MyF3: “Van-Damme” (RESPECT)

My F3 Story (Van-Damme)

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In July 2011, I was your average 46 year old male, eating garbage but doing a spinning class a couple of times a week, taking a fish oil capsule and some vitamins. 5’10, 190lbs, not horribly overweight but a small paunch developing nicely. My wife and I drove to the emergency room on a Saturday night because “something did not feel right”. After parking the car and entering the triage area, I went into full cardiac arrest in front of the nurse attending to me.

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MyF3: “Savannah”

My F3 Story (Savannah)

Heard about F3 through the Today Show (how I got my F3 name) when my wife told me about it, and said it looks like something you might want to do.  Looked it up online and it did look interesting, but never been to a workout group with a bunch of guys, let alone being outdoors.  It looked intriguing to me and was different than what I was used to.   Continue reading “MyF3: “Savannah””