Band of Brothers BB 12.19.17

In the early morning gloom of Wednesday 8 HIMs assembled to some mid week shenanigans!

QIC: Bo Schembechler

PAX: Mariah, Dimon, Crossgrain, Francis, Wildebeest, Mogul, & Spotlight

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“TTUN” Back-Blast

It was good to be back home with the PAX of F3 Columbus after a week down south with the family. YHC jumped right into the Q after a week of taking the beatings from F3 winston-salem & F3 Morehead;  YHC was ready to lay one down! (Although I stole it from thedipper @F3morehead) but who is counting?

YHC woke up a few mins earlier this morning to beat the PAX to #TheTheater in order to lay out some cones for the workout. As the PAX arrived we mumbled and welcomed an FNG pushed out of bed by @3-16! We were about to start when @mariah came rolling in hot right at 0530. So the disclaimer was given and the mosey began far enough away @mariah had to play catch-up.

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Band of Brothers Pre-Blast “TTUN”

While away down south on vacation; i was reminded of why i hate TTUN so much! Come find out why Ohio is the better and learn to hate the workout as much as I did. Stealing this one from #thedipper @f3morehead!

Where: Antrim Park aka #THETHEATER

Who: Any man or FNG in toe

What: “TTUN” Beatdown

Weather: There will be some sort of weather (we are outside)

Bring gloves always recommended!