Back-Blast 07.07.18 – Goofy, Mountain, Merkins

WHERE: The Van (aka: Griggs Reservoir Park)
WHEN: 0600-0700
PAX: Mogul, Wildebeest, Hack, Rowdy(FNG)
QIC: Mariah

YHC arrived early to hide a surprise. Upon waiting the first to arrive was FNG (Rowdy) with questions about what we might be doing today… “So, are we just going to go for a run that way?” Yeah, pretty much, might do a few other things too. Everyone else arrived and we got started with a PAX of 5.

SSH x30 IC
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
Cotton Pickers x15 IC
Willie Mays Hays x20 IC
Teach Stretch
Sun Gods
Overhead Clap
1-min Burpees

The Thang
Split group into a group of 2 (Group A) and group of 3 (Group B). Both start at the same point at the same time.
Group A runs at 80-90% 3 light posts (approx 200yds) then drops for an exercise until group B arrives. First exercise was goofy man. Group B had started a slow trot when A took off. When B arrives they run 3 light posts and A trots. Repeato doing Goofy Man, Mountain Climbers, Merkins. This took us all the way to the bridge for those 3 rounds.

We broke for Mary
American Hammers x30 IC
Flutter Kicks x30 IC
Pulse Up V Ups x10 IC

Mosey to THE GUARDRAIL. Partner up for decline plank walks. One partner plank walks while the other does squats (each team had to reach 100 squats). When plank walking partner stops/switch. Do the whole rail.

ROUND 2 – Each team runs back to starting point same as before, but sprinting 2 posts then doing an exercise. Squats, Lunges, Burpees. Those 3 rounds took us back to the shelter at the starting point end of the parking lot. YHC reveals the BERTHA BALLS. We lined up for  trip up the hill around the loop and back. Balls in front. The first 2 get as far as they can before handing their ball off to someone behind them, then they drop and do 3 burpees and trot back to the end of the line – REPEATO

Once we got up top we split into our A/B teams for a race down the hill to the start doing 2 burpees after a hand-off. It’s now only 0647 so we have time to spare.

We use the parking lot to do a 40yd bear crawl and lunge back, then do 8-count bodybuilders for a nice slow set of 15 and call it to name our FNG.

Wildebeest takes us out in prayer after we name our FNG – Rowdy for his wrestling background after Rowdy Roddy Piper. We ran hard and managed to squeeze a lot in for just 5 people. Always glad for the company and the push.



Who: MEN (no matter ability)

*WOMEN* (no matter ability)

What: MEN: F3’s FREE.99 Group workout near you!

*WOMEN* FiA Pre-launch workouts

When & Where: MEN:0600-0700 (Griggs Reservoir) MEN:0700-0800 (Antrim Park)

*WOMEN* 0800-0900 (Wyman Woods Park)

Why: Freedom to Get Better!

How: Show Up

BACK-BLAST 03.31.18 – No Man Left Behind

WHERE: The Van (aka: Griggs Reservoir Park)
WHEN: 0600-0700
PAX: Grovetucky, Wildebeest, Rash, Brain, Francis, Teach + Murphy
QIC: Mariah

YHC cruised down the river road to find the Pax doing SSHs as it was precisely 0600 (I had stopped to drop off cones and some sandbags a quarter mile away for games to play). Their cadence was 60 when I got out of the car. Ha, they looked a little fresh for that. They had actually started when they saw the headlights. I took the hint though and got us going. So…

Mosey down near the park entrance in the road for some COP.

Merkins ICx20 (40reps)
Sun Gods ICx10 each side
Dry Docks ICx12
hold positions for Peter Parkers ICx20
Shoulder Blasters – Series of arm raises in sets of 10. See HERE

Series of Thoracic Spine muscles and shoulder flexibility movements…
1.) Cat dog stretch on knees slowly moving knees further from hands until arms are fully extended (like down dog on knees driving hands overhead back as far as possible)
2.) In final position from above turn right palm up and lift as high as possible x10 each arm.
3.) Spine twist. Same position as above – right arm behind head trunk rotation open to sky and back down IC x 10 each side.
4.) Squat with palms on ground. Keep palms on ground with heels down bottom of squat sitting tall as possible with chest up butt down. On up command keep palms down raise butt (like a monkey humper) and back down. IC x 15
5.) Still focused on heels down, slow side lunges, down right back up down on left IC x 25 slow count.
6.) Lunging spine twist. Hands in prayer position do a deep lunge right leg place left elbow over knee for leverage and do trunk rotation open to sky. IC x10 each side.
…recover with concrete glutes.

Mosey to lit parking lot by entrance for a couple of partner circuits.

Circuit #1 – Casualty Drags (remember the no man left behind thing?)
Pair off with similar body weight partners.
Course is approximately 12 parking lot spaces +/- 75yds.
Halfway point are cones.
Partner #1 and #2 do 10 jump squats
#1 runs to half point does 10 burpees. #2 bear crawls to half point.
#1 runs back to start point does 10 more jump squats. #2 continues forward doing crab walks to finish point and planks if there’s time.
#1 runs full length to finish point, does 10 burpees then both partners go laterally to grass area. #1 drags #2 to half point (casualty drag is done with #2 sitting on ground dragging heels. #1 bear hugs #2 lifting from under arms and back peddles)
…rest/repeato switching roles

Circuit #2 – 3 Stations

STATION 1 – Sandbags (60lb and a 20lb)
Station 1 is the timer for this circuit. Rotate all station once both partners complete station 1.
Partner #1 using 60lb sandbag – burpee, jerk to chest, squat, throw bag down and repeat x5 then press andbag to shoulder carry on back up hill and back down.
Partner #2 using 20lb sandbag – hold in arms do 20 squats then walk backwards up hill and back carrying sandbag.
… repeato – switch

STATION 2 – Bear Crabs
Both partners starting at mid point of circuit #1. Bear crawl to start point, run back to mid. Crab walk to end point, run back to mid.
… repeato until Station #1 announces completion.

STATION 3 – Star Jump Runners
Both partners start at mid point same as circuit #1. Do 10 Star Jumps run to start point and back to mid. 10 Star Jumps, run to end point back to mid
… repeato until Station #1 announces completion.

Sandbag Indian Run
Once everyone had completed each station we gathered cones and sandbags for Indian Run back to Flag. Heavy Sandbag with person in front, lighter sandbag person #2, cones at back of line. Hand cones forward and run to front take heavy sandbag so leader can take lighter sandbag. Do this on the run/jog. We gave each leader a 20 count running with the sandbag before sending the sprinter to the front.

We had 1.5 minutes left and got in a set of American Hammer IC x30.

Everybody worked. Always fun mixing things up a little. Wildebeest took us out in prayer and we headed to coffeteria after Teach timed the perfect selfie with the water in background, moon + rowboat passing.


Back-Blast 03.03.18 – The Van

The Van – 0600-0700
QIC – Mogul
PAX: Bo, Rash, Wildabeest, Mariah, Brain, Tony Packo, Mogul.

Chilly, but dry day at Griggs. Forecasted by a post by BO concerned about what was to come with Mogul as the Q. Everyone showed up ready to work with a great attitude. Props to 1st week PAX member Brain for making Saturday the 4th workout of the week for him.

Mozy to parking lot area. .75 mile
– side straddle hop x 30
– Cotton pickers x 15
– cotton pickers side to side x15
– quad stretch
– Sun gods forward and back
– Arnold mr Olympia stretch
– Jane Fonda’s: up, circle forward, circle back x 15 each
– warrior one
– flex wheeler Arnold classic flex.
1. Line up at guard rail Hand plant jumps over guard rail and back x 30
2. Derkin walk the guard rail.
3. 10 burpees at the end.

Indian run back to the beginning shelter house. .75 mile. Very fast pace. I stopped to tie my shoe and was about 300 yards back by the time I looked up.
– WHAT’S UP BRO: 1 arm pull ups. On your 6, Feet against wall and pulling one arm of partner. 10 each arm. For the meatheads.
– 7 MINUTE ABS: crunchy frog x 20
– pulse ups x 20
– heels to the heaven x 20
– leg climbers x 20 each leg.

Mozy to the bottom lot near the hill.
Teamed up in groups of 2.

SET 1: combined…150 merkins, 10 hill runs
Each team could borrow reps from teammates. Team event. Any order
PROPS to RASH and TONY PACKO for the win.
Winner did side straddle hops while others
Did 10 – 8 count body builders in cadence. Props again to RASH and PACKO for joining in on the body builders.

SET 2: winning team (PACKO and RASH) had wait 20 seconds before they could begin
– bear crawl the lot x 4
– 4 backwards hill runs
– 40 Close grip push ups.

Ended at exactly 7:00. QIC determined that all were winners for finishing that workout.

I appreciate the killer effort by all PAX and hope everyone is enjoyed their well deserved day off. Always humbled to lead this group.

The Van (pre-potluck pre-blast) DBTR

WHO: Calling all Males in the Columbus Area, SadClowns and HIMs

WHAT: A early morning workout to earn your F3 Potluck. There is no I in team but if you want to live in a Van DBTR (Down by the River) you can go alone. But together we can get better.

WHEN: 0600-0700 Saturday 2.24.18 (Coffeteria Post W/O 7(ish)-Whenv)

WHERE: Griggs Reservoir Park (THE VAN)  <—-MAP on Link

WEATHER: over 40* and who cares IT’S “THE VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER”

QIC: Bo Schembechler

Note: everything is scale-able, modifications are encouraged, you bring you and you vs. you, no man left behind, no man left where we found them, and showing up is the hardest part!

02.03.2018 (down by the river) @The Van

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Wildebeest, Grovetucky, Kotter (3-16)

Where: The Van aka Griggs resivour

Arriving at 0525 to the sight of a familiar but rarely seen truck, 4 vehicles gather and @0530 the disclaimer is shared, and YHC begins.

Welcoming back 3-16 Continue reading “02.03.2018 (down by the river) @The Van”

Back-Blast: WOLF PAX 01.27.18


AO: The Van (aka: Griggs Reservoir Park)
When: 0600-0700
PAX: Teach, Grovetucky, Tony Paco, Jumper, Mogul, Wildebeest, Mariah, BullFrog
QIC: Mariah

0600: YHC is surprised by the turnout and the presence of Wildebeest and Jumper as they were planning to travel north to the Winter Convergence in Cleveland, but plans changed early in the gloom. Looks like plan A is in effect with a full turnout. We took off for a long mosey nearly 1mile cutting up through the terrain of the park we haven’t been through yet and end up in a far parking lot. Continue reading “Back-Blast: WOLF PAX 01.27.18”

The Van (down by the river) Back-Blast 1.6.17

YHC, woke up to Zero Tire Pressure in the front tire of YHC’s machine. However, with a quick 20PSI YHC managed to hustle to the AO for the opening @0600

Pulling in along with 2 other sets of headlights YHC exited the machine to get THE VAN gassed up! Joining YHC in the ZERO DEGREE (-9* windchill) were a the mighty men of the PAX:

PAX: Spotlight, Mariah, Tony Packo, and Grovetucky

QIC: Bo Schembechler

After some brief mumble about the new AO, YHC decided to warm up the engine. Continue reading “The Van (down by the river) Back-Blast 1.6.17”