1 Year Back Blast!

After 1 Year we gathered regardless of the weather forecast and conditions. While some of our brothers were unable to join us due to spring break travel arrangements the PAX was well represented by the 14 HIMs that posted to get better!

PAX: Spotlight, Mariah, Kournikova (Respect), Savannah (Respect), Bumper (Respect), Wildebeest, Crossgrain, Kibbles, Gimpy, Crash, Tony Packo, Teach, Brain, and Bo Schembechler.

With a 3-way Q lined up attempting to rinse and repeat Beatdown 1 on 3.18.17 we split the responsibility and the results are being felt.

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Green No Mo…

One year ago 21 local men were pulled out of their fartsacks by brothers from across this country. That morning a bunch of sickly, green, sad clowns posted to Antrim Park to attempt their first F3 workout (free, outside, all-men). Much to the surprise of us all we survived. The next few weeks we continued to meet on Saturday morning at the leadership of our Vetren F3 Brothers from NC. After which we were left to take up the flag, headlock Columbus, and get better.
One Saturday at a time we met in the warm weather, getting familiarized with terms, cadence, do’s, and dont’s, and we by no means were perfect. As the fall approached a growing fear of the fridgide temperatures began to be expressed. With no plan, no reason, and no thought we pushed on. Temperatures dropping but locations and new faces posting. Yes we had an FNG in -4° temps.
As we slowly, extremely slowly, climb our way out of winter we are weathered, we are tested, and we have been tried. The model of F3 workouts, fellowship, and even faith have challenged each member of the PAX to be better, getting right, as a man, husband, and father.
Saturday March 17th we will only have 1 workout. All of the AOs together from 0700-0800 @ the original place we first turned green The Theater (aka Antrim Park). We will conquer the 1st year mark together, stronger, and better than 364 days ago!
Please join us (Facebook event Link) as we celebrate, if you haven’t been come “Get Green” with F3 Columbus. We won’t let you stay that way. Continue reading “Green No Mo…”

Email 9.25.17

We’re here 4 You!

PAX & Men of Central Ohio,

We are now running 4 days a week in central Ohio. Last week 59 times a man like you woke up and posted for a workout! You might wonder why? You might think we’re crazy for waking up at 0445 just to make sure we get there on time. or if you’re Teach “0520 out the door with a hot cup of coffee!” But something that is hidden under the workout, under the alarm clock, under the CSAUP things we do, is the fact we’re here for YOU! Continue reading “Email 9.25.17”

Email 9.18.17

How to Plan?

PAX & Men of Central Ohio,

Most of the men that wake up and drag themselves to an F3 Beatdown are expecting the Q (leader) to have a plan. The Plan is what determines the outcome. We don’t start with an outcome and expect a plan to fall in place, we start with a plan and the outcome is the fulfillment of that plan. Continue reading “Email 9.18.17”

Email 9.5.17

January 1st, 2018

PAX & other Men,

It is the time of year when the weather starts to slowly cool and the volume on the T.V. gets turned up. At some point after 16 weeks when we will find our selves tailgate after tailgate wondering where the apathy set in? Followed by a new year resolution to “eat better” or “be more active!” Continue reading “Email 9.5.17”