Back Blast 10-2 / The Longest Yard


The Mean Machine (Original) Quad

AO: Camp Willis

Time: 05:30 – 06:15

QIC: Bumper

Assembled at flag. Bumper, Teach, Grovetucky, 316, AHH, Crossgrain, Jumper, and 6 others. No FNG’s. Standard disclaimer. Pep talk. Start workout.

Side Straddle Hop x 10
Cotton Pickers x 20
Teach Can Openers both legs
Abe Vigodas x 15
Flamingos – both legs hold 15 seconds Continue reading “Back Blast 10-2 / The Longest Yard”

Back Blast 9.30.17: Rock n’ Roll

AO: “The Theatre” Antrim Park

When: 0700-0800

QIC: grovetucky

PAX: Bo Schembechler, Savannah, Bumper, Jumper, Guppy, Dimon, Crossgrain, Capsize, Tiger, FNG (Babe), Van-Damme

Upon arrival the PAX was instructed to grab a cinder block. The disclaimer was given at 0700 promptly. Then the PAX mosied to the tennis courts for COP. Continue reading “Back Blast 9.30.17: Rock n’ Roll”


The Mean Machine (Original) Quad

AO: Camp Willis

Time: 05:30 – 06:15

QIC: Bumper

Who: “Mean Machine” wannabes Continue reading “PRE-BLAST 10.2.17: THE LONGEST YARD”

Pre-Blast “Whine Man’s Hill”


Who: PAX (60+ men that have experienced F3) & Men of Columbus Ohio (Dudes going at it alone) Both are welcome, Both will get out what they’re willing to put in, and Both will own the hill!

What: Grandview Heights has a place that causes grown men to grumble, whine, and despair. Tomorrow at 0530 those men that whine will own the hill! It is “Whine Man’s Hill” because it doesn’t own us. Gather in the Gloom and find out exactly how much you’ve grown.

When: Thursday 9.28 : 0530-0615

Where: Whine Man’s Hill (wyman woods park)

Weather: 71 degrees of pain (dry)


Bo Schembechler



Back Blast 9.27.17: First Timer Fun 

AO: The Theater (aka Antrim Park)

Time: 0530-0615

QIC: Jumper

PAX: Bo, Mogul, Crossgrain, Ahhh, Cobra (Toledo), Mariah, Guppy, Dimon, FNG (Folgers), Pitt, Puck, Slash, Grovetucky

YHC woke up at 0445 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to rock n’ roll as VQ. Arrived at AO to see a few chatting PAX around shovel flag. *Shout out to Cobra from Toledo for joining in on this first timer’s fun.* Once rest of PAX arrived, a disclaimer of sorts was given. Each man grabbed block and we moseyed around field until it felt right.   Continue reading “Back Blast 9.27.17: First Timer Fun “