Band of Brothers BB

After 5 days far from the PAX encouraging the forming core of F3 Dayton #giveitaway

QIC: YHC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Grovetucky, Crossgrain, Mogul, Jumper (weighted down), Francis, Ahhh, and Wildebeest

Time away can spur some creativity, this morning was no exception. YHC came ready to take full advantage of the warm air 66° and dry morning.

0530 gave some rendition of a disclosure, followed by a brief delay as YHC decided to move… Mosey started and white lights pulled in, circling back to find Mogul prepared to work the PAX did a slow short mosey to a gloomy corner of the soccer field.


SSH- ic x30

Copper Head squats- ic x20

Sun God’s – during instructions

Claps- ic x25

Merkins – sc x25

The Thang

Circled up in Plank, each member completed x3 Merkins in round robin fashion. Once completed they were to run the field to the outhouse, retrieve 2 (Dos) Bricks, and return to plank position.

Rinse and Repeat

Once each member of PAX had 3-4 bricks they were to assemble a platform.

Step ups – x25 each leg (50 count)

Side Step ups- x10 each leg (20 count)

Merkins- sc x20

YHC split 8 into 2 groups of 4… One group assembled across field while second group picked up bricks and with them pressed overhead marched them to the first group. This continued until 32 bricks had moved from point A to point B.

While moving first group completed multiple movements

Merkins- sc x25

Squats- x25

Brick press- x25

Tricep press- xburnout

Curls- x25

More stuff until group 2 completed task.

Groups switched positioning and first group moved bricks from point B back to Point A while group 2 completed unknown amount of similar movements until all bricks had been returned.

Once task was Complete PAX re assembled in Plank position and completed x3 Merkins in round robin fashion grabbed 2 bricks and returned them to area around outhouse.

Once returned PAX assembled a bucket line and passed bricks to be stacked. Upon completion PAX assembled for x30 SSHs to punch the clock at 0615.

As always an honor to lead, be pushed, and challenged by the PAX.

Our hearts are broken and prayers are strong for the family of Jerome Gonzalez who passed during the Joe Warner GoRuck Heavy at Ft. Bragg this past week.


Bo Schembechler

VQ Valentine at the Theater

Showing Love by dishing out pain! Bootleg takes on the Q for his first time in 53 years (Respect) don’t miss it!

“Pax get ready for my first Q! We will be doing lots of core and upper body with as little running as possible as my heel is killing me!” -Bootleg

Where: The Theatre aka Antrim Park

When: 0530 don’t be late!

Who: All pax, Fngs, and HIMS

Back-Blast: Snow Day? Not for us – 02.07.18

AO: The Theater (aka – Antrim Park)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Bo, Dimon, grovetucky, bootleg, Phoenix, Francis, jumper, cross grain, teach
QIC: Mogul

Q rolled in 2 minutes late due to crazy weather.  Surprised to see 11
in attendance in 6 inches of snow.  Unloaded  a shovel and sled, asked the PAX to grab 2 blocks each and get started. Continue reading “Back-Blast: Snow Day? Not for us – 02.07.18”

Band of Brothers BB 12.19.17

In the early morning gloom of Wednesday 8 HIMs assembled to some mid week shenanigans!

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Mariah, Dimon, Crossgrain, Francis, Wildebeest, Mogul, & Spotlight

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12.13 back-blast… EVERYBODY JUMP!!

Who : Mariah, jumper, spotlight, Francis, bootleg, savannah, crossgrain, wildabeast, mogul, dimon, Bo Schembechler

When : 0530-0615

Where : F3 The theatre (5800 Olentangy river road)

QIC was running late as he had to load up some tires, showed up to see the PAX warming up. Mind you it was 18 degrees out.

Q unloaded tires and we started the thang. Continue reading “12.13 back-blast… EVERYBODY JUMP!!”

Back-Blast – 12.06.17: Band of Brothers

AO: The Theater (aka – Antrim Park)
WHEN: 0530-0615
PAX: Mogul, Wildebeast, Francis, Ball Bearing, Mariah, Schembechler, and Grovetucky

Chilly and cold


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10.25 back-blast. Winter is coming…

Mariah, grovetucky, 3:16, jumper, crossgrain, guppie, stickman(NC), slash, ball bearing, Tony Packo, Ahh, Francis, Dimon were our supporting casts today!

This morning was chilly, it was gloomy, it was just not easy to wake up. But some of the strongest men I know did. We gathered around The American Flag as the wind blew it in all its glory and had some mumble chatter. This was the calm before the storm.

0530 snuck up on us and the Q gave our F3 disclaimer stating he was not a professional by any means of the word and that it was time to make leaders out of the men who came. Continue reading “10.25 back-blast. Winter is coming…”