2.06.18 Brick City BB

QIC:Bo Schembechler

PaX: crossgrain, ball bearing, ahhh

There was a few things that happened but this clip on Instagram says it all!

We played 4 corners, moved, Indian run, rock press, rock throws…

Basically, in order to experience something you have to SHOW UP!

4 did and 4 know,


Back-Blast 01/30/2018 – A Smorgasbord?

AO: Brick City

When: 0530-0615

PAX: Mariah, Bo, Francis, Crossgrain, Ahhh

QIC: Jumper

Entered the gloom at 0526 and mumblechattered with Francis. At 0529, Francis and I saw 3 PAX approaching in the distance all rucked up. As they drew nearer, the American flag was seen to be flying proudly in the air above their heads. It was going to be a good morning. Continue reading “Back-Blast 01/30/2018 – A Smorgasbord?”

Brick City Back Blast 1.9.18: Elevate your game

AO:   Brick City (Scioto-Mile)

When:   0530-0615

QIC:   Spotlight

PAX:   Bo Schembechler, Crossgrain, Francis, Wildebeast, Jumper, Ahhh, Teach

Weather:   30 degrees with a lot of ice.

YHC learned from Grovetucky that if you’re going to lead in January you better have a contingency plan.  YHC got to the AO early and found it was better suited for ice hockey than what he had planned.  A quick trip around the AO and a new plan began to take shape.  As the PAX showed up ready to work the hot topic was the balmy 30 degree weather.

At 5:30 the PAX began their mosey to the lower bowl and better footing.  Along the way Bo picked up Jumper (who doesn’t have GPS).  Once we navigated the steps and got to the grass the COP began

Continue reading “Brick City Back Blast 1.9.18: Elevate your game”

The Circuit: Elevate Your Game @ Brick City 0530

The Circuit: Elevate Your Game @ Brick City 0530

Who: PAX (men that participate in regular F3 workouts) Kotters (Men that have been to F3) and FNG’s (Friendly New Guys)

What: During the warmest week of the year thus far we will experience another strategic and well thought out workout…. Meaning – spotlight is going to make up something for us to do for 45 Mins!

When: Tuesday 0530-0615

Where: 17-13 Marconi Columbus, Oh 43215 (Scioto-mile side) Corner of Broad and Marconi.


Weather: Doesn’t matter: it is 26 degrees warmer than last Tuesday!