Buying in! 8.13.18

We have seen men catch the competitive fever since the iron Pax challenge began. Determined to represent Columbus Ohio across F3 nation for bragging rights and authentic manliness.

Join us tomorrow 0530-0615

Jones Middle School in UA a place we call Camp Willis. For a national beatdown.

38 mins of none stop action, brotherhood, and intensity for us to show the nation what we have to offer!

QIC: Grovetucky


Band of Brothers BB 12.19.17

In the early morning gloom of Wednesday 8 HIMs assembled to some mid week shenanigans!

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Mariah, Dimon, Crossgrain, Francis, Wildebeest, Mogul, & Spotlight

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Columbus 6.17 Back Blast

As the heat of the sun rose above the tree line; the PAX gathered around a shovel & a flag. YHC was in high spirits as the country music loosened the PAX. The mumblechatter was thick and the excitement of what was ahead was obvious. As the clock ticked over to 0700 the music was adjusted to increase the intensity and the disclaimer was given! With that the coQ Saturday began.

Fat Man Camp:

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“TTUN” Back-Blast

It was good to be back home with the PAX of F3 Columbus after a week down south with the family. YHC jumped right into the Q after a week of taking the beatings from F3 winston-salem & F3 Morehead;  YHC was ready to lay one down! (Although I stole it from thedipper @F3morehead) but who is counting?

YHC woke up a few mins earlier this morning to beat the PAX to #TheTheater in order to lay out some cones for the workout. As the PAX arrived we mumbled and welcomed an FNG pushed out of bed by @3-16! We were about to start when @mariah came rolling in hot right at 0530. So the disclaimer was given and the mosey began far enough away @mariah had to play catch-up.

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Band of Brothers Pre-Blast “TTUN”

While away down south on vacation; i was reminded of why i hate TTUN so much! Come find out why Ohio is the better and learn to hate the workout as much as I did. Stealing this one from #thedipper @f3morehead!

Where: Antrim Park aka #THETHEATER

Who: Any man or FNG in toe

What: “TTUN” Beatdown

Weather: There will be some sort of weather (we are outside)

Bring gloves always recommended!