Who is the Q?

The Q is any man that has participated in one or more workouts that feels his time has come or he is pushed into taking responsibility for a single workout.

When you’re the Q you are taking on the responsibility for the outcome of a single workout. You don’t have to have an elaborate plan, you don’t have to be perfect, or the most fit. The PAX will follow your instructions and assist with brotherly comments along the way!

Helpful Resources for the Q:

Q: A Leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome.


8 thoughts on “Q

  1. I currently live in Northern California and am part of the F3 Goldrush in Rocklin, CA. I will be moving to Delaware in June 2021 and I cannot wait to join F3 Columbus when I get there!

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  2. Good morning, I am Lotus Notes with F3 St. Louis. I am here for a family event and wanted to join the Beatdown on Monday morning 5/23 at Camp Willis. I did not bring my coupon (cinder-block) so would need one, if necessary.

    Look forward to meeting the men at Camp Willis tomorrow morning


  3. Hoping to join you down range at The Theater on Thursday (6/17). Is that AO still active? Is it a boot camp?


    1. Yes it is. Bootcamp, usually strong on legs there on Thursday. I’ll let the site Q know to keep an eye out. First lot on right inside park entrance. They mosey at 0530 sharp usually down to the lower area lot or dock on the lake.


  4. Hi men. This is Coconut from the Black Swamp—planning to be in your neighborhood for the July 4th weekend. Planning to post on 7/3 and just wanted to check if any deviation from the posted schedule is on (convergence, CSAUP, etc.) for the Holiday.


    1. Both of our July 3rd workouts do Coffeeteria after. Griggs Reservoir Park (THE VAN) is from 0600-0700 and Antrim Park (THE THEATER) is from 0700-0800. SYITG!


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