Backblast The Theater: 05.03.2018

AO:   Theater

QIC:   Spotlight

PAX:   Wildebeest, Queen, Dimon

–Today was a leg day which the YHC is not a fan of.  Thanks to commitments from the day before YHC got himself out of bed and to the AO for a beatdown.

–Mosey to the waterfront deck for some COP.


SSH IC x20

Imperial Walkers IC x15

Sungods IC x15.  Reverse

Hillbillies IC x15

The Thang:

Find a bench:  Step ups–10 each leg.  20 squats, when your 6 hits the bench explode up.  To the rail for some Pure Burn.  Top half of a squat x10, bottom half of a squat x10, full squat x10.  (Repeat the whole sequence x3)

Started on our journey around the lake.  Stopped at the 1st corner for 25 merkins, second corner for 50 LBCs, 3rd corner 25 Merkins, 4th corner 50 LBCs.  Plank at each corner for the 6.

Mosey from the deck to the grassy hill.  AYG up the hill and walk backward down the hill repeat x3

To the parking lot for walking uphill lunges(about 30 yards) AYG to the flag.

Name o rama and BOM.  Continue to pray for Spotlight’s Grandma.  Wildebeest’s sister in law had a healthy 10.5lb baby yesterday and everyone is healthy and happy(God is good)  Queen led us out in prayer.

Thank you PAX and all F3 brothers for the reminder that easy doesn’t get you where you want to go.  Easy is staying in bed.  Because of you I got out of bed and made myself better as part of a group.

Backblast The Theater: 05.02.2018

AO:     Theater

QIC:    Spotlight

PAX:    Wildebeest, HeadsUp, Dimon, Francis

YHC got to the AO early to set up the needed equipment(blocks and kettle bells) in the dark.  PAX rolled in and mumblechatter commenced until Dimon rolled in which signaled 0530.  Quick Mosey up top then some COP.

COP:    SSH IC x25

Cotton Pickers IC x15

Teach Stretch

Overhead Claps x25

Mosey to the hill for the Thang.

The Thang:

Start at the base of the hill and fall forward for 2 merkins.  Stand up and repeat to the top of the hill and mosey down the hill.  Repeat x3

Mosey to the waterfront deck and partner up

15 partner leg throws, any direction. repeat x3

Find a bench with your partner.  Partner A assumes the plank position in front of the bench and Partner B puts his hands on the bench and his feet on the back of partner A for 15 dips.  Switch positions and repeat x3

Mosey to the basketball court where the blocks and kettle bells were waiting to greet us.

6 stations 1) Overhead Press(block) 2) Curls(block) 3) Upright Rows(kettle bell 75lbs) 4) overhead tricep extensions(block) 5) Snatch(kettle bell 25lbs) 6)Front shoulder raises(block) pick a station to start and rotate clockwise.  30 seconds at each station.

WWIs x25

American Hammer IC x25

Back to the stations.  This time we rotated counterclockwise for 30 seconds at each station.

Bicycle IC x25

LBCs x50

Mosey to the flag for a quick stretch.  Name o rama.  Wildebeest led us out in prayer as we lifted up his children who caught the bug going around and Spotlight’s Grandma who is being moved to a rehab/assisted living facility.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  I got better physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I hope you did as well.

Back Blast: Band of Brothers 04.04.2018

AO:    The Theater
When:   0530-0615
QIC:      Spotlight
Who:    Brain, Heads Up, Dimon

YHC got to the AO early to map out the morning.  The grass was swampy but not as bad as expected.  Got most of the gear laid out when Brain showed up.  We thought it was going to be a PAX of 2 but as we started our mosey Head’s Up pulled in, then there were 3.  Dimon was next but he can fend for himself so we continued our mosey and he caught up.

COP:   SSH IC X 20, sun gods forward and back, low squat to stretch the legs, overhead hand claps IC X 17, mosey to the soccer fields

The Thang:  Home base was marked by a cone with a flashlight and 8 cones were set up 10 yds from home base in a circle.  Each cone came with an exercise to perform.  Once the exercise was completed you ran back to home base for 3 burpees then proceeded clockwise to the next cone.  Rinse and repeat until everyone made it back to their starting position.  Round 2 was the same but only 1 lap of farmer walk.
—–Home base 3 burpees
—–#1 farmer walk 2 cinder blocks twice around the circle
—–#2 merkins
—–#3 jump rope
—–#4 overhead tricep extensions with a cinder block
—–#5 upright rows with 75lb kettle bell
—–#6 Standing chest press with resistance band
—–#7 Carolina Dry Docks
—–#8 curls with a 25lb kettle bell while holding a 10lb weight in the flexed position

Moseyed to the blacktop for some Mary
—WWI IC x25
—Heel touches IC X 20
—American Hammer IC X 25
—Bicycle IC X 25
—LBC IC X too many to count

Returned cinder blocks and other equipment and circled up for name o rama

Dimon asked for prayers for his neighbor’s wife.  His neighbor suddenly passed away at the age of 54 from a heart attack.  QIC prayed us out and we were off to contribute to society.

3.14.2018 Theater Back Blast Time’s Up

AO:     The Theater

QIC:     Spotlight

PAX:     Wildebeest, Brain, Dimon, Heads Up

It was a cold and icy morning.  No big deal we adjusted and utilized the traction of the grass.

Mosey around the soccer fields
Hillbillies in cadence X15
Sungods forward and backward
Cotton Pickers in cadence X15
Overhead Claps in cadence X15
Each member of the PAX has 1 minute to complete 20 merkins (some PAX pushed it to 30).  Rest for the remainder of the minute.  Repeat for 10 minutes total.
1 minute of LBCs
1 minute of flutter kicks
1 minute of bicycles
Grab your block
Overhead press X30
Curls X30
Bent over rows X30
On your 6
30 seconds of American Hammer
30 seconds of WWIs
1 minute of LBCs
Grab your Blocks
Front Shoulder Raises for 1 minute
Cinder Block swings for 1 minute
Mosey to the end of the soccer fields and back.
5 minutes AYG burpees
Quick stretch for the upper body to end it at 6:16

We kept Wildebeest’s family in our prayers as they prepare to welcome number 4 later this year.  Spotlight YHC asked for prayers for his father in law who is fighting cancer.

Wildebeest led us out in prayer asking for protection and guidance for not only our AO but for F3 men everywhere who were up early making themselves better.  Today was another reminder of why it feels so good to get up and punish your body with other men of like mind.

Brick City Back Blast 1.9.18: Elevate your game

AO:   Brick City (Scioto-Mile)

When:   0530-0615

QIC:   Spotlight

PAX:   Bo Schembechler, Crossgrain, Francis, Wildebeast, Jumper, Ahhh, Teach

Weather:   30 degrees with a lot of ice.

YHC learned from Grovetucky that if you’re going to lead in January you better have a contingency plan.  YHC got to the AO early and found it was better suited for ice hockey than what he had planned.  A quick trip around the AO and a new plan began to take shape.  As the PAX showed up ready to work the hot topic was the balmy 30 degree weather.

At 5:30 the PAX began their mosey to the lower bowl and better footing.  Along the way Bo picked up Jumper (who doesn’t have GPS).  Once we navigated the steps and got to the grass the COP began

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9.20.2017 Highway to the Comfort Zone. Band of Brothers Back Blast

Where:   Antrim Park

Who:     Jumper, Guppy, 3-16, Slash, Mariah, Mogul, Grovetucky, Dimon, Bo Schembechler, Ahhh, Pitt, Tony Packo

QIC:     Spotlight

0530:     The PAX was a little thin leading up to kickoff.  Following Dimon’s lead a number of men jumped out of their cars as the bell was being rung.  Bo led us off with the disclaimer and we started the mosey.

COP:     SSH x15,  Fat man twists,  Big arm circles (forward and backward),  Knee hugs x10 each leg

The Thang:
–She hate me (x3) with a sprint to the 4th tennis court between each set.  20 split jumps, 10 burps, 10 merkins.  That is one set.
–Rapid Fire Rock Set at the shovel flag coupled with a mosey to the tennis courts and a round of Mary.  That is one set.  The PAX dominated 3 sets.  Rapid Fire was made up of tricep extensions, steering wheels, curls, swings, overhead press. 10-15 reps per excercise.  Mary included reverse crunch, American Hammer, LBC, Scorpion Crunch.  45 seconds for each excercise.  No rest between excercises.
–Scorpion Carolina Dry Docks.  10 reps(5 with each leg in the air) run across the tennis court. Backpedal to the start. x3
–Mosey to the shovel flag.  We have time for 1 more excercise.  3-16 makes a call for the PAX to go AYG to the far soccer goal and back.

0615:   PAX is ready for count, name-a-rama and BOM.  The theme today was comfort.  Pax spent 45 minutes searching for comfort but it was hard to come by.  It’s easy to be comfortable.  It’s easy to stay in bed.  It’s easy to NOT take the first step to repair a relationship.  WE have to be willing to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations in order to get the life we want for ourselves and our families.  Nobody has ever said “that was comfortable, I feel better about myself.”  Discomfort is the price we pay for any growth in our life.  Whether it be emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or financial.

—–I don’t always workout but, when I do it’s F3.  Stay uncomfortable my friends.——–

9.18.17 Camp Willis: Just a Little Patience

Where:    Camp Willis (Jones Middle School)
Who:       Mariah, Wisdom, Ahhh, Crossgrain, Skipper(FNG), Slash, Tony Packo, 3-16,      Teach, Mogul, Creepers, Jumper, Grovetucky, Bo Schembechler
QIC:         Spotlight

0530:       Disclaimer was read just after Teach strolled up and sloshed down his last sip of coffee. Everyone in the PAX grabs a band. No objections were heard from the PAX so we started the mosey.  We hustled past one of the drained city pools, which was evidence that the weather will be changing and it will get easier and easier to fart sack.

COP:     10 low and slow squats, Sun Gods IC forward, Sun Gods IC backwards, Hillbillies IC, Teach Stretch

The Thang:
-Grab a spot on the fence for a round of Pure Burns.  Complete the squat portion and top it off with 15 merkins. (X3)
-Mosey to the goalposts for a quick ab blast led by Tony Packo while QIC sets up cones.
-Quarter Pounder (done with bands in hand)
————Sprint 25 yds.  Complete 25 curls.  Backpedal to the start.
————Sprint 50 yds.  Complete 50 upright rows.  Backpedal to start.
————Sprint 75 yds.  Complete 75 shoulder presses.  Backpedal to start.
————Sprint 100 yds.  Complete 100 merkins.  Mumblechatter getting louder.
-Royale with Cheese( bands are left at the goalline)
————Sprint 25 yds.  Complete 5 burpees.  Sprint back to start
————Sprint 50yds.  Complete 5 burpees.  Sprint back to start
————Sprint 75 yds.  Complete 5 burpees.  Sprint back to start
————Sprint 100 yds.  Complete 5 burpees.
PAX is looking out for the six.  Many brothers head back onto the course to encourage and assist.  Last 5 burpees are done by the entire PAX.
-10 yd sprints x8.  Bo started having flashbacks to O-Line drills.
-PAX moseys to the other goalline to pick up their bands.
-Creepers leads a mosey back to the flag.  There is still time left so we break into a rendition of Mary.  American Hammer (x30), Protractor (around the circle), Flutter kicks (x20).

0615:     Circle up for a count, name-a-rama and BOM.
1 FNG today was brought by Creepers.  Bo prayed us out, asking for patience in all the different aspects of our lives.  It’s the beginning of a new week for the PAX.  That means responsibilty, but it also means opportunity.  Make the most of the week you are given.  Something that comes easy for you might not come easy for others.  Be patient at work and at home.  You will have a chance to make someone’s load a little lighter, or a little heavier, which will you choose?  You will have the chance to lift someone up, or cut them down, which will you do?