Back-Blast 08.01.18 – Crawls,Carries, Casualties & Core

Where: Camp Willis (aka – Jones Middle School)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: Ballbearing, Mogul, Regulator, Odoyle, Grovetucky, Rash, Ditka, Brain, Hack, Chicken Little
QIC: Mariah

Pax assembled, quick disclaimer, luckily people brought extra kettle bells as many were without. Mosey to the track.

SSH x30 IC
Imperial Walkers x20IC
Sun Gods x30 IC
Cotton Pickers x20 IC
Lunge Stretch/Reach to sky x10 IC each leg

As quickly as possible we gathered for the Pre-Season Challenge of 100yd bear crawl/25 hand release merkins REPEAT. Mogul and Ballbearing had watches and those were used for timing. We did 2 waves on the track. Probably a little over 100yds. Somehow there was confusion on the timing but all PAX completed and we moved on.

YHC told everyone to lineup on the goal line with kettle bells and count off 1s and 2s. Match up with similar body weights.

Partner 1: bottoms up walk with both bells to the 25yd line, 10 burpees – REPEATO to the 50yd line for 10 more burpees. Overhead walk with both bells to 75yd & 10 more burpees, overhead walk to the end goal line and casualty drag partner from under arms to the 50yd line, drop him run back to the goal line get the bells and run 100yds to the starting goal line.

Partner 2: Alternating bear crawl and lunges each 25yds until opposite goal line and plank for partner 1 until he’s ready to drag you. Mosey from 50 to opposite goal line ready to switch.

Everyone was saved from the car fire. We then moved over to the stadium steps at the 50yd line. 1s did a decline plank walk to one end and 2s went the other direction. If for any reason you quit before the end it’s 3 burpees then back on where you got off to continue. I don’t think there were any burpees. This marks the longest non-stop plank walk I’ve seen the pax do. Steep penalties for quitting to rest may be a good motivator. Although, the stadium step is lower than the guardrail at Griggs.

Mosey back to flag with bells. 8-Count body builders x5 IC.

YHC shared some words on F3 being a marathon and not a sprint. Words from Dredd. A lot is accomplished by showing up. Everything doesn’t have to change right now. Make F3 your long game. Never get too comfortable with where you are. It’s too late to get ready once you find yourself in a situation wishing you were more ready. Every day is a chance to get better. Our potential is always changing and there are many ways to grow as a man if you’re a man that shows up.

Always honored to be in the company of these guys.

YHC – Mariah

B.B. : BRICK CITY 7.31.18

PAX: I.D. , Musketeer (double respect), FNG (Sunshine)
QIC: Bo Schembechler

YHC arrived a few mins early to see if I.D. would make his return to the gloom and recent EH (fng) would post. Guys that have been in need of some push finally posted and YHC decided “PUSH” was exactly what they were going to get.

Musketeer faithfully arrived at 0528, Making the journey on foot from his residence on the south side. @vandamme should join in the journey one Tuesday! Continue reading “B.B. : BRICK CITY 7.31.18”

Whine Man’s Hill Back Blast 7.26.18: Leg Beatdown

AO: Wyman Wood’s Park

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Rowdy, Mariah, Brain, Hoosier (FNG), O’Doyle, Mogul

Mosey to the playground for COP: Continue reading “Whine Man’s Hill Back Blast 7.26.18: Leg Beatdown”

7/26 Antrim band of brothers 2 back blast:
@Dimon @Crash @Wildebeest
Showed up to find crash waiting in parking lot with a columbus police car sitting in lot on patrol…think he left after he saw we were a group of old guys ready to exercise
Dimon comes in hot at 0531 Continue reading

KettleBear Back-Blast 7.25.18

PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Schute, O’Doyle, Brain, Grovetucky, & Hack

QIC: Bo Schembechler

After getting a role call the night before on the weight & quantity of bells we have at our disposal, YHC, put together a loose plan for what he hoped to be a well paced beatdown in the gloom.

Arriving at 0520 for some mumblechatter, YHC was feeling good as 7 other HIMs joined him in the gloom! This morning was going to suck, in a good way!

The Mission & Disclaimer were given, out of order, but non the less the mission remains the same!

Continue reading “KettleBear Back-Blast 7.25.18”

Back-Blast 07.19.18 – Guts & Glutes

Where: Whineman’s Hill (Wyman Woods Grandview Heights)
When: 0530-0615
Who: schembechler, ballbearing, grovetucky, mogul, mariah
QIC: Mariah

Last car rolled in at 0530 and we were off on a mosey around the park to the playground for COP. Continue reading “Back-Blast 07.19.18 – Guts & Glutes”