COP Out Backblast 01/06/18: The Theatre

PAX: Crossgrain, Dimon, Kournikova (REPSECT), T. Cruise, Savanna (RESPECT)

QIC: Francis

YHC woke up at 5am unable to sleep and decided to charge a speaker and make a playlist for the Gloom. Pulling up to the parking lot Crossgrain had planted the shovelflag in a snow bank because the ground was too solid to pierce. Kournikova joked that YHCs Q’ing meant running, which did.

After a brief mumblechatter, the PAX warmed up with 10 SSH and a mosey to the dock.

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The Van (down by the river) Back-Blast 1.6.17

YHC, woke up to Zero Tire Pressure in the front tire of YHC’s machine. However, with a quick 20PSI YHC managed to hustle to the AO for the opening @0600

Pulling in along with 2 other sets of headlights YHC exited the machine to get THE VAN gassed up! Joining YHC in the ZERO DEGREE (-9* windchill) were a the mighty men of the PAX:

PAX: Spotlight, Mariah, Tony Packo, and Grovetucky

QIC: Bo Schembechler

After some brief mumble about the new AO, YHC decided to warm up the engine. Continue reading “The Van (down by the river) Back-Blast 1.6.17”

COP Out Pre Blast: 01/06/18: The Theatre

cop out

Come on out for a way to COP Out of your fartsack. (inspired by Mariah). A little running here and there, lets bring the heatwave!

Who: Men of Central Ohio, PAX and HIMs

When: Saturday 0700 – 0800

Where: “The Theatre” (Antrim Park 5800 Olentangy River Rd.)

QIC: Francis [Psycho]

The Van (pre-blast)

Fuel up the tank because tomorrow The Van will be fired up. Come to the (Down by the River) workout. Get their early so you don’t get swept down stream.

Who: Men of Central Ohio

What: good ol fashioned wintery Workin out

When: Saturday 0600-0700

Where: The Van (Griggs Resivour, Columbus Ohio)

QIC: Bo Schembechler

Back Blast: Side Straddle WHAT? – 01.04.18

AO: Wyman Woods (aka: Whine Man’s Hill)
When: 0530-0615
PAX: Schembechler, Mogul, Wildebeest, Crossgrain, Mariah, Grovetucky

Short mosey to save some time to immediate COP. Staying warm.

Mountain Climber IC x30
Imperial Walkers IC x20
Deep Lunge Reach to Sky/Twist IC x10 each leg
SSH Burpee (2 burpees every 5) IC x25
Slow 4 deep reach toe touch stretch
Toe Touch Close/Reach IC x30
SSH Jumps (chair pose arms to sides to jump hands overhead land in chair) IC x15

Line up in parking lot. 15 yard ape walks.
Side Ape Walk slow down, back other side
Front Ape Walk down and back
Horse Walk down and back (like walking Al Gore)

Circle back up
SSH Burpee IC x30
Toe Touch Close/Reach IC x30

Line up in lot. Approx 75yd run 11s.
Run down do 10 Mary Catherine’s (jumping lunges hands overhead) Every time right foot comes forward it’s 1.
Run back do 1 Burpee
Repeat back/forth until 10 Burpees/1 Mary Catherine
Finishers Run to loop and Glute Bridge for 6.

Circle back up
SSH Burpee IC x25
Toe Touch Close/Reach IC x20

Mosey back to lot line up. We talk about conductive heat loss and how we’ll keep our hands and feet off the ground.
We roll from Superman to Hollow Rock x10 down and back
Plank circles with a foot step x5

Mosey to flag for SSH Burpees IC x10
Count off, name-o-rama, COT


1.3.18 back-blast CORE.

Where – @F3 The theatre. (5800 Olentangy River Rd Antrim Park)

When – 0530-0615.

Who – mogul, Mariah, Bo Schembechler, crossgrain, spotlight, dimon, F.N.G (chicken little), savannah, wildebeest, bootleg

QIC – crossgrain

Met at 0530 had 9 PAX and 1 FNG. Q gave disclaimer and were off!

The thang!
Mosey to bottom of hill and back up for initial warm up.

Teach stretch
Hillbillies x20.
Good mornings x20 with blocks.
Side bends with block 15 each side.
Mosey to playground
Hanging knee raises x15 x2
Mosey to blocks
Good mornings x20 with blocks.
Spider man Merkins x10
LBCs with block x20
Leg raises with block x20
Good mornings x20 with blocks.
Shelf’s (block from right foot to waist to above head in air on left) x10 each side.
Put blocks away finished off with 2 minutes of burpees.

Circled up for name-a-Rama and count-a-Rama

Named our FNG “chicken little” ask him for the story behind it.

Balled up and Bo Schembechler led us out in prayer.

1.2.2018 new year…new me??? Back-blast.

6 pax members (mogul, Schembechler, spotlight, crossgrain, teach, and Mariah. came out this morning despite what the thermometer said. 1* was not going to keep us in the fart sack.

We met in front of battele riverfront park and began our thang!

SSH IC x50
Sungods 20 second forward and backward
Long mosey down into the park where teach found us doing squats.

20 merkins
5 burpees

Another long mosey this time heading out toward the city.

Stopped under the bridge where The QIC had a heavy heart toward the homeless on this extremely cold day.

20 squats
Wall sits
And some Mary.

Started doing squats and saw what looked like Mariah ended up doing 100 while waiting for him to join.

Took a run to some stairs and ran those for a couple laps.

10 burpees and ayg to the flag as time was about to expire.

Had name a Rama and count a rama called up for our COT Crossgrain led us out in prayer.