Change 7.31.17: Email


Men of Central Ohio & PAX,

This week the guys who stumbled into starting F3, OBT & DREDD, were on the ART OF MANLINESS podcast. (click to listen) This is pretty awesome! It has challenged more men to step out (3 this week) and see what it is that makes F3 different. One thing that makes F3 difference is the CHANGE you experience.

CHANGE” isn’t always what we want it to be. Continue reading “Change 7.31.17: Email”

Camp Willis Back Blast 7-31-17: The Grind on the Gridiron

Camp Willis: 7/31/17 – 0530-0615

The Pax: Spotlight, Teach, Creepers, Mogul, 3-16, Bo Schembechler, Mariah

QIC: Grovetucky

Football training camps have opened everywhere. Players are leaving their blood and sweat all over the field. This is the time of year when a group of players forge bonds to become a true TEAM! So F3 Columbus did a little gridiron work of our own as we bond together to become HIM’s Continue reading “Camp Willis Back Blast 7-31-17: The Grind on the Gridiron”

The Bear Pre-Blast 7-31-17: The Grind on the Gridiron

Image result for football field images

QIC: Grovetucky

When: 5:30-6:15

Where: Camp Willis (meet in front of Jones Middle School)

Who: Open to all PAX, invite an FNG!!

As football conditioning and practice begins throughout, tomorrow is our turn to sweat it out on the gridiron. EH an FNG and let’s be able to field a PAX of at least 11!

STRIPES BOOTCAMP 7.29.17 – Back Blast

When: 07.29.2017 0700-0800

coQIC: Bo Schembechler & Mariah

PAX: Slapshot, FNG (Sgt. Hulka), FNG (Francis), FNG (Healer), Abacus, 3-16, Gimpy, Van-Damme (RESPECT), Bullfrog, Piro, Grovetuckey, Kournicova
After an exciting week of some national recognition on the ART OF MANLINESS podcast we had 3 FNGs show up before a majority of the PAX. Like most of us our first time out, they had no idea what to expect or what laid awaiting for them! So in a rising fashion we began the F3 Disclosures @ 0659 and our Mosey commenced… YHC chose to set some tunes for our morning to the STRIPES soundtrack from 1981.

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Stripes Bootcamp 7.29.17 – Pre-Blast


AO: The Theater (aka Antrim Park)
When: 0700-0800
Who: ALL PAX and Sad Clowns (FNGs)

Personal problems got you down? Well F3 can turn you around… Don’t miss Stripes Bootcamp tomorrow at The Theater. No man left behind.

QIC: Schembechler & Mariah

Band of Brothers 7.26 “MOVE IT”

The 0530 Wednesday Workout at the Theater (aka Antrim Park) will experience the solid leadership of Pyreness this week. This HIM (high impact man) put the PAX through a brutal workout a couple Saturdays back and we are all thankful for what Pyrenees brings to the table.


QIC: Pyrenees

PAX: any and every Sad Clown or man of PAX that wants to GIA (give it away)

Weather: Can’t be any worse than Saturday BAHAHAHAHAHA!

When: 0530-0615

Where: The Theater (Antrim Park 5800 Olentangy River Rd.)

Start your day off right with a midweek workout before your co-workers are even out of their fart sacks. It is only as hard as you make it! #ironsharpensiron #giveitaway


The Bear 7.24 Back-Blast: “Arm-ageddon”


BACK BLAST: 07.25 – 0530-0615

The PAX: Spotlight, Mariah, Grovetucky, Bo Schembechler, Mogul (FNG), Dimon

QIC: 3-16

When an asteroid threatens the complete and utter destruction of the PAX’s legs, NASA honcho Dan Truman (3-16) determines the only way to stop it is to expand the AO to a children’s park nearby to work the arms. This leads him to renowned driller Harry Stamper (Grovetucky), who agrees to helm the dangerous expedition across the street to the monkey bars, provided he can bring along his own hotshot crew (the PAX). Continue reading “The Bear 7.24 Back-Blast: “Arm-ageddon””

F3 FIGHT CLUB 7.22.17 – Back-Blast

AO: The Theater
WHO: A determined/wet PAX of 14 HIMs
WHEN: 7.22.17 from 0700-0800

QIC: Mariah

The PAX remained in their cars until 0700 entertained by a wind whipped flag, rain and lightening. Concern for lightening claimed at least one as we see tail-lights leaving the AO just before 0700. At 0700 YHC gets out of his car faced with uncertain expressions and starts to mosey to the under-pass where we conducted an echoing COP.

SSH, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walkers, Sun Gods, Flutter Kicks, 30 Squats OYO. “We’re gonna get wet, follow me!” Mosey to the bottoms of the park along the woods to circle up under the shelter of a tree. Continue reading “F3 FIGHT CLUB 7.22.17 – Back-Blast”