sphinx* x 12 on up count

Mosey to the bars for morning call with each PAX counting off 5 dips while the rest of the PAX does gorilla humpers

Back to the track for another Indian run/weave, this time the PAX does a dragon* crawl (i.e: Peter Parkers, but moving forward). 2 times through the PAX (almost half of the track)

To the field for Angry Crabs x 20 IC

Mosey to the tennis courts

In groups of 3, relay sprints (cheetahs!!). During the short break between sprints, the PAX performs 10 scorpion Dry Docks (5 each leg up). Rinse and repeat for a total of 4 sets.

Bear crawl inch worm across all 4 tennis courts (fence to fence). The lead PAX called out different plank positions.

Mosey to the flag for Name-o-rama as the PAX performs monkey humpers. COT and BOM as YHC led us in prayer as keep Creepers (lost his father-in-law) and Mariah (lost his grand-father in-law) in our thoughts and prayers. Way to put the work in men!! We got stronger this morning!! Shout-out to those on the mend (Crossgrain, Francis, and anyone else I’m forgetting). Get well soon, boys!!



* indicates “mythical” animal!!


The Bear Pre-Blast 4.23.18: Animal Kingdom

AO: Camp Willis (Jones Middle School)

Time: 0530-0615

QIC: Grovetucky

Who: All PAX of central Ohio and any brave FNG’s

What: a thorough and complete review of animal movement!!

WMH Back-Blast 4.19.18: Nightmare on Elm(wood) St.

AO: Whine Man’s Hill

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Rash, Brain, Mogul

The PAX arrived a few minutes before 0530. Mumblechatter about this being possibly the worst weather conditions (34 degrees and sleet). At 0530, PAX promptly mosey to playground for SSH x 30 IC.

Mosey along Goodale to the tennis court parking lot for COP/stretch:

Sun Gods x 10 forward/10 backwards IC

calf stretch

Overhead claps x 25 IC

Rash stretch

Hamstring stretch

Mosey to the base of the Elmwood hill for THE THANG:

run up the hill to the first street light, mosey back down, 10 merkins

Rinse and repeat for 5 sets

A little break for Mary

leg-climbers x 10 each leg

Outlaws x 10 each direction

Back to the hill for 3 sets running backwards up the hill (quad-burner), 10 merkins between each set

Mosey to the tennis courts for 20 merkins (100 for the day).

Ascending Testicles with 5 derkins at 45 degrees and 5 derkins at BTTW position (attempted derkins at 15 degrees but our feet slipped on the wet fence).

Mosey back to playground, PAX in groups of 2. PAX 1 holds Al Gore while PAX 2 does one Lt. Dan. PAX then switch and continue with increasing number of Lt. Dan’s. Stopped at 6 as the quads were howling.

Another Mary break

Pulse-up, V-ups x 10

Reverse crunch x 25 on up cadence

Mosey to the retaining wall

Step-ups x 15 each leg OYO

Dips x 20 OYO

Mosey to shovel flag

5 burpees OYO

5 4×4’s OYO

COT and BOM. Way to push in the sleet PAX!! Warmer days are ahead!!



WMH Pre-Blast 4.19.18: Nightmare on Elm(Wood) Street

AO: WMH (aka Wyman Wood’s Park)

QIC: Grovetucky

Let’s get after it for a cardio-infused work-out that will hit the quads and shoulders! I’m counting on you to show up!!


Bell Busters: 4.18.18

AO: Camp Willis

Co-Q: Bootleg and Mariah

PAX: Mogul and Grovetucky


SSH x 30 IC

Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

Side lunge stretch

Teach can-opener stretch

On to the KB’s:

KB swings x 25 OYO

Goblet squats x 25

2 man groups:

PAX 1 carries KB bottoms-up right hand to gate, then does 10 burpees, returns with KB bottoms-up left hand. PAX 2 holds turkish get-up side plank position with KB held above with right hand (modify to regular plank when gassed). Then switch.

Repeat above with KB held above with left hand in turkish side plank position.

PAX 1 carries KB to gate in over-head press position with right hand, does 10 burpees, returns with KB in over-head press position with left hand. PAX 2 does 5 turkish get-ups each with right and left hand holding KB. Then switch

Bootleg took over for some Mary on 20 second intervals:

Am Hams



Heel taps

Bicycles forward and backwards


Finish off with 5-6 minutes of lower body stretching



Whine Man’s Hill Back Blast 3.29.18: Pain Stations

AO: Wyman Woods Park (a.k.a.: Whine Man’s Hill)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mogul, Teach, Rash, Ahhh, 3-16, Slash

Weather: Balmy, wet, and foggy

YHC gave the disclaimer as a few of PAX rolled in hot. Then mosey to the fire station entrance for a quick COP:

SSH x 21 IC

Side to side cotton pickers x 15 IC

Double toe touches x 15 IC

Indian run to Parkway Park at 1st and Oxley (about a mile) for pain station #1:

Step-ups x 15 each leg

snatch squats x 10

burpees x 10

Indian run to Thomas Edison Elementary (a little over a mile) with a quick stop on the way for dive bomb merkins x 15

Pain station #2 at Thomas Edison Elementary for 2 rounds of morning glory. Each PAX does 5 dips as the remaining PAX does merkins.

Fast-paced mosey to Whine-Man’s hill corner for lunges x 30 each leg

Mosey to rock wall:

Elbow-plank donkey kicks x 10 each leg

Step-ups x 15 each leg

Dips x 15

Mosey to shovel flag

Scorpion Dry Dock x 10 each leg up

Teach can-open stretch

Rash stretch

Name-o-rama, COT, and BOM as we prayed for Slash’s aunt and uncle and reflected on Jesus on this Holy Thursday. Way to move this morning PAX, we put in around 3 miles!!!




Whine-Man’s Hill Pre-Blast 3.29.18: Pain Stations

AO: Whine-Man’s Hill (aka: Wyman Woods)

When: 0530-0615

What: Mosey through the streets of Grandview. Will make a few stops for some pain stations