The Bear Back Blast 1.8.18: Winter Wonderland

AO: Camp Willis (Jones M.S.)

When: 0530-0615

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mogul, Mariah, Bo Schembechler, Chicken Little, Teach, Crossgrain, Bootleg, Jumper

Weather: 32 degrees with a wintry mix

As YHC reviewed the forecast yesterday, it was evident the weather could get interesting this morning. Ice, snow, rain were some of the possibilities, therefore, YHC made several contingency plans for this work-out to allow for the influence of Mother Nature. Besides, the worst challenge would be to design a workout for the ice and we never get ice. YHC awoke at 0400 to the sight of glistening driveways and sidewalks, shit!! we got ice!! Crossgrain sent a message warning everyone that it was icy. I chuckled at his quote “I expect the rest of you guys are smarter than Bo and I and won’t be there!”. Crossgrain, you have greatly overestimated the collective intelligence of the PAX!! Continue reading “The Bear Back Blast 1.8.18: Winter Wonderland”

Monday Bear 12.18.17 – Back-Blast

AO: Camp Willis (aka: Jones Middle School)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: Mariah, Rash, Bootleg, Diamond, Bo Schembechler, Mogul
QIC: Mogul

Small Group, Big Results. PAX organized at 5:30 ready to GO. YHC gave the disclaimer and got rolling.

Continue reading “Monday Bear 12.18.17 – Back-Blast”

Monday Bear 12.12.17

0529 YHC arrives to join 6 HIMs ready to own their Monday. “Who us the Q?” Is the need to know. Being aware there was no Q signed up YHC thought of a plan on his way to the AO.

0530 mosey…
We took the long way around the facility to enter in the back gate at the 3rd corner of the track. Continue reading “Monday Bear 12.12.17”

10.30 Pumkin Roll


Who:  Ghouls of Central Ohio

What: We’ll keep it moving as we do the pumpkin roll!

When: 0530-0615

Where: @campwillis aka Jones Middle School in UA

QIC: Bo Schembechler

Weather: Gloomy chance of complaining

Bring an FNG they won’t want to miss this!


Back Blast 10.23.17: Welcome to the Jungle

AO: Camp Willis (Jones M.S.)

VQ: Slash

When: 0530-0615

Weather: perfect

PAX: grovetucky, Jumper, Ahhh, Crossgrain, Ripcord, Ball Bearing, FNG (Abrasion), FNG (Bootleg), Wisdom, Bo Schembechler, Tony Packo, Dimon, Mariah, Mogul, 3-16

The VQ gave the disclaimer promptly at 0530 and remained around the shovel flag for Continue reading “Back Blast 10.23.17: Welcome to the Jungle”

Pre-Blast 10.23.17: Welcome to the Jungle

AO: Camp Willis (Jones Middle School)

VQ: Slash

Who: All PAX and any FNG’s you can EH


Come join Slash for his VQ Continue reading “Pre-Blast 10.23.17: Welcome to the Jungle”

Back-Blast: F3-M3 10.16.17

AO: Camp Willis (aka Jones Middle School)
WHEN: 0530-0615
PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Teach, Grovetucky, Schembechler, CrossGrain, Ball Bearing, Dimon, Jumper, Slash, 3:16, Ahh, and Frugal MacDougal (From Nashville)

(M3) Monday Morning with Mogul

Disclosure given promptly at 5:30

Side Straddle Hop x 30
Sun Gods x10 each direction
Cotton Pickers x 20 Continue reading “Back-Blast: F3-M3 10.16.17”