Foundation of a Man : Back-Blast

With a guarantee to get better, YHC, arrived a few mins early to ensure some specialized equipment had been delivered! S/O to @crossxgrain for his early morning efforts.

This workout was inspired after a Thursday morning conversation in which it was determined that the Camp Willis “Run day” needed to experience some “resistance!” So for 72 hours YHC thought through ways to keep Monday a Run Day while adding elements of strength and complexity to the routine. The following is the result of CSAUP thought that became the Q.

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Ball Bearing, Crossgrain, Bootleg (Respect), Brain (hate), Mariah, Mogul, Rash, Dimon, FNG(Peaches), Grovetucky, and Hack!

Arrived to meet the FNG hailing from Georgia and now part of THE Ohio State Buckeye Squad. A Saturday EH at the Kenny Chesney Concert by @mogul, keep em coming big dawg. A disclaimer was given in which, YHC, did not give the mission statement of F3… So here it is:

“Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups of men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”

Mosey to tennis Courts: COP

SSH ic X30
Imperial Walkers ic X25
Good Mornings ic X15
Straight Leg Cotton Pickers ic X15
SunGods (fwd, bkw, overhead claps) icX15

Mosey to track for a Race: First to finish to last to finish hold plank, Rt & Lft Side Raises while waiting on 6.

The Thang!

In order of completion we paired off in two’s. To keep fitness levels nearly equal for laps: no man goes alone!

Station 1: 10 (250+lb) Tire Flips followed by Mosey to where ever station 2 may be.

Station 2: 50 Fwd, 50 bwd steps carrying 2 (45lb) Water Jugs followed by Mosey to Station 3

Station 3: Twin Bertha’s (water filled excise ball) Carry up stadium steps and back down stadium steps.

Wash Rinse and Repeat until you have completed 3 Cycles!

This full movement took around 36(ish mins to complete) You guys were doing some damage, the look of determination was present, no one was quitting, no one was giving up.

On Ur 6 (MARY):

LBC X50 on Mariah’s Count Followed by Lesson 1:

Flutter Kicks X25 on Bo’s count Followed by Lesson 2:

Freddy Mercury’s Xtomany on Grovetucky’s count Followed by Lesson 3:

Merkin’s until Failure: followed by Lesson 4 & 5

Squats X40(ish) on Crossgrains count Followed by Name o Rama, Circle of Trust, Lesson 6, and Ball of Man!
The Lessons:

  1. Stay on Mission (focus, purpose): When we get distracted and caught up in our relationships, too much pleasure time, or just sidetracked by general day-to-day bullshit, we’re far more prone to bouts with anxiety and over-indulgence in our bad habits.
  2. Be Here (presence): Being present means immersing yourself completely in whatever it is that you’re currently doing. It means not worrying about the things you have to do later, and not over-analyzing events that have already passed. Be There (with family, kids, and job) Be Present
  3. Face it (confront your fears) : You have to push outside of your comfort zones, you have to be willing to face your fears head on and accept the results including failure, so fail fast, fail often… It will make you better!
  4. Own it (full responsibility) : Q: What is the giveaway trait of a weak man? A: His inability to take full responsibility! When you make excuses and pass the blame, all you’re doing is refusing to learn from your actions (your fears, your failures)… So Own it!
  5. Do Hard Things (lift more, run farther, DFQ) : Strive physically to display the strength and dominance that you aspire to embody both Mentally and Emotionally… The only way to do this is to do Physically Hard Things and DFQ!
  6. Be Humble : “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. It is better to be of a lowly spirit with the poor than to divide the spoil with the proud. Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.” -Proverbs 16:18-20 ESV

It was beyond an honor to lead you men. I’ve come to admire and respect each of you as you push yourselves, better yourselves, and humble yourselves.

Don’t forget: One Load Only…. If you can’t do it… Train Harder 😉

Back Blast Whine Man’s Hill 5.24.18

QIC: Rash

PAX: Grovetucky, Mogul, Brain, Ball Bearing, Bo Shembeckler

Warm up with cotton pickers, squat folds, Rash stretch, spinal twist, frog bridge, frog, crab reach, and shin boxes

The Thang:  4 hill runs follow by 20 pushups of a different type: pike, military, wide, and standard

Leg blasters x 7 sets (10 air squats, 10 lunges, 10 plyo lunges, 5 squat jumps, 20 second break)

Mosey back to flag for some LBC’s, Plank, and down dog.

The Bear 🐻 Back- Blast 05.21.18

What is a back-blast… It is an attempt to put into words, a summary, of the workout from.the point of the Q or designated YHC (your humble correspondent).

This morning as YHC prepared to leave it was realized that no able bodied man had signed up to Q. Recognizing YHC hadn’t taken the slot at Camp Willis in some time, it seemed fitting to put it together.

Last week Mariah asked if F3 had taken over my life due to the number of Tokens (random objects) and shovel flags that litter the back seat of YHCs car.

The truth is F3 has become such a part of life that it has impacted YHCs entire family… 2.0s are constantly running, asking to workout, and be a token themselves (carried). The M (wife) has been pushed into the gloom (morning) to join other Ms of our PAX (F3 guys) to get better themselves!

So, in fact F3 has rooted itself in the life of our home and community.

As 0531 struck there were 15 Men including 1 FNG that presented themselves ready and eager to take on Monday and all it offered. Unloading 5 Tokens (log, 30lb ruck, “the inhaler (sandbag wrapped in duck tape), kettle bell, and Quam from GrowRuck09 the disclaimer was given and the purpose was made clear. Collect the tokens and mosey to the track.


SSH – 50 ic

Imperial Walkers – 30 ic

SunGods-(forward backward) ic

Claps- ic

Cherry Pickers

Merkins – 15 sc

The Thang:

Shifting into 5 teams of 3 each team took a token, spacing out the members of the team in 3rds(ish) on the track. Members of team were to run token to corresponding team member, and continue running until all members of team had completed the full lap.

Token swaps; re distribute team members; wash rinse repeat… Until all teams had completed a single lap with each token.

YHC moved Pax into formation and began a DNQ (do not quit) SSH session. 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 , 90 ic as we counted out and pushed one another… 99, DNQ, 100, DNQ 101, DNQ 102… We completed 103 SSH ic

Imediately followed by and un weighted lap. Collection of tokens and mosey back to flag.

With 4 ticks on the clock we began 50 ic flutter kicks OYO, 50 ab mat sit-ups OYO…

Recover was called at 0615…

Name o Rama, FNG (HACK) was welcomed, and Ball of Man was completed.

YHC, led us out in prayer, as we lifted up.the week ahead, the men of the PAX, and we continue to ask for comfort for creepers family in their loss.

We also lift up the families and community in Santa Fe Texas as the grieve the lose of life and the reality that evil does exist.

This morning was a reminder that we are not perfect, but we can strive to be prepared, to carry our children, to carry our wives, to carry each other… Physical and emotionally through life. That we ourselves can push one another to impact, serve, and strengethen our community together. That alone we would only be willing to go so far. But together we can go farther!

Thank you for allowing me to take the Q this morning as we strive to become men of honor, integrity, strength, and humility.


Bo Schembechler

“Because I have heard of your Faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for one another. I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, that God in his Grace would give you a Spirit of Wisdom and the knowledge of who Jesus is and the hope in which he has prepared for you through his life, death, and resurrection.” (Paraphrased Summary of Ephesians 1:15-23)

Backblast The Theater: 05.03.2018

AO:   Theater

QIC:   Spotlight

PAX:   Wildebeest, Queen, Dimon

–Today was a leg day which the YHC is not a fan of.  Thanks to commitments from the day before YHC got himself out of bed and to the AO for a beatdown.

–Mosey to the waterfront deck for some COP.


SSH IC x20

Imperial Walkers IC x15

Sungods IC x15.  Reverse

Hillbillies IC x15

The Thang:

Find a bench:  Step ups–10 each leg.  20 squats, when your 6 hits the bench explode up.  To the rail for some Pure Burn.  Top half of a squat x10, bottom half of a squat x10, full squat x10.  (Repeat the whole sequence x3)

Started on our journey around the lake.  Stopped at the 1st corner for 25 merkins, second corner for 50 LBCs, 3rd corner 25 Merkins, 4th corner 50 LBCs.  Plank at each corner for the 6.

Mosey from the deck to the grassy hill.  AYG up the hill and walk backward down the hill repeat x3

To the parking lot for walking uphill lunges(about 30 yards) AYG to the flag.

Name o rama and BOM.  Continue to pray for Spotlight’s Grandma.  Wildebeest’s sister in law had a healthy 10.5lb baby yesterday and everyone is healthy and happy(God is good)  Queen led us out in prayer.

Thank you PAX and all F3 brothers for the reminder that easy doesn’t get you where you want to go.  Easy is staying in bed.  Because of you I got out of bed and made myself better as part of a group.

Backblast The Theater: 05.02.2018

AO:     Theater

QIC:    Spotlight

PAX:    Wildebeest, HeadsUp, Dimon, Francis

YHC got to the AO early to set up the needed equipment(blocks and kettle bells) in the dark.  PAX rolled in and mumblechatter commenced until Dimon rolled in which signaled 0530.  Quick Mosey up top then some COP.

COP:    SSH IC x25

Cotton Pickers IC x15

Teach Stretch

Overhead Claps x25

Mosey to the hill for the Thang.

The Thang:

Start at the base of the hill and fall forward for 2 merkins.  Stand up and repeat to the top of the hill and mosey down the hill.  Repeat x3

Mosey to the waterfront deck and partner up

15 partner leg throws, any direction. repeat x3

Find a bench with your partner.  Partner A assumes the plank position in front of the bench and Partner B puts his hands on the bench and his feet on the back of partner A for 15 dips.  Switch positions and repeat x3

Mosey to the basketball court where the blocks and kettle bells were waiting to greet us.

6 stations 1) Overhead Press(block) 2) Curls(block) 3) Upright Rows(kettle bell 75lbs) 4) overhead tricep extensions(block) 5) Snatch(kettle bell 25lbs) 6)Front shoulder raises(block) pick a station to start and rotate clockwise.  30 seconds at each station.

WWIs x25

American Hammer IC x25

Back to the stations.  This time we rotated counterclockwise for 30 seconds at each station.

Bicycle IC x25

LBCs x50

Mosey to the flag for a quick stretch.  Name o rama.  Wildebeest led us out in prayer as we lifted up his children who caught the bug going around and Spotlight’s Grandma who is being moved to a rehab/assisted living facility.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  I got better physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I hope you did as well.

Wash, Rinse, and Increase Back Blast

To the 3 men (1FNG) that joined YHC,
What a day to be outside, early morning temp of 57* and a good nights rest. Aye, Cannot say it gets much better. S/O to ‘F3 Thomas-choi choi” for EHing an FNG to post and be present in the early Gloom… The makings of a NorEastern PAX is begining to take shape!

The Plan:
YHC,  nearly fully recoved from GrowRuck009 and a Monday Runday with Mogul, stole his plan from yesterday and decided to make some enhancements. The goal was to move for 45 mins, steady, paced, complete movements, and a bit more intensity. Sry FNG.

The Thang:
As we watched the clock tick near 0530, YHC noticed some 5gal water jugs in the back of Crossgrains truck. (tickle me pink and call me cindi) Pulling 2 jugs from the bed we were ready to roll:

0530- YHC shared the plan and the outline for the morning. Increased movements from 10 to  now 15 of each exercise every 100(ish) steps 2 men carrying jugs (walking speed).
SSH X 15ic
100 Steps
Cotton Pickers X15ic
100 Steps
Merkins X15sc
100 Steps
Imperial Walkers X15ic
100 Steps
Squats X15ic
100 Steps
Good Mornings  X15ic
100 Steps
Merkins X 15sc
100 Steps
Mountain Climbers X15ic
100 Steps
Squats X15ic
100 Steps
Merkins X15sc
100 Steps
Lunges X 15ic
100 Steps
Hillbillies X15ic
100 Steps
Burpees X 10 OYO
100 Steps
Monkey Humpers X15ic
100 Steps
Merkins X15sc
100 Steps
Squats X15ic
100 Steps
Imperial Walkers X15ic
100 Steps
Abe Vigodas X 15ic
100 Steps
Squats X15ic
100 Steps

Total: 1900 Steps (avg 2.78ft per step) = 5,282ft or 1 MILE! Carrying 2 5gal jugs!

with 6 ticks left YHC, Ended Workout with 50 flutter kicks/50 ab mat sit ups… no quit!

These guys pushed hard and accomplished a good bit of movement!

Like yesterday, it really isn’t about going full throtle all day, it is slowing down the cadence, leaving no man uncovered, and completing the body of work that lays before you. Took it out in Ball of Man lifting up the need for our decrease and to see Christ Increased in our lives.

Welcome to the PAX, LEG WARMERS (richard simmons style)


Bo Schembechler