Camp Willis-Back Blast 3-22-18

It was a beautiful first day of Spring!  32 degrees about an inch of snow on the ground and a light snow falling and with the wind just enough to make you want goggles

PAX: Bo Shembechler; mariah, mogul, teach, bootleg

QIC Bootleg

AO Camp Willis

The pax gathered most coming in hot with Teach bringing the flag.  Mumblechatter and we began the thang

25 SSH I/C

30 Cotton Pickers I/C

30 sec Sun Gods Each direction

then a short mosey over to the wet kinda snowy track

We started at the first Corner with 25 Merkins ran to the next corner 25 squat jumps ran to the next corner 1 min plank ran to the last corner and 25 LBC’s

Lather rinse repeat 4 times (mariah and mogul did 5x)

a short breath then long kinetic lunges up the bleachers 4x

mosey back to the flag with stories of driving 7 hours to look at a cloud up close, kids puking into the mechanics of a pull out bed in the middle of the night etc thanks to Moguls trip for spring break.

Stretching for the last 7 minutes to more spring break stories. Pretty good calorie burn and a bit of cardio!

Thank you men for allowing me to lead you and for pushing me to be there this morning.

Bo led us out in prayer and begin another great day!


Camp Willis-Pre Blast 3-21-2018

When:  5:30 – 6:15

Where: Camp Willis aka: Jones Middle School

Who: All men Pax, FNG’s who have their big boy warm pants on.

What: Circuit OYO

QIC: Bootleg (I am back)


Pre-Blast 03/19/2018 – Something FUN?

AO: Camp Willis (Jones Middle School in Upper Arlington)

Time: 0530-0615

Who: All men!

What: Something fun, of course! PAX will likely move a lot and sweat a bit along the way.

QIC: Jumper

3.14.2018 Theater Back Blast Time’s Up

AO:     The Theater

QIC:     Spotlight

PAX:     Wildebeest, Brain, Dimon, Heads Up

It was a cold and icy morning.  No big deal we adjusted and utilized the traction of the grass.

Mosey around the soccer fields
Hillbillies in cadence X15
Sungods forward and backward
Cotton Pickers in cadence X15
Overhead Claps in cadence X15
Each member of the PAX has 1 minute to complete 20 merkins (some PAX pushed it to 30).  Rest for the remainder of the minute.  Repeat for 10 minutes total.
1 minute of LBCs
1 minute of flutter kicks
1 minute of bicycles
Grab your block
Overhead press X30
Curls X30
Bent over rows X30
On your 6
30 seconds of American Hammer
30 seconds of WWIs
1 minute of LBCs
Grab your Blocks
Front Shoulder Raises for 1 minute
Cinder Block swings for 1 minute
Mosey to the end of the soccer fields and back.
5 minutes AYG burpees
Quick stretch for the upper body to end it at 6:16

We kept Wildebeest’s family in our prayers as they prepare to welcome number 4 later this year.  Spotlight YHC asked for prayers for his father in law who is fighting cancer.

Wildebeest led us out in prayer asking for protection and guidance for not only our AO but for F3 men everywhere who were up early making themselves better.  Today was another reminder of why it feels so good to get up and punish your body with other men of like mind.

3.15 Antrim band of brothers BACK (leg) blast:

4 post at the the theater band of brothers for leg day: @brain @Wildebeest @spotlight @blindspot (derek nicol with the headlock)

Mosey to the dock
SSH X 30
Side to side cotton pickers x 15
Light stretch

2min run
1minute squat jumps
1min bear crawl

2min run
1min alternating lunges
1min bear crawl

2min run
1min right leg lateral lunge
1min merkin walk

2min run
1min left lateral lunge
1min merkin walk

2min run
1min rt leg back lunge high knee step lunge
1min bear crawl

2min run
1min left leg as above
1min bear crawl

1 1/4 around lake….so we turned and ran to roundabout at bottom of parking lot

To the hill: up the hill backward run x2
Then AYG to the flag
3min of leg stretch to 0615.

Beautiful morning for a run and leg day! See you all Saturday!

Gym 0515 in Am?