Back Blast (WMH) QYW-LEG DAY

when you cannot feel your legs!

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Ball_Bearing, Ahhh, and Mariah

0528- mumblechatter

0530- more mumblechatter while we streched followed by a shorter mosey than YHC had planned.

One Complete Mosey then C.O.P.

SSH- ic X50

Imperial Walkers- icX50

The Thang: on the soccer field

pair off… took awhile to count off in two’s with four guys, but we accomplished the task.

Form of Dora

Man 1: 10 Lunges followed by run to other end of field, turn and repeat.

Man 2: Low Slow squats until partners return.

Rinse and Repeat for 20ish Minutes: aka 0600


10 Jumping Squats run to other side of field 10 Jumping Squats and return.

Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey to parking stones:

Toe Taps X100

Forward & Back jump overs X20

Side to Side Jump overs X20

Toe Taps X100

Line up at 0608 for the following all the way back to the flag:

Squat, Lunge, Lunge, Mountain Climber 4ct, Burpee jump… REPEAT until destination is reached.

This concluded the Leg portion of our beatdown followed by MARY

Flutter Kicks X 4c 20

LBC X 4c 50

0615: laying contimplating our ability to stand and amount of tread wear on our cleats…

0618: Name O Rama, BOM, & Trip Home

YHC is reminded today, it isn’t about the numbers, its about not being alone! It’s about being able to go farther together! Thankful for you men both the ones that Posted and those that fartsacked.

Post Saturday 0700 THE THEATER For our 1 Year saint patricks day festival beatdown!

The Van (down by the river) Back-Blast 1.6.17

YHC, woke up to Zero Tire Pressure in the front tire of YHC’s machine. However, with a quick 20PSI YHC managed to hustle to the AO for the opening @0600

Pulling in along with 2 other sets of headlights YHC exited the machine to get THE VAN gassed up! Joining YHC in the ZERO DEGREE (-9* windchill) were a the mighty men of the PAX:

PAX: Spotlight, Mariah, Tony Packo, and Grovetucky

QIC: Bo Schembechler

After some brief mumble about the new AO, YHC decided to warm up the engine. Continue reading “The Van (down by the river) Back-Blast 1.6.17”

11.25 *ichigan Sucks presented by Bo Schembechler


Who: Buckeyes of Central Ohio, FNGs, and Travelling F3 Pax

What: a long awaited “*ichigan Sucks” workout presented by YHC Bo Schembechler

When: 0700-0800 Saturday 11.25

Where: “THE Theater” aka Antrim Park 5800 Olentangy River Rd. Columbus, Oh

Weather::: Not gonna want to miss time one!

#GoBucks #ichigansucks #ironsharpensiron

11.24 Leftovers Back-Blast

here the rundown,

0528… wildebeest shows up as Crossgrain and bo are contemplating the morning… 0529… Sterling from F3 Charlotte, NC rolls in… we plant a flag and go to work!

mosey (WMH) has lots of routes to travel. We do a .75 mike mosey and circle up…

cop:  dips, sungods (fwd, big, small) (bkwd, big, small), SSHx40ic, Teach Stretch, Coperhead squatsx21ic, and merkinsx10ic.

mosey to truck for some big tires! Pair tire flips all the way across the parking lot… 25 irkins, 15 derkins. Farmers carries/partner lunges.

Tire fights… 2 rounds (return tires)

Mary: flutter kicks, pretzels L&R, Protractor 10 counts each guy callingx3rounds, 10/90 flutter kicks.

Mosey toward GVH pool; see shinny lines… stop… line up… suicides… for a bit… 2 sprints… mosey back!

name-o-Rama; ball-o-man

*ichigan sucks Saturday 11.25 at Antrim Park!

-Bo Schembechler


Columbus 11.18 Pre-Blast “weakness”

23769E13-56B0-4B8C-8AA6-03BFA714AC3A.jpegwhat: overcoming weakness isn’t just physical

when: 0700-0800 Saturday 11-18

where: Antrim Park 5800 olentangy river rd

who: Pax

weather: probably worth it!

QIC: bo schembechler






10.30 Pumkin Roll


Who:  Ghouls of Central Ohio

What: We’ll keep it moving as we do the pumpkin roll!

When: 0530-0615

Where: @campwillis aka Jones Middle School in UA

QIC: Bo Schembechler

Weather: Gloomy chance of complaining

Bring an FNG they won’t want to miss this!