Back Blast Whine Man’s Hill 5.24.18

QIC: Rash

PAX: Grovetucky, Mogul, Brain, Ball Bearing, Bo Shembeckler

Warm up with cotton pickers, squat folds, Rash stretch, spinal twist, frog bridge, frog, crab reach, and shin boxes

The Thang:  4 hill runs follow by 20 pushups of a different type: pike, military, wide, and standard

Leg blasters x 7 sets (10 air squats, 10 lunges, 10 plyo lunges, 5 squat jumps, 20 second break)

Mosey back to flag for some LBC’s, Plank, and down dog.

Backblast 4.16.18 Golden Bear Tabata

QIC: Rash  Pax:  Grovetucky, Bo, Mogul, Dimon, Bootleg, Maria

COP:  30 Side straddle hop, 20 air squats, 20 zombie walks, 20 sun gods, 20 discus squats

The Thang:  4 rounds of tabata (20sec on 10sec off, 8 times) followed by a lap on the track

1. Air Squats 2. hand release pushups, 3. box jumps 4. Burpees

Cool down with some stretching: down dog, rash stretch, groin stretch, pistol stretch

Congrats to Mogul for putting up the biggest number.

Back Blast 4.11.18 Kettlebells at Camp Willis

QIC: Rash. PAX: Grovetucky, Mogul, Mariah, Teach

Warm up:

30 side straddle hops, 25 squats, windmills, pistol stretch

Mosey to the pit with weights

The Thang:  8 exercise circuit, 30 sec each, 4 rounds, alternating arms

Alternating Handcuff plank

Front squats

One leg balance stick

Body weight windmill

Floor cleans

Kettle Press

Bent Row

Kneeling 1 arm swing

Finished with 10 min of stretching: down dog, up dog, sitting hamstring stretch, rash stretch, shoulder stretch

Mosey back to flag where Grovetucky prayed us out.


Camp Willis Back Blast 3/12/18

Sweet 16 Workout, aka Spring Forward, aka Spring Break, aka Back in Black

AO: Camp Willis

VQIC: @rash

PAX: @Maria, @schembechler, @crossxgrain, @bootleg, @dimon, @teach, @brain, @jumper, @teach

Warmup with a Monday morning stretch routine:  Down dog/calf stretch, cross leg hammy stretch, quad stretch, Rash stretch, sungods


1/4 lap run and plank after each exercise

16 Bleacher climbs

16 Hand release pushups

16 Long jumps

16 Dive bomber pushups

16 Rotating box jumps

16 Chin ups

16 Squat jumps

16 Burpees

16 Lateral shuffles

16 Diamond pushups

16 Jump knee tucks

16 Burp-O’s

Mosey back to flag, for 16 Merkins, 16 WW1’s, 16 Am Hams, and 16 Crunchy Frogs