3.8 inaugural Thursday Antrim park (naming day)

Pre-blast for inaugural Thursday theater Antrim post:
All who are interested in moving in the dark.

We will circle around the lake with periodic stops for some pure core upper body beat downs. Bring a headlamp or flashlight if you have one.
It will be fast…but we will also stay together.
See you at 0530! We will take off right at 0530…if you are coming in hot…just come find us! You will catch up.


Back Blast -Brick City 3.7.18

AO: Brick City (Battelle Riverfront Park)

QIC: Ball Bearing (VQ round 2. More Pax less police this time)

PAX: Bo Schembechler ; Cross Grain

Lots of nerves about an actual legitimate VQ the night before and nearly ended up coming in hot or fartsacking entirely because the Q didn’t change the alarm the night before for an earlier wakeup. No worries though as I was pulled from slumber by the sounds of my 3 year old shuffling into our room 15 minutes before I needed to wake up anyway.

Met up at the flag and started with some cotton pickers, hangers, Teach stretches and one legged quad stretches with some extra hops thrown in for good measure or bad balance.

Instructed the PAX to sack up and start moving down near the river.

Stopped and removed the bags for some wall sits with the bag out front and over head. Repeat x 3. Lots of praise and thanks thrown out to Ball Bearing Jr for pushing dad out of bed and into the gloom.

Moved to the benches and climbed up. Left the bags on the ground, squatted down and brought them up to the chin for 3 sets of 10. Cement walls, big butts and narrow benches made for some balance challenges, but we made it through.

Climbed to the top of the wall and tried some kettle bag swings X 10. Banging the bag and weight plate on the wall almost forced the Q to improvise a quick sprint when it was pointed out that there may be some damage to the concrete. A quick check showed that it was only a scuff and we climbed down from the wall for the next part.

At the bottom of the hill the pax was instructed to drop the bags and line up for Bear and Bags (Bears and Bricks according to the F3 Exicon). Bags at your feet and assume the bear crawl position. Drag the bag up the hill past your hands and then crawl until the bag is at your feet. Repeat until you reach the top of the hill then back down and do it again 4 more times.

Moved to the stairs for some calf raises on the bottom step. Turns out that wasn’t good enough for the Pax so it turned in 10 calf raises each step all the way up the stairs.

Cramp walked our way back to the flag for the BOM.

Thanked the Lord for the time to get together and get better with each other and offered prayers for Bo’s family.

I was reminded too late that this was one of the first Pax to get together after Bo found himself at an F3 workout last January and how we would meet at the Y gym and help to figure out what this thing was going to look like.

I’m amazed at what you all have built, I’ve been a part but to a much lesser extent to this point. I’m encouraged by the relationships that have formed from this and I’m looking to finally fully committing to showing up as many mornings as I can to get better with an impressive group of men. I keep telling myself that I’m old fat and slow right now, but my goal by the end of the year is to just be old.

My V-Q is in the books and I’m finally over the hump. Hopefully more to come, but I’m hoping to Q at the Van or Camp Willis for a Memorial Day Murph. There is a man I share a name with who gave everything and is honored by people all over with an insane workout named in his honor.

Thanks again for the encouragement and the push to get better.


Back Blast 3.7.18 The Theatre

38 degrees pax starts to show.  We have an FNG Eric (Head’s Up)

AO: The Theatre

QIC: Bootleg

PAX: Wildebeest, Ahh, Dimon, Jumper, Brain, Bootleg, FNG Head’s Up!

We plant the flag and begin (dimon comes in hot!)

30x SSH IC

25x Cotton Pickers IC

Sungods 30 sec each direction

Teach stretch 30 sec each side

Hurdler Stretch 30 sec Hamstring 30 sec Quad x2

Mosey around the tennis court

The Thang

We start with Burpee Dan’s – 4 lunges then 1 Burpee x10 (40 lunges 46 burpee’s)

You all have heard of the Dougie Dance I like to The Lukie (my 2.0)

Start in a deep squat hold 30 sec- then 30 sec of short up downs- then squat 30 sec  x 2

Then we did plank to start walk out 3 steps, three Merkins x 5  Then another Lukie  Then 5 more plank Merkins back to the flag and finish with another Lukie.

WWI x25 IC

LBC’s x75 IC

Merkins AYG for 3 Minutes

Then we moved to the parking lot for aggasis on ten lines OYO

I Band stretch

Back to the flag for Mary’s

NOR we named Eric our FNG

Circled up and  I thanked everyone for allowing me to lead them and for the daily push they give me to be better in life.  Jumper thank GOD for our F3 growth and led us out in prayer.


Back Blast: Camp Willis NOW OPEN for Wednesdays 03.07.18

AO: Camp Willis (Jones M.S)

QIC: Mariah with hand-off to Mogul (mainly) and Grovetucky (a little)

PAX: Rash, Francis, Mariah, Mogul, Grovetucky

Meet at normal Camp Willis meeting spot

Mosey to far end of bleachers for COP:

SSH x 20 IC

Side Toe Touches x 15 IC

Dry Docks x 10 IC

Mountain Climber IC followed by 2 burpees OYO, repeat for a set of 5

Various arm raises as follows

Arms down with thumbs up, bring arms straight forward above the head x 10

Repeat with thumbs down x 10

Repeat thumbs up on the way up, thumbs down on the way down x 10

Repeat all three exercises x 10, but bring arms out and up like an overhead clap

Partner-up for the following:

5 merkins, slap partners right hand. then bear crawl 5 paces backwards, 5 paces forwards. Repeat for a total of 5 sets, alternating hand slaps

PAX #1 on six, Pax #2 with knees on PAX #1’s feet, PAX #1 does 10 Big-boy sit-ups, then 10 duck-hunting sit-ups (bring opposite elbow to PAX#2’s target hand). Each PAX does 2 sets

PAX#1 planks and PAX#2 does 10 dips using PAX#1’s back. Each PAX does 2 sets. Then use planking PAX for glute bridge x 1 set of 10.

Mosey to bleachers for Walking Derkins x 10 to the left and x 10 to the right

Mosey one lap around the track, then pick up the pace for another lap, then to the tennis courts for MARY led by Mogul:

X’s and O’s x 20

Bicycles x 20 forward x 20 backwards

Leg climbers x 15 each leg

Oblique (side) crunches x 15 each side

American Hammers x 20 IC

Reverse crunches x 25

Mosey one lap around the track, then to the shovel flag.

Join us on Wednesday’s at Camp Willis, plan to launch kettlebell work in 2 weeks!







3.7 Pre-Blast “The Theatre”

AO: The Theater  Antrim Park
When: 0530-0615
Who: All Pax and FNGs, friends and neighbors, manly and/or aspiring manly men of Columbus
QIC: Bootleg

Get ready for some new tricks I found while rum-running!  This will be a workout that can be scaled to all abilities and push even Mariah and Wildebeest! Prepare for lots of AYG. Should be great workout weather in the mid thirties

3.6 back blast…three…six…

0530-0615 at brick city
Crossgrain, ball bearing, and Francis.

Mosey to parking garage. Mosey up all floors 8 in total.

Merkins x3 and x6
Squats x3 and x6
Hand release burpees x3 and x6
Jumping lunges x6 and x6
Sprints down parking garage.
BurpOs x3 and x6

Mosey to bench

Incline Merkins
Box jumps.

Stretch the last 5 minutes.

Pre-Blast: Camp Willis NOW OPEN for Wednesdays 03.07.18


AO: Camp Willis (aka Jones Middle School)
When: 0530-0615
Who: All Pax and FNGs, friends and neighbors, manly and/or aspiring manly men of UA and Grandview.
QIC: Mariah

Yes, it’s true… Camp Willis is NOW OPEN on Wednesdays destroying manicures and growing calluses 2-days/wk – (except for Grovetucky, seriously, always wear your gloves Doc). For the next 2 weeks this will be a body weight workout for core and with some upper body and overall chassis building. In the next 2 weeks it will transition into a kettle bell workout with the same goal. Headlock a friend for some foundation building work.

3.7 Brick City Pre-Blast

When 0530 – 0615

Where brick city downtown Columbus corner of broad and Marconi across from city hall

QIC – Ball Bearong

Who all PAX and any FNGs. (All men)

The plan…

When you make a suggestion like “We should make it a ruck style workout” then be prepared to get feedback like “Perfect! You lead it and I’ll do whatever you say!” That’s you end up with your VQ before you felt like you we’re ready for it.

Here it is. Bring a weighted back pack and be prepared to move. If you dont have one you’ll still get a lot out of it.  This is going to be stupid hard or stupid easy. Either way it’s in the gloom and time to get better.