10.25 pre-blast. Winter is coming..

When : 0530-0615 @F3 the theatre (Antrim Park 5800 Olentangy River Rd.)

Who : All PAX and any FNG’s (all men are welcomed and encouraged to come.)

Why : to invigorate male leadership in our communities and get the the best shape of our lives at the same time.

Q : Crossxgrain

As we all know winter is fast approaching us. This being said let’s strip those summer tires off and strap on the winter tires. we have a long road of snow, rain, and sleet ahead of us. Don’t let that beat you, don’t let the cold intimidate you. Don’t allow the alarm clock to be your excuse, and don’t worry we will all be warm when we’re done!

Back Blast 10.23.17: Welcome to the Jungle

AO: Camp Willis (Jones M.S.)

VQ: Slash

When: 0530-0615

Weather: perfect

PAX: grovetucky, Jumper, Ahhh, Crossgrain, Ripcord, Ball Bearing, FNG (Abrasion), FNG (Bootleg), Wisdom, Bo Schembechler, Tony Packo, Dimon, Mariah, Mogul, 3-16

The VQ gave the disclaimer promptly at 0530 and remained around the shovel flag for Continue reading “Back Blast 10.23.17: Welcome to the Jungle”

Pre-Blast 10.23.17: Welcome to the Jungle

AO: Camp Willis (Jones Middle School)

VQ: Slash

Who: All PAX and any FNG’s you can EH


Come join Slash for his VQ Continue reading “Pre-Blast 10.23.17: Welcome to the Jungle”

LEGO Movie 10.21.2017

QIC: Tony Packo

PAX: Van-Damme (Respect), Savannah (Respect), Slapshot, Rip-cord, Guppy, Ahhh, Mariah, Spotlight, Dimon, Crossgrain, Beaver, Teach, Bo Schembechler.

Disclaimer was given promptly at 0700 and we had a short mosey through the parking lot to warm up the legs and get the blood flowing on a beautiful fall morning. Continue reading “LEGO Movie 10.21.2017”

Back Blast 10/19/17 Conditioning

AO: Whine Man Hill (aka Wyman Woods Park)

QIC: Ahhh (VQ)

PAX: Teach, Mogul, Mariah, Jumper, Guppy, Slash, Bo Schembechler, Grovetucky, 316, Ahhh

The PAX filtered in and we promptly began at 5:32. We forgot the disclosure, so thank goodness no one was hurt. Continue reading “Back Blast 10/19/17 Conditioning”

Back Blast 10.18.17 Flex

AO: The Theater (aka Antrim Park)
WHEN: 0530-0615
TEMP: 44 F
PAX: Bo Schembechler, Mogul, Grovetucky, Diamond, Jumper, Aye, Mariah, Spotlight, Ballbearing, Teach (QIC), Savannah


Disclaimer followed by mosey around the park while we waited for a few stragglers to join the PAX

COP at the Lake Continue reading “Back Blast 10.18.17 Flex”

Back-Blast: F3-M3 10.16.17

AO: Camp Willis (aka Jones Middle School)
WHEN: 0530-0615
PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Teach, Grovetucky, Schembechler, CrossGrain, Ball Bearing, Dimon, Jumper, Slash, 3:16, Ahh, and Frugal MacDougal (From Nashville)

(M3) Monday Morning with Mogul

Disclosure given promptly at 5:30

Side Straddle Hop x 30
Sun Gods x10 each direction
Cotton Pickers x 20 Continue reading “Back-Blast: F3-M3 10.16.17”

F3-M3 10.16.17: Pre-Blast

AO: Camp Willis (aka Jones Middle School)
When: 0530-0615
Who: ALL PAX and FNGs

(M3) Monday Morning with Mogul. It will be cold. No need to dress warm. The fire in your lungs will keep you warm. Sprints, Merkins, a little distance, and a special surprise near the end. I suggest showing up 10min early to stretch.

QIC: Mogul