BB Ruckers & Runners

YHC spent a bit of time under a ruck over the weekend and thought it was only fair to share the load with the men that have brought YHC so far!

0530- we were standing around in mumblechatter formation and YHC didn’t realize it was go time.

0532- grabbed ruck and mosey to track.


SSH x 30

Good mornings x 20

Forget x 14

Squats x 10

Warrior pose

Count off: instructions: 1-10 starting @1 the Rucker would lap while the 9 ran an Indian run. (Originally was to be an exercise waiting in Rucker) However the PAX is strong and often kept up with the Indian run. We would break in between for <10

Wash rinse and repeat until 10 laps 2.5 miles was completed.

Mosey to flag:


WWI x 25

Am Ham x 15

Flutter kicks x 15

Heels to heaven x 15

Leg raises x 15

Cobra Stretch

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama. BOM

Thank you both for the deep support and push you have provided. From 2 years ago.not being able to do 15 pushups or run 1/2 mile to crushing a 50+ mile ruck and posting on a Monday! I got emotional just trying to share the admiration and respect I have for you men! Thank you for allowing me to lead this morning!



Back-Blast: Camp Willis 03.11.19 – The Unbreakables

Where: Jone’s Middle School (aka – Camp Willis)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: Bootleg, Cheddar, Hack, Rash, Goose, Specimen
QIC: Mariah

QIC arrived a little early from a ruck to the AO to find Bootleg already there. The rest of the unbreakables (those who did not go on spring break) rolled in shortly after.

SSH icx35
Imperial Walkers icx20
Good Mornings icx10
Cotton Pickers icx15
Sun Gods icx20
Overhead Clap icx20
Seal Claps icx20
Air Squared w/Moroccan Night Clubs icx15 (Rash rolls in after calling fire dept on neighbor’s house!)
Deep lunge w/trunk rotations x5 each side
SSH icx10 to get Rash a little more warmed up.

Mosey to tennis courts…

11’s across 4 tennis courts (reducing a court each trip then adding them back on ladder fashion) burpees at far side (10 through 1) and squat jacks at baseline (1 through 10). Do 4x4s waiting on six to finish. For you mathematicians that’s 55reps each w/running between.

Mosey to track for Indian Snake Run (the six weaves through pax to front). 2.5 laps.

Mosey to far goal post on track. Run 200 to opposite goal post, 5 Catalina Wine Mixers (w/merkin), run 200 back to opposite post 15 knee up merkins. Run to high jump platform (200m) do 4x4s waiting on the six.

Mosey back to tennis courts lead by Cheddar. Circle up for planks. All 7 pax do a 3 count for each of the following…
Raised Plank
Elbow Plank
Raised Right Hand Up
Raised Left Hand Up
Elbow Right Hand Back Pocket
Elbow Left Hand Back Pocket
Elbow Right Hand and Leg Up
Elbow Left Hand and Leg Up
Merkins icx10

Mosey OYO to Flag
LBCs icx20

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, YHC shared a story inspired by Hack’s Saturday remarks on shame being a great motivator. In a nutshell, working out with a group if nothing else, eliminates standing around. You don’t always have to move fast, but always aim to “stop-stopping” and you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll string together. YHC took us out in prayer with thoughts for Lars’ family and those traveling this week.

– Mariah


Back Blast 01.07.19: The Bear

Where: Jones Middle School (aka: Camp Willis, The Bear)
When: 01.07.19 at 0530-0615
PAX: Teach, Grovetucky, Fresh Prince, Brain, Rash, LaLa, Hack, Specimen
QIC: Mariah

Things were looking like we’d have a skeleton crew until about 4 more PAX showed up right at 0530. Quick disclaimer on the move (for practice) as we took a mosey over to the track.

COP: We cirlced up on the pad at the Northwest side of the track.
Imperial Walkers ICx20
Cotton Pickers ICx13
Deep Lunge rotate to sky x3 sit back hamstring stretch – each side
Sungods ICx10
Overhead Claps ICx10
Seal Claps ICx10
Air Press ICx10
25 Burpees OYO

With everyone nice and warm from burpees we took off for an Indian Run. Encouragement for each sprinter just happened on its own during the whole run. It was a beautiful thing.  Not a single person asked how far we were going. Had it planned to just add a lap or 2 soon as someone asked, but not these guys… because it didn’t matter. They know we go until it’s over. We stopped at 2.5 laps at the pull-up bars.

10 Pull-ups
– 3 Palm Forward
– 3 Palm Inward
– 2 One forward one in
– 2 more the opposite way
plank for 6 then lineup at stadium steps

Step ups in cadence
Step up, knee up, step down, lunge ICx10 each leg


Inspired by Schembechler’s chasing of the dog runs at The Van Saturday we utilized the same format for some urban warrior training. Real world stuff like stopping run-a-way shopping carts in parking lots, saving a toddler from certain death headed toward a pool, catching your dog off leash. Real man stuff.

2 equal lines, both guys at the front of the lines lay face down.
Person in line #1 says go, gets up and starts jogging a 100m in front of the stadium steps
Person in line #2 has to do 5 hand release merkins, jump up and sprint to tag the other person before they get to the end of the stadium steps. Both mosey to finish the 100m then do 5 burpees together as the rest of the PAX completes the same behind them. Then REPEATO in the opposite direction. The goal was for each PAX to get 4 sprints in (8 trips), but we cut it early to mosey back to the pad for some mary.

Arms up crunch IC on the up x30
Heels to sky IC on the up x30
LBCs ICx15
WWIs IC on up x30

Mosey back to the flag for 5 Moguls.

Name-O-rama & COT: 
Brief words about accountability followed by Grovetucky taking us out in prayer. Always comforting to know guys are going to be there. Every time.



Pre-Blast 12.03.18 – Beacon of Light

WHERE: Camp Willis (aka – Jones Middle School)
WHEN: 0530-0615
WHO: All PAX and FNGs

We will quickly create order from chaos at 0530 that will keep the PAX moving for the entire 45 minutes. We will stay together throughout which is always a good thing, especially when it doesn’t feel like it. Each PAX will be the beacon of light at some point during the workout bringing hope to the suffering. Don’t miss. There will be plenty of running, it’s Monday after all, but there will be low impact modifications for the ailing and injured so you won’t miss out as there’s plenty of other work to get done. SYITG

YHC – Mariah



Pre-Blast 11.12.18 – Veterans Day Observed

AO: Jones Middle School (aka- Camp Willis)
WHO: ALL PAX, FNGs, Veterans
WHEN: 0530 – 0615
QIC: Mariah

We will kick things off with the 11min AMRAP – WOD For Warriors – JOIN TEAM HERE: and then we’ll continue the workout.

Back-Blast 09.05.18 – Marching Ants


AO: Camp Willis (aka – Jones Middle School)
PAX: Bootleg (RESPECT), Steak (RESPECT), Rowdy, Crossgrain, Ballbearing, Schembechler, Schrute, Ariel (FNG), Specs (FNG), Rash, Mogul, Tecumseh, Grovetucky, Hack, Chicken Little
QIC: Mariah

In a rush making sure we had enough coupons hoping we didn’t eat too much time getting to the track the disclaimer was not given = Q fail #1 (even experienced Q’s forget stuff, always take a few more minutes before arriving to make sure all the elements get covered), we had 2 FNGs present, luckily they weren’t loners and had wing men present. Mosey to far side of track, everyone claim a cinder block for the workout.

SSH ic x 30
Imperial Walker ic x 20
Good Morning ic x 10
Cotton Pickers ic x 10
Sun Gods ic x 15 each side
Merkins ic x 15

The Thang
Spread out at base of stadium steps.
Plank Walk-Ups with hands on first step back to ground ic x 20
Dry Docks w/feet on first step ic x 10
Overhead clap ic x 20

Back to the blocks 100yd overhead arms locked walk.

The main event explained…
1 lap on the track 400m arms locked overhead cinder block carry. As soon as you’re fighting to bend arms or rest the block sit it down off to the right of the track and run back to the starting point to do 20 merkins, run back to your block 5 burpees, pick it up and keep walking until you have to sit it down again REPEATO until your lap is complete. When you’re done pick up the 6 and help with reps/carries/runs until everyone is done. Crossgrain made it all the way around without stopping. Most had to stop 3 times. There was a modification for guys with running injuries. They just had to sit down their block and do 30 merkins and 10 burpees then continue.

(Nearly Q-Fail #2 here. It’s dark and if guys sat the blocks all over the track there would have been injuries, luckily caught this one and shouted instruction at the last minute. When helping at the end we actually sat a block down near the end and Steak almost tripped over it.) If there was more time or if we did this again we’d probably do a shorter COP smoke the arms/core/shoulders some more prior and/or do 2 laps. Still, it worked pretty well for the timing creating balance between the strong and the fast. Everyone finished very close to the same time.

Put blocks away. 20 Mountain Climbers ic and mosey long way around track back to Flag for Mary.
Moguls ic x 6 (catalina, side plank right/left/merkin = 1)
American Hammers ic x 15
Flutter Kicks ic x 25
Recover for count off, name FNGs, name-o-rama.

Schembechler took us out in prayer. Regretfully, I did not share any words today out of a rush to get back and honor the M. Always humbled to lead and I always learn something. Usually as a result of rushed planning. Always striving to put more effort into scaling things for all of the PAX, staying conscious of fall-outs during exercises to manage rep counts and keep things fluid. Though we test ourselves on occasion… this is a long game, and that means workout volume over intensity as our abilities grow over time. Modifications are always encouraged. Glad to see more guys coming more often.