Back Blast 9.27.17: First Timer Fun 

AO: The Theater (aka Antrim Park)

Time: 0530-0615

QIC: Jumper

PAX: Bo, Mogul, Crossgrain, Ahhh, Cobra (Toledo), Mariah, Guppy, Dimon, FNG (Folgers), Pitt, Puck, Slash, Grovetucky

YHC woke up at 0445 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to rock n’ roll as VQ. Arrived at AO to see a few chatting PAX around shovel flag. *Shout out to Cobra from Toledo for joining in on this first timer’s fun.* Once rest of PAX arrived, a disclaimer of sorts was given. Each man grabbed block and we moseyed around field until it felt right.   Continue reading “Back Blast 9.27.17: First Timer Fun “

Pre-Blast 9.27.2017: First Timer Fun

AO: The Theater aka Antrim Park (5800 Olentangy River Rd)

QIC: Jumper (VQ – LET’S GET IT!)

When: 0530 – 0615

Who: PAX and FNGs

Business: Momma says running on Wednesday is for the birds. I like momma. Arms, shoulders, core, and sweat predicted for tomorrow morning’s fitness forecast.

Email 9.25.17

We’re here 4 You!

PAX & Men of Central Ohio,

We are now running 4 days a week in central Ohio. Last week 59 times a man like you woke up and posted for a workout! You might wonder why? You might think we’re crazy for waking up at 0445 just to make sure we get there on time. or if you’re Teach “0520 out the door with a hot cup of coffee!” But something that is hidden under the workout, under the alarm clock, under the CSAUP things we do, is the fact we’re here for YOU! Continue reading “Email 9.25.17”

Back Blast 9.25.17: What’s my Event?

AO: Camp Willis

Time: 0530-0615

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Bo Schembechler, Mariah, Mogul, 3-16, Creepers, Skipper, Ball Bearing, Crossgrain, Ahhh, Teach, Slash

YHC woke at 4:30 after a deep slumber aided by Ny-Quil to combat the cough and muscle aches from the day before. On my way to the track, I ran past a neighbor who informed me the track was resurfaced over the weekend and might be closed. Sure enough, when I got to the track there was caution tape around and across the track. I quickly had to recalibrate my plans for the workout as 200’s and 400’s were out of the question. I turned focus to the football field and set up lighted pylons and met the PAX at the shovel flag. Continue reading “Back Blast 9.25.17: What’s my Event?”

Pre-Blast 9.25.17: What’s my Event?

AO: Camp Willis (Jones Middle School)

QIC: Grovetucky

When: 0530-0615

Who: PAX and any FNG’s

What: The PAX will get to try running many different distances to determine which is their best event.

Columbus 9.23 “Endurance” Back-Blast


Where: The Theater aka Antrim Park

When: Saturday 0700-0800

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Van-Damme (Respect), Ahhh, Mariah, Creepers, Teach, Capsize, FNG (Rip-Cord), Bumper (Respect), Gimpy, Jumper, Crossgrain, Slapshot, Spotlight, 3-16, Grovetucky

YHC, admits this Back-blast is 48 hours past the events that took place. (Slacker) I would like to start with this. Endurance isn’t glamorous, it isn’t easy, it isn’t fun. However, When you finally get to the goal, giants seem less powerful, obstacles less giant, and refreshing water so much sweeter! Continue reading “Columbus 9.23 “Endurance” Back-Blast”

Pre-Blast 9.23 Endurance

“In the heart of an Olympic CHAMPION is the courage to endure” -unknown

What: There are some things that are hard for a short time and there are things that are hard for a long time. Tomorrow for 1 hour we will go hard to get better at life’s hardest challenges! (limited running Q is ailing)

When: 0700-0800 The Theater (aka Antrim Park)

Who: HIMs that want to Endure!

Weather: We go Ran or Shine, but this 65-75 degree mornings have been sweet!