AO Westgate Backblast 10.18.2018

QIC: Ball Bearing
PAX: Crossgrain; Spitz; Tecumseh; Silverado

After much griping and complaining and contemplation of folding down the seats of Tecumseh’s van for a 45 minute nap-o-rama we got started with a lap of the parking lot.

25 x SSH, Cotton Pickers, straight leg cotton pickers, Abe Vagodas, Willy Mays Hayes, Sun Gods and some plank stretching.

Moseyed to the end of the courts for some run stretches : High knees, butt kickers, forward hurdles, backwards hurdles, carioca and repeat.

Called out about the upcoming Veterans day challenge and did a 5 minute set for practice. AMRAP through 11 merkins, 11 burpees, 19 sit ups and 18 air squats for 5 minutes (building to 11 next month(. It was here that I realized my arms were a little too spongey and weak after yesterday’s beatdown to continue with my original plan. So I went into improvise mode.

Moseyed to the mural for wall sits to buy some time and then went to the steps at the front of the tech center for some work.

First run through was steps ups to the 2nd step (10x each leg) then high knee step ups, 15x broad jump up and calf raises. Finished and took a small walk down the sidewalk and made some changes. Same movements again, but this time run to the end of the sidewalk and back before starting the next movement. Repeated all of that again with a set of 10 squats at the end because my legs weren’t as dead as I wanted them to be.

Ran into the end of the clock and moseyed to the parking lot for Name O Rama and COT.

West Side Best Side Pre-Blast 10.15.2018

Who: Any man who wants to work and get better
When: 0530-0615
Where: NEW LOCATION Westgate Rec Center Parking Lot and Tennis Courts 455 S Westgate Ave, Columbus, OH 43204
Weather: Doesn’t ever matter…
Why: To take away the “It’s too far away argument for those on the West Side of Columbus.
What: A 45 minute workout to get your heart moving and your body better. It’s going to be a little of everything that will make your everything feel better after the pain goes away.

QIC: Ball Bearing

Westgate AO Back Blast 10.08.2018

QIC: Ball Bearing
PAX: Phoenix; Tecumseh; Bo Schembechler; FNG

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night scared that you slept through the alarm and missed your Q? Did you ever dream that you slept through your alarm and missed your Q and then wake up and realize that you didn’t and it’s only 1 am and you better get back to sleep so you don’t? No more dinner at a chili cookoff the day before my Q (Unless I’m winning it again).

Rolled into the parking lot with a plan and hopes to see a few friendly faces. The rest of the Pax pulled in and it was time to get started. Gave a poor version of the disclaimer and the mission and moseyed to the tennis courts. Took a lap around the courts and took note to make sure not to roll any ankles on the walnut pods all around the east end of the area. Did some SSH x 20, cotton pickers, cross leg stretches, butterflies, Teach, Rash and some Downward Dog Chumbawumbas. Then it was time to get into it.

The Thang:

Tried to keep it simple, but hard and managed to do just that. Simple Escalators of 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 Mountain Climbers and 40 LBC with a run to the end of the court between each set. Repeato x 4 with a bit of rest in between each round. Had planned for some other work, but it didn’t look like that was going to work the way that I wanted so we improvised and took a mosey to the Blue Jackets playground picnic shelter.

Step ups on the picnic table x10 for each leg (after height checking the shelter for the tallest of the Pax) and then 10 dips. Repeato x 4 because that just became the theme of the morning.

Took a short mosey back to the tennis courts for one last burst. Plan was 6 full length sprints of the tennis courts with a walk back to the start line before going off again. If I said we didn’t make it to 6 before time I’m willing to bet that if you’ve read this far you can figure out just how many we actually did.

0616 Out to the parking lot (Flag incoming soon): Count O Rama: Name O Rama : COT : Thanked the Pax who showed up for trusting me and following me this morning and took us out in prayer.

It’s my last day in my 30’s and it doesn’t even feel real, but not for reasons that people would usually assign to turning 40. I don’t feel old, and I don’t think I am. There’s no scenario I could ever imagine where this would be how I’m moving into my 4th decade of life, but looking at the course that I’m going I couldn’t be more ready to get there. Thank you all who have helped me get to this point and who keep encouraging me to not stay where I am, but to move forward.



Westgate Park – New AO Pre Blast 10.08.2018

Who: Any man who wants to work and get better
What: A 45 minute workout
When: 0530-0615
Where: NEW LOCATION Westgate Rec Center Parking Lot and Tennis Courts 455 S Westgate Ave, Columbus, OH 43204
Weather: Doesn’t ever matter…

Why: To take away the “It’s too far away argument for those on the West Side of Columbus.

QIC: Ball Bearing

Get ready for an escalator workout and more! Lots of stretching and warms ups and then it’s time to work!

Pre-Blast Ruck & Junk

Who: Anyone that wants to Ruck
What: A 60 min movement through the city
When: 0515-0615
Where: NEW LOCATION 12 S Terrace Ave. Columbus, Oh 43204
Weather: Doesn’t ever matter…

Why: To get the heart rate up and move the legs while fellow shipping together.

QIC: Bo Schembechler

Half Deck Spades & Clubs BB

QIC: Bo Schembechler
PAX: Grovetucky, Mariah, Teach, Specimen, Ball Bearing, Rash, Ariel, Rowdy

This morning was a moderate paced workout with a focus on legs & core. YHC prepped the deck by removing all upper body and cardio. With a quick disclaimer we began with a slow mosey.

Slow mosey while listening to Mariah share stories about some interesting confrontations he had in the past, but with a solid point. You never know what others are going through when they are Angry, Aggressive, or Frustrated. It might not be anything you did but something that is weighing them down. #WISDOM #SLOW2REACT #LESSONSOFTHEGLOOM

The Thang:
13 X Wide Squats
17 X Monkey Humpers
13 X High Slow Flutter Kicks
14 X Alternating Side Squats
25 X ic American Hammers
25 X ic Smurf Jacks
15 X standing lunge
18 X Backward Lunge
16 X Jumping Lunge
17 X ic Lil Baby Crunch
25 X ic Squat
9 X Low Slow Squats
100 M Lunge Walk
100 X Flutter Kicks (2 ct)
12 X WWII Situp
100 X Calf Raises
25 X ic Monkey Humper
25 X ic Freddie Mercury
400 M Mosey
25 X Shoulder Tap
15 X each side Oblique Crunch
10ct X PAX Low Plank
18 X ic Luge
9ct X PAX High Plank
20 X ic Rosalita
14 X ic Heels to Heaven
12 X oyo Jumping Squats

0614 AYG to the flag: Count O Rama: Name O Rama : COT : Shared a quick word about getting better in the small things (Not just fitness) & Mariah Shared about the training ground for leadership being guys stepping up to Q. So Step On Into the circle!

YHC, Took us out in prayer.

Thank you men for the impact you’ve had on me.



10.4 Pre-blast “Spades & Clubs”

The Mission of F3 is : Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

“no man left behind, no man left the same” -unkown

Who: All PAX (f3 participants) & FNGs (friendly new guys)
What: 45 minutes of action moving your legs and pushing yourself to get better at a moderate pace
When: 0530-0615 Thursday 10.4.18
Where: Wyman Woods Park in Grandview (we call it Whine Man’s Hill)

QIC: Bo Schembechler


Back-Blast 09.27.18 from Whineman’s Hill

AO: Whineman’s Hill (aka – Wyman Woods)
WHEN: 0530-0615
PAX: Grovetucky, Hack, Rash, Specimen
QIC: Mariah

Almost rolled with 3 PAX, but Grovetucky and Rash rolled in right before the mosey. Headed over to the playground for C.O.P.

SSH icx30
Sungods icx20
Cotton Pickers front – back + side – side icx25
Rash stretch
Gobbler Stretch – down dog lunge past hands right back to down dog lunge foot past hands left back to down dog icx10

Mosey to block wall

Super Circuit
ROUND #1 – as a group
Side step ups x15 ea
Bulgarian Squat x15 ea (runners pose)
Bulgarian Squat x15 ea (chest up) Plank for 6
– Mosey to playground little hill: Heals down backwards squat walk down with hands behind head (elbows back) and back up x20 + plank for 6
– Mosey around trail past grass hill, run up sidewalk hill to fire station (approx 400m). Bounce Squats x25 (wide squat with bounce to bring feet together at top then back apart) + plank for 6
– Mosey down hill to far entry corner of park (approx 400m). Leg Blasters: 20 Squats (up to toes calf raise at bottom and up), 20 in place lunges, 20 jump lunges, 10 jump squats. + plank for 6
– Mosey past flag back to block wall (approx 400m). Specimen is crushing it, but some loud burping made me think we might see some of his last night’s Dewey’s Pizza.

Repeato running the loop OYO with lower reps: 10 reps on Bulgarian Squats, 10 hill squat walks, 15 Bounce Squats, 10-10-10-5 Leg Blaster, run to flag. Specimen set the pace and finished strong. No pizza re-served.

Flutter Kicks icx30
American Hammers icx15

Name-O-Rama + COT
We shared a few words about F3 and some simple mental benefits commenting on how all men are battling something whether they share it with us or not. Grovetucky took us out in prayer.