Back-Blast 9.20.18: Whine Man’s Hill One Year of Memories

AO: Wyman Woods Park

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mariah, Hack, Specimen, Teach

One year ago tomorrow F3 Columbus launched its third AO at Wyman Woods Park. YHC thought back on a year worth of weekly Thursday workouts and chose some of my favorite exercises that have been either introduced at Whine Man’s Hill or been a common staple. I probably could create several workouts based on my Whine Man’s experience, but here is what we did today:

Quick disclaimer at 0530, then mosey around through the playground to the turnaround to meet Teach for COP:

SSH x 30 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

Sun Gods x 15 forward and backwards IC

Rash stretch

Downward Dog to Cobra several times

Then we grabbed the Bertha’s and mosied to the street corner for the THANG:

Lt Dan’s as a group ascending to 10 reps

Then divide into groups for a circuit of 3 exercises:

#1: carry the Bertha’s up the sidewalk to the fire station and back down

#2: At the playground retaining wall, Walking Derkins with feet on the retaining wall going up the wall (to the right), Duck Walk down and back and then Walking Derkins going down the wall (to the left), repeat until the Bertha group is finished

#3: run backwards up the sledding hill and forwards down, then do 5 burpees. Repeat until relieved by the Derkin group

Then retrieve the Bertha’s and bring them back to the turnaround for a set of Outlaws x 10 IC each direction

Return with Bertha’s to the shovel flag. Name-o-rama, COT, BOM as we gave praise for the great weather and prayed for Bo as he travels to help Hurricane Florence victims. Thanks to Mariah for bringing the Bertha’s! Thank you for the push this morning men!




Pre-Blast 9.20.18: Whine Man’s Hill One Year Of Memories

AO: Wyman Woods Park

Who: All PAX who have enjoyed a Whine Man’s Hill workout and any FNG’s

What: A mix of exercises that have become a part of Whine-Man’s Hill lore and maybe a little something different. Wear gloves and be prepared for something unexpected


9/6 Whine Man’s Hill Backblast

AO: Whine Man’s Hill (Wyman Woods)

When: 0530-0615

QIC: Rowdy

PAX: Schembechler, Grovetucky, Rash, Shoot, Mariah, Hack, Ball Bearing, Specs, Ariel, Steak.

Disclaimer was given


Cotton Pickers

Good Mornings

Willie Mays Hayes

Rash stretch

Downward dog / Upward dog


Mosey to Hill for The Thang

Partner up for 10 rounds of rotating grass hill sprints (everyone holds Plank while groups finish before starting next set)

  1. Al Gores
  2. Air Squats
  3. Big Boy sit-ups to Standing
  4. American Hammers
  5. Leaps (jump knee-up to chest)
  6. Bonnie Blair’s
  7. Crunches
  8. Oblique heel taps; feet flat on ground
  9. Oblique heel taps; feet in tabletop
  10. Plank

“Clock Merkins on Hill” mosey halfway up the grass hill for the following alignments:

12 O’clock: Catalina 5x

3 O’clock: Merkin 10x

6 O’clock: Alternating Shoulder Taps in Plank 20x

9 O’clock: Merkin 10x

12 O’clock: Bruce and the Cait 10x

3 O’clock: Merkin 10x

6 O’clock: Plank Jacks in Down 20x

9 O’clock: Merkin 10x 

Mosey to Sidewalk

“Walk Like An Egyptian” lunge walk Indian run; everyone hold at bottom until 6 has cleared.

“Duck and Weave” everyone Duck walks as 6 weaves through to front

Indian run mosey to “flag”

Schembechler: Freddy Mercuries

Shoot: Big O’s and leg press to air

Grovetucky: Superman’s

Rash: Imperial Walkers

Steak: Hammy Stretch (in cadence, count of one)

Name-O-Rama, COT, Balls led us in BOM

Pre-Blast 09.05.18 – Marching Ants

Where: Jones Middle School (aka: Camp Willis)
When: 0530-0615
Who: All PAX, Fartsackers, One/Two hit FNG wonders
QIC: Mariah

EH someone to come out. Ants are strong, and if they’re not they’re fast and busy. Some are both. We’ll be busy ants. Bring your coupons over 20lbs. We have many on site already (12). If you have an extra block or kettle bell over 20lbs drop it on the East side of the track before we mosey. If you’re a One/Two hit FNG wonder get better at showing up starting tomorrow. Be like Steak (he’s a HIM now).

Back Blast 09.01.2018

QIC: Ball Bearing

PAX: Mariah, Bo Schembechler, Hack, Steak, Wildebeest, Grovetucky, Francis

What happens when you post a kind of vague message offering an alternative to the usually run heavy workouts at the Van before anyone has posted a plan? Your alternative becomes the plan and you realize on the way that you accidentally Q’d yourself .

The thang: Did some warm-ups and stretching in the parking lot with some SSH’s, cotton pickers, good mornings, Teach, downward dogs and more.

Took a short walk to the picnic shelter and gave the breakdown of movements for the morning. It was supposed to be 4 minute tabata rounds of various movments with a kettlebell, or block or 70lb sand bag if you’re well rested and paying penance like Bo, for 20 second rounds with 10 second rests. What it turned into was 8 rounds of 20 second movement and 10 second rest. (Gotta work a little more on figuring out the timer app.)

Did: Deadlifts, Rows, Goblet Squats, Curl to Press, Tricep extensions, Elf on the Shelf and American Hammers.

Walked back to parking lot and finished with a round of Kettlebell swings and a short round of Mary’s before the COT.

Having a bum knee right now is tough, but trying to stay in the habit of getting up and out of the house in the morning is good for me. I’ve come a long way from when I first started coming to F3 and last year never thought I’d be in a place where I just accidentally pick up a Q. It’s a great ride and if you’re reading this, but aren’t coming out then I’m going to encourage you too. Even if you just want to follow for a while you’ll find that you can lead and the men in this Pax are very forgiving and eager to help you grow.

-Ball Bearing

Iron Pax 8.22 Back Blast

QIC: IRON PAX (F3 Greenwood)

PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Rowdy, O’Doyle, Rash, Bootleg (RESPECT), Schrute, Hack, Grovetucky, Tecumpsa, Ball Bearing, Bo Schembechler, FNG (Choclate-Shake), FNG (Skull), FNG (Steak) (RESPECT)

The Pax told to BYOB for the beatdown. Gathering in the gloom with 3 new faces. We made plans to perform on track or field for personal preference. Mariah lead a brief COP with some SSH, Cotton Pickers, Good Mornings, and some other movements to get us prepared to hustle.

We performed the challenge for 30 min & completed name-o-rama and BOM following the beatdown right there on the field.

Later Hack Shared through closed channels his accomplishments over the past few months and the awesome transformation he has had by getting after it! Keep it up!


Back Blast – The Theatre 8.11.2018

6 PAX – Gimpy, crash, Dimon, Bumper, Queen, and a FNG.

Gathered around Bumpers F3 flag, and saw a FNG ride up on a bike. Made some quick introductions and waited for Dimon.

Dimon rolled in right on time. So we got started.

Grabed some bricks and walked to the bottom of the hill. Left them there and mosey’ed to the dock for some warmup.
Warm up:
SSH x25
CP x 15
Good mornings
Teach stretch
Overhead claps

The Thang:
Lap around the lake with 8 stops at each stop we did:
10x merikans
20x jump lunges
10x Superman
10x planking choice for a 10 count.

Mosey to the hill where the bricks were eagerly awaiting us.
3 sets
Bear crawl dragging the brick up the hill
5 burpees
Down the hill
25 lcbs

Plank till the 6 is done

Plank series, right hand down plank touch low foot to hand in the air elbow for a 10 count.
swap sides do it again.

Walk the bricks back to the top.

Did Namorama, Then got some back ground and named Jewel.

COT and Queen let us out with a prayer.

Good job fellas.