Band of Brothers 6.28 Pre-Blast


What: Band of Brothers

Where: The Theater aka Antrim Park

When: 0530-0615

WHO: ALL PAX and Sad clowns!

Weather: does it even matter?

Any one who has ever been apart of any type of organization, athletic team, or even relationship has probably heard the following. “BACK TO THE BASICS” What does this mean? Well it means going back to what is foundational for the organization, team, or relationship you’re suppose to be. Tomorrow morning we’re going back to the basics at 0530! EH those sad clowns and come ready to work.

-Bo Schembechler

The Bear Roars at Camp Willis

  • When: The Bear: 06/26/2017 5:30-6:15
  • QIC: Grovetucky
  • The PAX: Bo Schembechler, Mariah, Tony Packo, Diamond, 3-16, Savannah, Slash, Ball Bearing

We ushered in a new era of Columbus F3 with The Bear at Camp Willis (Jones Middle School). Special thanks to 3-16 for the efforts to start a new location

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Back Blast 6/24 @The Amphitheater #cheachstrong

Back Blast: 6/24/17 07:00-08:00

QIC: Teach

Pax: 21 strong

The Amphitheater- Antrim Park

We had a beautiful morning to pay respect to Brother Cheech and his family. The Pax came in force with no sleeves.

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“We got the beep!” Pre-Blast Saturday 6/24 07:00 @ The Amphitheater

Band of Brothers, fuel up for Saturday’s workout. Any guesses what the main course will be?

Also, I plan to throw in a few new ones for good measure. Hint below. Take the red pill and see you there. Aye, Teach


Cliffhanger – 6.21 Back Blast | The Theater

Cliffhanger – 6.21 Back Blast 0530-0615
QIC: Mariah
PAX: 12 Early Risers
AO: Antrim Park (aka: The Theater)

0530 – Mosey large loop down the road back up around tennis courts and back through the woods to the south end of the park to form up near the playground for COP.


Imperial Walkers
Cotton Pickers
American Hammers
Flutter Kicks

The Thang:

15min EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)
10 squats (after 7rounds switched to 10 merkins) + 5 burpees. 2 people rotate out every 2 minutes while 1 does sandbag get-ups with their choice of 50lb/20lb sandbag and the other does pull-ups or hangs through the minute. Switch after 1min of each.

2x – 10sec count

Run to rock at park entrance and back for the Cliffhanger…

3min w/ half PAX doing dips and half dead hangs. Switch every 30sec.

To the hill where QIC has left about dozen odd shaped rocks. Half the PAX pinch grips a rock in each hand for a farmer carry run down the hill around and up while the rest of the PAX does plank walk-ups on picnic table benches. Rotate out for 2 rounds of each as you get tapped. After 2 rounds hide rocks and mosey to the flag for COT.

Everybody hung. No quitters. Everyone gave it their all. Nobody fell off the cliff.

Columbus 6.17 Back Blast

As the heat of the sun rose above the tree line; the PAX gathered around a shovel & a flag. YHC was in high spirits as the country music loosened the PAX. The mumblechatter was thick and the excitement of what was ahead was obvious. As the clock ticked over to 0700 the music was adjusted to increase the intensity and the disclaimer was given! With that the coQ Saturday began.

Fat Man Camp:

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New Monday Workout! – “The Bear” Starts 6/26/17, 5:30am

F3 Columbus PAX

F3 is launching a new Monday workout, “The Bear” (aka “Munday Bear”) at Firebase Alpha (Jones Middle School in Upper Arlington).

You will no longer have to carry the Munday morning mantle of the Sad Clown who reluctantly rolls out of the fartsack to greet the furthest point from the end of another long work week.   You will now start your Monday’s with the Vigor and Zeal required to crush the week and to be the Leader that God has graced you with the potential to be!

I hereby call on all Accelerating Men to join your F3 brothers in planting another shovel flag and posting for The Bear at 5:15am, Monday, June 26, 2017.  The workout will commence at 5:30am sharp, and will end at 6:15.  ABH and bring an FNG!

AYE!! – 3-16