Back Blast The Theater 7.14.2018

AO: The Theatre

QIC: Group Q – each PAX had input.

PAX: Crash, Dimon, Ripcord, Creepers.

Met up near the play ground, we got started a 5 min late waiting to who showed up.

Then we got to it.

Moseyed to the dock
Sun gods
Good Mornings x10 IC
Cotton Pickers x20 IC
Can opener / teach stretch

Into the first main event (how awesome is that we had more than one main event)

Count down !!
So the idea here is run from the dock and around the loop, in the parking lot,  then do 30 of each movement plank till everyone is done, run then do 20 of each plank till everyone is done, run then do 10 plank till everyone is done. Each PAX had input on to what movements we were doing. No one said burpee’s so at least there’s that.

4 PAX so 4 movements
Merikans  – Ripcod
Dips  – Diamon
Mountain climbers – Creepers
LBCs – Crash

Got done with that pretty quick then a mosey around the lake with stops.

1. Jumping lunges x20
2. Superman’s x30
3. Jumping squats x30
4. Burpees x10

The mosey back to the parking lot.

Grabbed some blocks and Dimond pushed us through some lunges. Lines here are between parking spots on the closed off part of the parking lot in front of the tennis courts.

Lung 4 lines
Merikans feet on the blocks x10
Back lung 4 lines
Merikans hands on the blocks x10
Lunge 4 lines
Flat presses x10
Back lunge 5 lines
Merikans 1 hand on 1 hand off the block. x10

Then back to the start.
Over head lunge 4 lines
Flat presses x10
Back lunge 4 lines
Lbcs with block on chest x20
Overhead lunge 4 lines
Merikans hammers x20
Back lunge 5 lines
Merikans 1 hand on 1 hand off the block x10

Head to the play set to finish out with some flutter kick protractor around 2x and plank series around 2x

Name-o-rama, COT, BOM. Dimon lead us out with a prayer.

Off to coffeteria!

Whine Man’s Hill Back Blast: 07.12.18

AO: Wyman Woods Park

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mogul, Regulator, Matlock, Bo Schembechler, Mariah, Brain, Pepper (F3 Dayton)

PAX assembled on-time at the shovel flag. Disclaimer was given, not perfect, but better than Monday. Then mosey around playground back to shovel flag for COP:

SSH x 25 IC

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

Willie Mays Hayes x 15 IC

Various stretches (Downward/Upward Dog, Runner’s stretch, Teach stretch, Rash stretch)

Mosey to playground for the THE THANG:

4 groups of two, 3 stations. Begin at a station and perform exercises until Bertha’s arrive, then take Bertha’s to next station, give Bertha’s to group at that station and perform exercises until Bertha’s arrive again :

Station 1 at Playground:

Burpee broadjumps over retaining wall and back x 10 (20 burpees)

20 step-ups each leg

repeat until relieved by Bertha’s

Station 2 at grass hill:

run up hill x 1, then run up hill backwards x 1, then 10 merkins

repeat until relieved by Bertha’s

Station 3 at the street corner:

Leg Blasters (10 squats, lunges x 5 each leg, Mary Catherine’s x 5 each leg, Jump squats x 5) then WWI’s x 10

repeat until relieved by Bertha’s

The PAX completed 2 full circuits

Then form two lines of 4 for Indian Run with Bertha’s back to the flag.

Leg Climbers x 10 each leg

Am Hams x 20 IC

Name-o-rama, COT, BOM. Bo led us out as we prayed for Ball Bearings family. Savannah’s surgery went well as we continue to pray for his speedy recovery. Humbled to lead this morning!





Camp Willis – Tortoise and the Turtle (or Rabbit and the Hare) Back Blast

AO: Camp Willis (Jones M.S.)

Who: Q – Ball Bearing, Bo Schembechler, Mariah, Bootleg, Grovetucky, Rash, Mogul, Crossgrain, Regulator, Hack, Rowdy, Matlock

What: Got up extra early for this mornings Q with a little help from the kids trying to play bedroom shuffles at 0430 and headed out the door to be the first to post for the morning .

As the Pax arrived I gave the worst disclaimer in the history of disclaimers and we moseyed over to the track.

Quick round of warmups (good mornings, cotton pickers, Teach, Rash, Yoga’s (downward, plank, merkins, chumbawumbas) SSH (I wrote down to do them, but I think I forgot).

Did some short basic KB work (Goblet squats, one arm rows, one arm press, chest loaded swing, shoulder Halo, Hip Halo (note to save those for the fall when we’re less sweaty and less likely to throw them at the other Pax), around the leg pass and single arm squat to press)

I had a plan for Friday to do a ruck workout, but that was scrapped. I liked that plan and modified from carrying rucks to farmer carries with the Kettle bells.

Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS. Partner up and one man walks and farmer carries both kettlebell while the other does a set of movements then sprints to catch his partner.

5x Burpees (50 total); 10x Outlaws (Big O’s or Block O’s if you can’t dig the paper out of your pocket quickly enough to get the name correct) (100 total); 15x Merkins (150 total); 20x Big Boy Situps (200 total); 25x Squats (250 total). Noticed during the movements we were going to run out of time so called the last round to finish on the way back to the flag. Called time at 0615 and balled up.

Thanks again to all of you for following my lead. As always I am encouraged by each of you and appreciate the push and the pull to keep moving forward.


7/11 Antrim band of brothers

Upper body core day

@dimon @headsup @wildebeest

Short mosey around tennis courts

Ssh, cotton pickers, abe begodas, sungods, stretching  all on bball court.

Inchworm endline to endline on crt (walk hand plank out then walk feet in to hands then hands out…like a inchworm)

Burpee broad jumps x 25 on tennis court

Bearcrawl 1 crt lunge 2nd bearcrawl 3rd

To the blocks: emom

Merkins x 20 with plank hold for remainder of minute x 5 minutes

Curls x 30 with block holds for remainder of min for 5 minutes

Situps (not lbc) x 20 then feet off grnd for remainder of min x 5 min

Front raises with block x 20 witb block plank for remainder x 3min

American hammer twists with block x 20 x 2min

1minute of 20 merkins and curls (30) to complete 1 min

Short stretch of shoulders.

Circled up and prayed for our days!

The Tortoise and the Hare at The Bear Pre-Blast 07.11.2018

AO: Camp Willis (Jones M.S.)

Who: All PAX, HIM’s, and FNG’s


What: Remember that time I said you should all come out on a Friday when so many of us fartsacked the 5th of July? With a little modifications that plan isn’t going to be wasted.



Brick City : “Circuit of Trust”: Pre-Blast

QIC: Crossgrain

Invitation to any and all men… As discussed in our COT (circle of trust) this morning at 0615. “Most Leaders can (and do) have many faults, but no man will follow another man very far if he does not trust him. A leader who breaches the Trust of his followers through disloyalty has (in most nations) committed the capital crime of treason.” –F3 Qsource

What: 45 mins of good ‘ol fashion movement. Burning Calories & Building Muscle -Crossgrain

When: Tuesday 0530-0615

Where: Battelle Riverfront Park: a 25 Marconi Blvd. Downtown Columbus, Oh


The Bear Back Blast 7.9.18: Wimbledon

AO: Camp Willis (a.k.a. Jones M.S.)

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mogul, Rowdy, Wildebeast, Regulator (FNG), Hack, Rash, Gimpy, Brain, Dimon, Ball Bearing, Bootleg, Mariah, Bo Schembechler

YHC awoke earlier than usual and made final preparations for the beatdown including a review of Bo’s memo regarding the proper disclaimer.  A large PAX assembled around the shovel flag and the disclaimer was given in full (not quite to Bo and Mariah’s satisfaction!)

Mosey to the tennis courts for COP:

SSH x 30 IC

Good Mornings x 20 IC

Willie Mays Hays x 20 IC

Sun Gods x 10 forwards, x 10 backwards IC

Overhead claps x 10 IC

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

Teach and Rash stretch

Then the PAX divided into groups of 2 for THE THANG:

Since the work-out was titled Wimbledon, YHC felt we needed a tennis themed portion of the work-out called Rush the Net:

start at one baseline, sprint to the net, backward lunge to baseline x 2 sets

repeat with backward duck walk x 2 sets

repeat with forward lunge x 2 sets

Next partners line-up at endline of court 1. PAX 1 runs to endline of court 4, then does 10 jump squats and runs back court 1 as PAX 2 does AMRAP Walking Merkins. Then switch. Each PAX does 2 sets. Then repeat for 2 sets with 20 monkey humpers at court 4 and AMRAP of Mogul’s plank exercises (sans Catalina Mixer’s)

Then divide into groups of 3 for relay sprints from court 1 endline to court 4 endline. Star jumps when not sprinting. All PAX got at least 6 sprints in.

Then the MAIN EVENT:

Bear Crawl Burpee Ladder. On Court 1, Bear Crawl from endline to endline and do 1 burpee, Bear Crawl back and do 2 burpees. All the way up to 10 burpees (modification for bear crawl = crab walk). Mogul and Dimon passed 10 before YHC, so they began a descending ladder of burpees.

A quick “rest” of LBC’s x 20 IC

Broad Jump Inch Worm from fence to fence

Mosey to shovel flag for 5 burpees OYO

Name-o-rama, COT, BOM. We welcomed and named a FNG (Regulator). Wildebeast led us out as we prayed for Ball-Bearing who’s father-in-law passed yesterday. Thanks to the PAX for the push this morning as we resume normal activities following the July 4th week. I’m humbled to lead such a great group of men!!