You vs. You – 02.05.18: Pre-Blast

AO: Camp Willis (aka: Jones Middle School)
When: 0530-0615
Who: ALL PAX and FNGs

This is a run day. It’s YOU vs YOU. Run, rest, run. We will cover just 2miles in 45min.

QIC: Mariah

02.03.2018 (down by the river) @The Van

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Wildebeest, Grovetucky, Kotter (3-16)

Where: The Van aka Griggs resivour

Arriving at 0525 to the sight of a familiar but rarely seen truck, 4 vehicles gather and @0530 the disclaimer is shared, and YHC begins.

Welcoming back 3-16 Continue reading “02.03.2018 (down by the river) @The Van”

2.1.18 shoulda..woulda..coulda.

Where @F3 whine mans Hill (Wyman woods park)

When 0530-0615

Who all PAX and FNGs welcome.

“Man, really shoulda went to F3 this morning”

“Guys, I woulda got better this morning, had I gone to F3”

“Holy crap, I totally coulda gone it was over before my day usually even starts”

All things we have heard before. Let’s get better tomorrow morning!

Back-Blast 01/30/2018 – A Smorgasbord?

AO: Brick City

When: 0530-0615

PAX: Mariah, Bo, Francis, Crossgrain, Ahhh

QIC: Jumper

Entered the gloom at 0526 and mumblechattered with Francis. At 0529, Francis and I saw 3 PAX approaching in the distance all rucked up. As they drew nearer, the American flag was seen to be flying proudly in the air above their heads. It was going to be a good morning. Continue reading “Back-Blast 01/30/2018 – A Smorgasbord?”

Pre-Blast 01/30/2018 – A Smorgasbord (google it), Made by Man for Man

AO: Brick City (The Scioto Mile; Batelle Riverfront Park, across the street from Hity Hall on Marconi St.)

Time: 0530-0615

QIC: Jumper

Who: PAX of Central Ohio

What: A smorgasbord of family-fun exercises designed to leave the men of central Ohio better than they were before they stepped into the gloom.

Back-Blast 01/29/2018 – The Recipe of the Gloom

AO: Camp Willis (Jones Middle School in Upper Arlington)

QIC: Jumper

PAX: FNG (Phoenix), Wilson (Double RESPECT), Bo, Mariah, Grovetucky, Crossgrain, Dimon, Ball Bearing, Wildebeest, Teach, Rash

Arrived on the scene at 0526 to see 5 or 6 PAX and an FNG participating in mumblechatter, a fitting appetizer for the morning’s meal. Continue reading “Back-Blast 01/29/2018 – The Recipe of the Gloom”

Back-Blast: WOLF PAX 01.27.18


AO: The Van (aka: Griggs Reservoir Park)
When: 0600-0700
PAX: Teach, Grovetucky, Tony Paco, Jumper, Mogul, Wildebeest, Mariah, BullFrog
QIC: Mariah

0600: YHC is surprised by the turnout and the presence of Wildebeest and Jumper as they were planning to travel north to the Winter Convergence in Cleveland, but plans changed early in the gloom. Looks like plan A is in effect with a full turnout. We took off for a long mosey nearly 1mile cutting up through the terrain of the park we haven’t been through yet and end up in a far parking lot. Continue reading “Back-Blast: WOLF PAX 01.27.18”

Pre-Blast 01/29/2018 – The Recipe of the Gloom

AO: Camp Willis (aka Jones Middle School in Upper Arlington)

QIC: Jumper

When: 0530-0615

Who: PAX, Kotters, and FNGs of Central Ohio.

What: A recipe guaranteed to rival your momma’s best dish (except with zero yummy food, and no momma)…The gloom will serve up as the main course–LEGS, with CORE and CAMARADERIE as the sides of choice.