FALLING DOWN – 12.07.17: Pre-Blast


AO: Whineman’s Hill (aka: Wyman Woods Park – Grandview)
When: 0530-0615
Who: ALL PAX and FNGs

FALLING DOWN: Frustrated with the flaws you see in society and want to lash out psychotically and violently against them? Well, with the exception of the psycho (Francis) we already have in our PAX this won’t be about that. However, it will be about “falling down”. What do you do after you fall down? Come find out. It’s leg day.

QIC: Mariah

Back-Blast 10-27-2017: Keeping You Warm

AO: Whine Man’s Hill (Wyman Woods Park)

QIC: Jumper

When: 0530-0615

Weather: Cold, but not cold enough for the HIM of F3Columbus

PAX: Grovetucky, Crossgrain, Tony Packo, Mariah, Mogul, Bo Schembechler, Buzz Lightyear, Francis, Guppy  Continue reading “Back-Blast 10-27-2017: Keeping You Warm”

Pre-Blast 10-26-2017: Keeping You Warm 

AO: Whine Man’s Hill (Wyman Woods Park)

When: 0530-0615

Who: MEN

QIC: Jumper

What: Core, legs, and whatever else keeps the PAX warm.

Back Blast 10/19/17 Conditioning

AO: Whine Man Hill (aka Wyman Woods Park)

QIC: Ahhh (VQ)

PAX: Teach, Mogul, Mariah, Jumper, Guppy, Slash, Bo Schembechler, Grovetucky, 316, Ahhh

The PAX filtered in and we promptly began at 5:32. We forgot the disclosure, so thank goodness no one was hurt. Continue reading “Back Blast 10/19/17 Conditioning”

WMH 10.12.17 Back-Blast

What: Whine Man’s Hill (Wyman Woods Park)

QIC: Skipper

PAX: Mariah, Creepers, Mogul, Crossgrain,  Rip-cord, Savanah (respect), Teach, Bo Schembechler, Guppy, Grovetucky

The PAX assembled and at 0530 promptly received the disclosure! The LAX boarded the boat and skipper made the calls beginning with a moseyed around the park to start the warm up. Immediately into C.O.P.
Windmills x ic 20
Imperial walkers x ic 20
Cotton pickers x ic 20
Teach stretch Continue reading “WMH 10.12.17 Back-Blast”

Back-Blast 10.5.17: Quad Burner

AO: “Whine Man” Hill (aka Wyman Woods, Grandview)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Tony Packo, Jumper, Mariah, Bo Schembechler, Ahhh, Guppy, Teach, Skipper, Ball Bearing, Crossgrain, FNG (Daycare), Rip Cord, Mogul, Pitt, Savannah

Disclaimer was given promptly at 0530 as a few of the PAX came hot into the parking lot. Then a long mosey around the park back to the shovel flag for COP Continue reading “Back-Blast 10.5.17: Quad Burner”

Pre-Blast “Whine Man’s Hill”


Who: PAX (60+ men that have experienced F3) & Men of Columbus Ohio (Dudes going at it alone) Both are welcome, Both will get out what they’re willing to put in, and Both will own the hill!

What: Grandview Heights has a place that causes grown men to grumble, whine, and despair. Tomorrow at 0530 those men that whine will own the hill! It is “Whine Man’s Hill” because it doesn’t own us. Gather in the Gloom and find out exactly how much you’ve grown.

When: Thursday 9.28 : 0530-0615

Where: Whine Man’s Hill (wyman woods park)

Weather: 71 degrees of pain (dry)


Bo Schembechler