Back-Blast: MIND GAMES – 12.04.17

AO: Camp Willis (aka: Jones Middle School)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: (12) Jumper, Ball Bearing, Rash, Tony Paco, Grovetucky, Ahhh, Teach, Mariah, Bootleg, Dimon, Mogul, Schembechler

Brief announcement that it’s my birthday and that we’ll do things a little different. PAX calls the cadence and YHC calls the count. Hence the Mind Games theme I’m not so good at keeping track of where we are and start over, skip numbers, start over again, etc.
SSH x (nobody knows) Grovetucky raised cadence volume to end it. Good try. No dice.
Imperial Walkers x (?)
Cotton Pickers x (?)
Teach Stretch
Peter Parkers x (?)

Mosey to steps…

My masterful plan for Mind Games chaos on the stadium steps was foiled by the ice, rats. For safety we quickly changed the script on the fly. 80yd Bear Crawl, Lunge back. Team up in groups of 3.

Each group of 3 would do relay sprints for approx. 50 YDS, take up plank while partner 2 ran back to partner 3, repeat. Nobody knew how long this would last. Approx 10+sprints ea. Move out to 100 YDS and continue approx 6 sprints ea.

Mogul’s idea previewed here. Surely we’ll see more at a later date… Indian run around the track where last 2 men fall out and do 4 burpees each then sprint to the front, repeat. We did 3 laps around the track.

COP: (again?)
Groundhog day deja vu… announcement that it’s my birthday and we’ll do things a little different… PAX is understanding the Mind Games now. They do cadence…
SSH x (?)
Merkins x (?)
Peter Parkers x (?)
8 Count Body Builders x (? – a lot)

Mosey back toward flag circle up for one last COP following the announcement again… pax does cadence on a chaotic count of flutterkicks x (?)

AYG to flag. Jumper blazed the way… Glad I got to Q for my 40th birthday. Appropriately feeling a little squeaky from a weekend GORUCK Tough, or maybe my new old age. Heck, they even sang to me. I was just glad things came together because at 5:30 there were only about 4 of us there until the others poured in during the mosey. Thanks for making it out guys.

YHC: Mariah

FALLING DOWN – 12.07.17: Pre-Blast


AO: Whineman’s Hill (aka: Wyman Woods Park – Grandview)
When: 0530-0615
Who: ALL PAX and FNGs

FALLING DOWN: Frustrated with the flaws you see in society and want to lash out psychotically and violently against them? Well, with the exception of the psycho (Francis) we already have in our PAX this won’t be about that. However, it will be about “falling down”. What do you do after you fall down? Come find out. It’s leg day.

QIC: Mariah

Mind Games – 12.04.17: Pre-Blast


AO: Camp Willis (aka: Jones Middle School)
When: 0530-0615
Who: ALL PAX and FNGs

MIND GAMES: A 40th Birthday Q! The mind is the first to go. I’ll be showing signs of going senile. Just treat it as therapy to realize that it’s not what you’ve done that matters, it’s what you’re doing that does.

QIC: Mariah

Back Blast – 12-2-2017

AO: Antrim Park “The Theater”

QIC: Kournikova (Respect)

Pax: T Cruise, Wildebeast, Grovetucky, Savannah (Respect) Van Damme (Respect), Dimon,  Crash, Bo Schembechler, Ahhh, Jumper, Guppy,

29 degrees and frosty!

Pax moseyed to deck at the lake for hamstring and quad stretching followed by sun gods.  We utilized the benches for incline merkins X 20, decline merkins X 20, dips X20 and step ups X60.


Pax then moseyed to the next routine area on the soccer field with a backward run up the hill and a run to the farthest cone.

Routine 1:  Timed routine of 20 minutes.  4 cones were spaced 25 yards a part in a straight line.  The Pax were then instructed to do a suicide run beginning with walking merkins X 3, burpees X 5, jump squats X 10, and side straddle hops X 20.  Rinse and repeat until time was up.

Routine 2:  Pax gathered in a tight circle for some solid core building.  Pax planked while each person was instructed to shove the person next to them until off balance, to help build stabilizing muscles.  The Pax completed 5 minutes of planks followed by 50 LBC’s.

Routine 3:  Pax paired up for three sets  X 20 of box jumps over planked partner.

Routine 4:  Pax moseyed to hill at the bottom of the soccer field for an eight minute routine that consisted of squats X 10 with a bear walk up the hill and a crab walk down the hill.

Pax moseyed to hill where Bo Schembechler gave an inspirational speech and Widebeast took us out in prayer.

An Honor as Usual,


Back-Blast 11-29-2017: Hump Day Hustle

QIC: Jumper

When: 0530-0615

PAX: Bo, Mariah, Mogul, Francis, Ahhh, Ball Bearing, Bootleg, Dimon, Grovetucky

The Thang:

YHC arrived at The Theatre at 0528. Dimon soon appeared so it was understood to be 0530. Called PAX to grab block and mosey to tennis courts.

Sat blocks down and moseyed around tennis courts. Finished the mosey by circling up by the blocks.

– SSH x 25 IC

– Sun gods x 20 IC (forward and reverse)

– Fat man twists OYO

Grab blocks…


– Curls x 20 IC

– Front lateral raises x 20 IC

– Tricep extensions x 20 IC


– American Hammers x 25 IC

– LBCs x 25 IC

– Plank in Motion x 1 min

Mosey around tennis courts…


– American Hammers x 25 IC

– LBCs x 25 IC

– Group flutter kicks x 10 sec for each PAX

Mosey around tennis courts…

– Burpees x 10 OYO

– Mountain Climbers x 30 IC

Grab blocks and…

– Curls x 20 IC

– Military presses x 20 IC

Mosey around tennis courts…

– WWI x 20

– Group planks x 10 sec for each PAX

– Military presses x 20 IC

– Catalina Wine Mixers x 20 IC

Called PAX to mosey back to flag with blocks in hand. YHC was feeling sick so I called for Ahhh to finish our final few minutes with the exercises of his choice. Under Ahhh’s leadership, PAX pumped out 75 SSH and plenty of merkins. 0615 came and time was called. Count and Name-o-Rama were done. Bo reminded PAX of the FNG/Kotter day coming up on December 9th. Important day for the PAX to reach out, be committed and be encouraging. BOM as YHC lead the men out in prayer, particularly surrounding Ahhh’s placement relating to dental school and the encouragement we provide one another by continually showing up even when we don’t feel 100%. Good work gents. Way to hustle.

– Jumper

Pre-Blast 11/29/2017 – Hump Day Hustle

Where: THE Theatre (aka Antrim Park 5800 Olentangy River Road)

When: 0530-0615

Who: You! PAX n FNGs

What: Not running. Working the upper body and core #humpdayhustle