Camp Willis Back Blast 3/12/18

Sweet 16 Workout, aka Spring Forward, aka Spring Break, aka Back in Black

AO: Camp Willis

VQIC: @rash

PAX: @Maria, @schembechler, @crossxgrain, @bootleg, @dimon, @teach, @brain, @jumper, @teach

Warmup with a Monday morning stretch routine:  Down dog/calf stretch, cross leg hammy stretch, quad stretch, Rash stretch, sungods


1/4 lap run and plank after each exercise

16 Bleacher climbs

16 Hand release pushups

16 Long jumps

16 Dive bomber pushups

16 Rotating box jumps

16 Chin ups

16 Squat jumps

16 Burpees

16 Lateral shuffles

16 Diamond pushups

16 Jump knee tucks

16 Burp-O’s

Mosey back to flag, for 16 Merkins, 16 WW1’s, 16 Am Hams, and 16 Crunchy Frogs




Columbus Day 10.9 Back-Blast


What: The Bear @F3Campwillis (Jones Middle School)

When: Monday (Columbus Day) 10.9.17 0530-0615

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Grovetucky, Wisdom, Slash, 3-16, Ball Bearing, Mogul, Crossgrain, Ahhh

Some early mumble chatter began prior to the flag being planted. Crossgrain & YHC tossing around the idea of sitting for 45 mins with a hot coffee and fellowship. This was quickly replaced by a flag being planted in the dirt! At 0530 YHC gave the full disclaimer for all to hear, followed by a call to mosey, as the PAX moved at a steady pace down Arlington Ave, YHC notices “balls” rolling in hot. We pressed on down to the 5way and turned picking up each guy on the way back past the flag to assemble on the side of Jones. Continue reading “Columbus Day 10.9 Back-Blast”