5.16.18 antrim band of brothers upper body core strength

7 PAX woke up early in the muggy warm air….better than snow and ice for sure! @spotlight @francispsycho @headsup @dimon @savannah @id @wildebeest

Mosey down to bottom:
SSH / cotton pickers / slow squat x 20 / fast squat x20
Side lunge rt lt / merkin 20 / plank 10cnt each pax (8) / sungods / slow squat – high knee jump x 2 x 10

Mosey back to top

Blocks: circle up
Shoulder to shoulder x 20
Block merkin x 20
Plank walk to next block repeat x 3

30 curls
10 merkin walk ups
Plank walk clockwise repeat x 3

10 front raises
3 block burpees
Plank walk clockwise repeat x 3

20 fat man twist with block
10 decline merkins
Clockwise repeatx 3

1min burpees
1min merkins
1min curls
1min lbcs

Ending right at 0615

Count off…name a rama
Glad to have ID back to the PAX

@spotlight headlocked @dimon to Q leg day. Not sure that was a good idea!! Join us tomorrow for Antrim leg day.

As always…ended in prayer for ojr families and for us to be stronger…better…husbands fathers and friends.

Back blast 4.11.18 theater: band of brothers / upper body

5 PAX in total including @chickenlittle who went past the kettle workout to join us…glad you came.

@brain  @headsup  @dimon  @chickenlittle @wildebeest

Warm up circle of pain: SSH x30; side to side cotton pickers  x 15; sungods 15 fwd 15 reverse; leg stretch

Set up blocks:
5 blocks  flat about 3ft apart. Line up.
Merkin on block plank walk to next block for a merkin and go down the line when done sprint across feild and back and plank for 6.
Repeat x 3

However you want to order it: on your own
100 block curls
100 block shoulder presses
50 decline merkins (ft on block)
Army crawl 1/4 of feild (25yrds) then Sprint across feild and back then plank for the 6

Grab a partner: goal for 2 of u / alt as needed
1 does Kettle swings (50)
2 burpees (40)

Indian run down parking lot to the end and back

Top Parking spaces: BC x 5 sprint rest and return with same (BC x 5) repeated x 3

We put the blocks away wth 2 min to spare for some teach stretches and hammy stretches

Countoff and name arama
Closed with prayer asking for strength to have integrity in all we do!

3.28 theater band of brothers…block party in the rain!

Block party with brothers

Plan to run and move.

Who: anyone not afraid to get wet and dirty and completely exhausted. Men who want to be stronger and faster and better men!

530 Antrim park at the flag

See you there!

3.15 Antrim band of brothers BACK (leg) blast:

4 post at the the theater band of brothers for leg day: @brain @Wildebeest @spotlight @blindspot (derek nicol with the headlock)

Mosey to the dock
SSH X 30
Side to side cotton pickers x 15
Light stretch

2min run
1minute squat jumps
1min bear crawl

2min run
1min alternating lunges
1min bear crawl

2min run
1min right leg lateral lunge
1min merkin walk

2min run
1min left lateral lunge
1min merkin walk

2min run
1min rt leg back lunge high knee step lunge
1min bear crawl

2min run
1min left leg as above
1min bear crawl

1 1/4 around lake….so we turned and ran to roundabout at bottom of parking lot

To the hill: up the hill backward run x2
Then AYG to the flag
3min of leg stretch to 0615.

Beautiful morning for a run and leg day! See you all Saturday!

Gym 0515 in Am?

The Van back blast: 3.10.18

Post back blast The Van: @schembechler @tonypaco @Wildebeest
Cold 22F
Warm up with Bo: SSH, toe touches, stretching after after a short mosey

Then to shelter for some core lbc and flutter kicks.

Bo takes off with hot chicken side effects…hope it wasn’t too bad.

2 PAX took off for running a few minutes then 50 Merkins
Run some more then 50 dips and 20 ww1
Run some more then 50 Merkins 50 dips
Run some more back towards flag then lunges across parking area
Run some more then ww1
Run some more back to start (total distance 4.7miles)

Off to Collins for strong coffee!

See you guys Monday. Don’t forget time change!!

3.8 Antrim park: 4PAX: @brain @Jumper @spotlight @Wildebeest
In the snow: mosey to the lake: SSH x30 side to side cotton pickers x20

2min run
1min of Merkins
1min of core
Wash rinse and repeat x 8

Around lake 1 1/4 lap then back to flag

Standard Merkins

Blast off Merkins

Low plank walking Merkins

T Merkins (on the up to side plank then alt hands in the air on the up)
Flutter kicks

Rolling Merkins (from the 6 roll rt merkin roll to left merkin)
Boat position hold

Carolina dry docks
Flutter kicks

Shoulder tap Merkins
??? Core something

Wide arm side to side Merkins
Abe begodas

Back to flag!! 0616

Finished with Jude 1:24-25 kind of doxology: to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and present you blameless…

Great work.

3.8 inaugural Thursday Antrim park (naming day)

Pre-blast for inaugural Thursday theater Antrim post:
All who are interested in moving in the dark.

We will circle around the lake with periodic stops for some pure core upper body beat downs. Bring a headlamp or flashlight if you have one.
It will be fast…but we will also stay together.
See you at 0530! We will take off right at 0530…if you are coming in hot…just come find us! You will catch up.