Antrim wed. band of brothers 1/9/19

Disclaimer: Q has a bad Achilles so not much running. First Q with no Mosey

@dimon @jumper qic: @ wildebeest

COP: SSH X 50, good mornings x 20,  abe begoda x 16, cotton pickers x 16, slow squats x 20, down/up dog x 8, merkins x 25

Reverse lunge high knee stepup x 20

Overhead press x 20

Curls x 30

Merkins x 40

Squat x 50

Block on shelf 10 rt then 10 lt

Curl press x 20

Tricep press x 30

Block merkins x 40

Squag x 50

AMRAP X 1 MIN: curls, tricep press, merkins, front raises, overhead press

Plank: 5 1min variations

Front raises x 20

Curls x 30

Merkins x 40

Ended day with quick count off and namearama. The wind was whipping!!

Prayed thanking God for our homes and vehicles and place tk recover and stay warm and to honor him with all we say..think, do, watch…lets be leaders with integrity  !

Mosey to bottom:
lunge 1/2 spaces 20 squats lunge rest 20 merkins

Side to side shuffle 1/2 rt then switch 10 jump squats

To circle:
Toe taps all the way around then reverse back
Calf raises x 50

Core circuit: 30 sec each exercise 2 rounds
1. Bear plank: knees under waist bent hands down in plank
2. Bear plank swings side to side
3. Plank knee scratchers plank rt knee to chest press knee down to ground and up
4. Plank knee scratchers lft
5. Plank walking hands one step out and back just hands
6. Plank washer machine rt: plank rt hand behind head crunch and twist elbow to sky
7. Plank washer machine left
8. Bracers: on 6 knees bent and press hard with hands against knees resistance
9. Hip crossovers on back knees bent go side to side

Mosey to top

Suicides: 1/3 lunge shuffle back , 2/3 run shuffle back full length run and back


Prayed for headsup family visifation today service tomorrow for father in law


8/8/18 band of brothers antrim park

4 PAX made it to the wet and muggy gloom of antrim park for band of brothers

@dimon @headsup  @gimpy @wildebeest

Mosey short run down to lower lot and back
COP: ssh sungods abe begoda hillbillies

500 rep reaper:
1. Body squat
2. Spider man pushup lt rt is 2
3. Broom stick deadlift / stick overhead knees bent butt back bend stick to mid shin then stand up
4. Mountain climbers

1st rnd 5 reps then 12 rounds of 10 reps
(All in cadence with pax taking turns)
No breaks (1 20cnt before last set of 4 rounds)
17:56 for time

Block curls x 30
Block press x 30
Plank 6 10 counts

Farmer carry 2 blocks full length of parking lot around big circle and back then 20 merkins.
Farmer carry blocks to playground 20 merkins

Circled up;
Glad to have @gimpy with us on a Wednesday

Tomorrow leg day. Will be a slow trip around the lake.

Have a great day!

8/1/18 antrim band of brothers

4 PAX @headsup @dimon @queen @wildebeest

Inspired by the other group doing the challenge: marked out 100ish yrds with 100 paces across parking lot mape with cones.

Mosey down to dock
CoP: ssh running lunges hillbillies cotton pickers sungods
Mosey back up to parking lot

Bear crawl 100yds
25 hand release merkins
Repeat back

(@dimon best time 1:57 and 2:03 for bearcrawl and 25 hand release merkins)

10 merkins 10 squats 10 mtn clim 10 lbcs
Repeat x 8

Abs: 1 min each
Circle abs rt then lt
Glute bridge press
Side to side heel taps

ss whats: 5 ssh 2 exercises
High jumps

Closed with name-a-rama and prayer

7/26 Antrim band of brothers 2 back blast:
@Dimon @Crash @Wildebeest
Showed up to find crash waiting in parking lot with a columbus police car sitting in lot on patrol…think he left after he saw we were a group of old guys ready to exercise
Dimon comes in hot at 0531 Continue reading

7/11 Antrim band of brothers

Upper body core day

@dimon @headsup @wildebeest

Short mosey around tennis courts

Ssh, cotton pickers, abe begodas, sungods, stretching  all on bball court.

Inchworm endline to endline on crt (walk hand plank out then walk feet in to hands then hands out…like a inchworm)

Burpee broad jumps x 25 on tennis court

Bearcrawl 1 crt lunge 2nd bearcrawl 3rd

To the blocks: emom

Merkins x 20 with plank hold for remainder of minute x 5 minutes

Curls x 30 with block holds for remainder of min for 5 minutes

Situps (not lbc) x 20 then feet off grnd for remainder of min x 5 min

Front raises with block x 20 witb block plank for remainder x 3min

American hammer twists with block x 20 x 2min

1minute of 20 merkins and curls (30) to complete 1 min

Short stretch of shoulders.

Circled up and prayed for our days!

6/21/18 antrim legs

@dimon @headsup @blindspot (headlocked inti returning) @bo @wildebeest

Mosey ti the docks for a little warm up

Ssh x 30

Running lunges x 30

Cottonpickers x 20

Warrior rt / lt

Fast mosey (7:45 pace 1/2 the lake)

Slow squats x 30

Alternating lunges 15 each leg

Fast squat to dble high knee jump x 15

Repeat squats lunges and fast squats

Mosey rest of lake same pace to docks

Side step ups on benches 10 each leg

Plank walk arohnd your bench x1 then reverse direction

7 min ab torture 1 min each exercise

Figure of 8

Wikans (clockwise x 1 mi counter x 1min) crunches

Windshiled wipers

Twisted pistons

Star ups

Plank and tuck

Mosey to hill run up backwards

To the flag 0615

Prayed for families traveling and for bo’s kids who are sick and theg are leaving for vaca

Happy birthday to eric / headsup! Yesterday!

Have a great week men. Will be put for all of next week. Keep pushing hard in all areas of your life. Dont slack off!

5.16.18 antrim band of brothers upper body core strength

7 PAX woke up early in the muggy warm air….better than snow and ice for sure! @spotlight @francispsycho @headsup @dimon @savannah @id @wildebeest

Mosey down to bottom:
SSH / cotton pickers / slow squat x 20 / fast squat x20
Side lunge rt lt / merkin 20 / plank 10cnt each pax (8) / sungods / slow squat – high knee jump x 2 x 10

Mosey back to top

Blocks: circle up
Shoulder to shoulder x 20
Block merkin x 20
Plank walk to next block repeat x 3

30 curls
10 merkin walk ups
Plank walk clockwise repeat x 3

10 front raises
3 block burpees
Plank walk clockwise repeat x 3

20 fat man twist with block
10 decline merkins
Clockwise repeatx 3

1min burpees
1min merkins
1min curls
1min lbcs

Ending right at 0615

Count off…name a rama
Glad to have ID back to the PAX

@spotlight headlocked @dimon to Q leg day. Not sure that was a good idea!! Join us tomorrow for Antrim leg day.

As always…ended in prayer for ojr families and for us to be stronger…better…husbands fathers and friends.