MyF3: “Francis”

My F3 Story (Francis)

I showed up to my first F3 Columbus workout at Antrim Park because I had heard of F3 on the Art of Manliness Podcast. The whole time I listened, I just felt like this was something I needed to do. I felt that I needed something that would push me a little bit more and guide me to work towards things greater than myself. I’m getting married soon and having another who will be relying on me, I thought F3 could help grow me. I didn’t know that this decision to post to a workout would be one that stuck and would fit perfectly into the idea of growth & guidance for me.

The first workout that I posted for was themed “Stripes.” As a result this FNG became “Francis” (Don’t call me Francis). To the PAX of F3 Columbus & F3 Nation. I received a hard workout, but pushed myself because I saw other men facing the same trials, None of them quitting. Van-Damne dropped back with me at one point during the workout and provided motivation, that sold me! I started to look up to the men of the PAX, following their attitudes, and examples during the workouts. Sometimes just showing up was what I needed.

For me, everything in F3 carries over to how I view life. If I can show up at 0530 and workout when everything in me wants to fartsack, everything else I face seems easier. If I can commit to being a support & following the examples the men before me have set, I can commit to being an intentional husband and one day an effective father. I show up to F3 because “Iron Sharpens Iron.” Men leading men provides strength in not only body, but character and mind. F3 means that there is a place for a man to go to be challenged, supported, and grow with a group of like-minded men who are willing to compete in CSAUP things. Like, Who can eat a Reese’s Doughnut the fastest after a hard workout. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of F3 Columbus. It will continue to be a bright spot of my weeks. AYE!

Francis (Don’t Call Me Francis)