Back Blast 7.10 @ Camp Willis


BACK BLAST: 07.10 – 0530-0615

The PAX: Grovetucky, Teach, Spotlight, Bo Schembechler, Slash, 3-16 (photo creds)

QIC: Teach

Monday morning is always a tough one to rally for especially after the beatdown we had on Saturday (thank you, Kornikova). A dedicated few took the red pill and crawled out of their fart sacks to start the week off right.

As soon as Teach figured out the shovel flag was not at the track but in front of the middle school, he moseyed over to meet the Pax with one minute to spare. Continue reading “Back Blast 7.10 @ Camp Willis”

Four Corners 7.10 Pre-Blast

AO: Camp Willis (aka Jones Middle School Track)

When: 07/10/17 – 0530-0615

Who: All PAX & Sad Clowns

QIC: Teach

Set your week right and get up and at it tomorrow morning for some fun at Camp Willis. Meet at Old Glory ready to go. camp-willis-columbus-ohio

The Theater – Backblast 7-8-17

The PAX:

3-16, Slash, Kournikova , Creepers, Van-Damme (Respect), Gimpy, Flier, Teach, Grovetucky, Kibbles, Gemini (Houston), Savannah (Respect), Bumper (Respect), Diamond, Bo Schembechler,  Pony (FNG), Hops (FNG)

Started with a short mosey for a quick warm up. Circled up and performed the following: Continue reading “The Theater – Backblast 7-8-17”

The Bear 7.3 Back Blast: “Washington’s Charge”

_revolutionary war battle

QIC: 3-16

PAX: Slash, Savannah, Mariah, Corleone (RESPECT-RESPECT), Capone (Lake Norman, NC), Bo Schembechler

AO: Jones Middle School, Upper Arlington (aka: Camp Willis)

Where: Jones Middle School, Upper Arlington

When: 0530-0615, 7.3.17

On the eve of July 4th 7 PAX met at Camp Willis to better themselves, to honor the sacrifices of our forefathers and to celebrate the American spirit of Freedom and Independence.

After introductions and some mumble chatter, the PAX moseyed to the football field behind the middle school.  The PAX took a step back in time to remember the history of the birth of our great nation.  Some of what transpired thereafter remains unclear, as a cloud of smoke from all the musket fire between the American Patriots and the British grew thick and engulfed the field as the workout progressed. Continue reading “The Bear 7.3 Back Blast: “Washington’s Charge””

The Amazing Spider-Man 7.5 – Pre-Blast

AO: The Theater (aka Antrim Park)
When: 0530-0615
Who: ALL PAX, and Sad Clowns

Spring up from your fartsacks tomorrow and wheeze in the sunrise at our post holiday recovery party at 0530. EH those FNGs who have been on the fence (see what I did there?). Gloves are recommended.

QIC: Mariah

The Bear 7.3 Pre-Blast: “Washington’s Charge”

F3_Warrior_ George Washington

What: The Bear

Where: Jones Middle School, Upper Arlington

When: 0530-0615

Who: ALL PAX, Sad Clowns and Patriotic Americans!

On the eve of July 4th, Independence Day, we will remember the sacrifices of our great nation’s founding fathers.  After the American Revolution erupted in 1775, Washington was formally named commander in chief of the newly established Continental Army on July 3rd, 1775.  One year and one day later, the Declaration of Independence was formally adopted by 12 colonies, and later by New York on July 19th.

Old Glory will be waving proudly at 0530 when the workout is set to begin.  Come wearing patriotic colors and be ready to leave it all on the field as we remember the sacrifices and celebrate the independent spirit of our forefathers.

Back to Basics @BOB 6.28

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Spotlight, Diamond, Pyrenees (respect), Savanah (respect), Mariah, Tony Packo, 3-16, Grovetucky, Slash
YHC woke up at 4:30 to the sound of little feet and eyes looking him square in the face, shortly followed by another pair of little feet and multiple requests for blankee’s, water, hugs, and kisses. Knowing the responsibility that lied before him he moved swiftly to provide for these little humans and slip out as they fell back into their slumber. Continue reading “Back to Basics @BOB 6.28”

Band of Brothers 6.28 Pre-Blast


What: Band of Brothers

Where: The Theater aka Antrim Park

When: 0530-0615

WHO: ALL PAX and Sad clowns!

Weather: does it even matter?

Any one who has ever been apart of any type of organization, athletic team, or even relationship has probably heard the following. “BACK TO THE BASICS” What does this mean? Well it means going back to what is foundational for the organization, team, or relationship you’re suppose to be. Tomorrow morning we’re going back to the basics at 0530! EH those sad clowns and come ready to work.

-Bo Schembechler