MyF3: “Savannah”

My F3 Story (Savannah)

Heard about F3 through the Today Show (how I got my F3 name) when my wife told me about it, and said it looks like something you might want to do.  Looked it up online and it did look interesting, but never been to a workout group with a bunch of guys, let alone being outdoors.  It looked intriguing to me and was different than what I was used to.  

I’ve always been into fitness, graduated from OSU with a BS degree in Physical Education, Secondary in 1991.  I was in great shape during my high school and college years, and did some weightlifting and was on the OSU Racquetball Club for 3 years, love gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, and recently got into cycling.  After getting married in 1994, we joined a gym and stuck with it for about a year or two.  Afterwards, worked out with a friend doing weight training and gained a lot of strength for about another two years.  I took an OSU class on weight training in Autumn 2004, and later joined the new OSU RPAC when it opened up, and stayed with it for awhile keeping up with my racquetball.  I cancelled my membership in 2006, after having my first child, and not being able to go anymore.  We then had our 2nd daughter in 2009, and during that time, I noticed that my heath was beginning to decline.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (Hypothyroidism) disease, and already had allergies, asthma, and gaining weight on top of that.  So I bought the P90X set in 2011, did all the workouts, but struggled with it and finally finished in double the time (6 months), which they recommended 90 days.

Thinking that I wanted to try something different, I went to my first F3 group on April 1, 2017 at Antrim Park in Columbus, Ohio.  My first few weeks were intimidating, I was slow, felt really sluggish, and needed to work on my cardio.  I guess I was in good company because the group had only started 2 weeks prior to that.  Since my cardio was weak and I was having trouble jogging, I had to walk through most of my beginning workouts.  Now about 3 months into it, I still struggle with jogging, but my strength is much better, and I’m able to keep up with the PAX at a slow pace.  I still have a long way to go as far as where I want to be, but I keep showing up and I guess that’s half the battle.  I signed up for my first Q on July 1st for my birthday July 03.  I’m a little nervous, but I am excited about it and looking forward to it.  I thank the F3 CBUS team for all the encouragement I have received, especially in the last few weeks, and for Bo who had asked me to get my story out, thank you again.

F3 CBUS team,

David E Altman Jr