Camp Willis back blast 12.10.18

QIC: Rash

PAX: Grovetucky, Bootleg, Hack, Mogul, Fresh Prince, LaLa

COP: 1/4 mile mosey followed by cotton pickers x 15, willie mays hayes x 10, crescent lunge x 10, sumo squat x 10, sun gods x10 each direction.

The Thang:  7 exercise circuit, 45 sec on, 15 sec rest: kick throughs, pike pushup to bridge, box jump burpee, pistol squats, lateral grasshopper pushups, plank arms raises, broad jumps.  1/4 mile run between circuits for 3 circuits total then a final 1/4 mile mosey back to flag.

BOM.  Grovetucky took us out in prayer.  22 degrees. Great work this morning.

The Theatre Back Blast: 12.08.18

AO: The Theatre (Antrim Park)

When: 0700-0800

PAX: Gimpy, Crash, Dimon, Grovetucky

With the temperature hovering around 20 degrees, YHC decided against using the frozen blocks. Plan was to keep moving to stay warm.

Gimpy and Crash were awaiting as I rolled in around 0658. At 0700 we discussed the disclaimer and then mosey to lower parking lot for COP:

SSH x 30 IC

cotton pickers x 15 IC

Sun Gods forward and backwards, Seal Claps and Overhead Claps all x 10 IC

Willie Mays Hayes x 12 IC

Good Mornings x 15 IC

Rash and Teach Stretch as Dimon joined us.

Mosey to the dock for The Thang:

Pain Train: Indian Run with the six performing increasing burpees (from 1 to 4). This brought us half way around the lake for 5 burpees OYO, then a set of Leg Blasters.

Resumed the Pain Train with burpees in descending order (4 to 1). We finished about 100 yards short of the dock, then an AYG run to the dock

Double Toe Touches x 15 IC at the dock.

Then mosey to the tennis courts for some Dora with the following exercises per group:

Dive Bomb Merkins x 50

Air Squats x 100

Merkins x 150

LBC x 200

The PAX not performing the above exercises was doing either left-to-right then right-to-left bear crawl the width of one tennis court or running down and back the width of all 6 courts.

Next, to the fence for a wall sit with each PAX giving a 15 count

Howling monkeys for a 15 count for each PAX, then 15 monkey Humpers together as a group.

3 courts of Bear Crawl Inch Worm, followed by a Duck Walk for the remaining 3 courts

Then to the flag for Mary

Outlaws x 10 each direction

Freddy Mercury’s x 25 IC

Leg Climbers x 10 each leg

Superman’s x 15

COT then BOM as we prayed for continued health in the winter gloom. It was an honor to lead and good to be back at the Theatre!




Pre-Blast 12.03.18 – Beacon of Light

WHERE: Camp Willis (aka – Jones Middle School)
WHEN: 0530-0615
WHO: All PAX and FNGs

We will quickly create order from chaos at 0530 that will keep the PAX moving for the entire 45 minutes. We will stay together throughout which is always a good thing, especially when it doesn’t feel like it. Each PAX will be the beacon of light at some point during the workout bringing hope to the suffering. Don’t miss. There will be plenty of running, it’s Monday after all, but there will be low impact modifications for the ailing and injured so you won’t miss out as there’s plenty of other work to get done. SYITG

YHC – Mariah



The Twelve Pains of Christmas Back Blast: 12.1.18

AO: The Theatre (Antrim Park)

PAX: Tarmac, Schrute, Fresh Prince, Teach, Crash, Dimon, Hack, Mogul, Mariah, Grovetucky

The Twelve Pains of Christmas was a hit last year so I was excited to bring it back for an encore. Another year of learning new exercises led to a little editing of the original Twelve Pains. Hopefully, a little tougher, we are a year stronger after all!!

Disclaimer was given promptly at 0600.

Mosey to the bottom parking lot for COP:

SSH x 30 IC

Sun Gods x 10 IC forwards and backwards

Good Mornings x 15 IC

Willie Mays Hayes x 15 IC

Teach Stretch and Rash Stretch

Then mosey to the base of the hill for the Twelve Pains of Christmas:

1 Mountain-Climber Burpee, then mosey backwards up the hill x 2

2 Eight-count Burpees, 1 Mountain-Climber Burpee, mosey backwards up hill x 2

continue the pattern with the following exercises

3 Hand-Release Burpees

4 Diamond Merkins

5 180-degree Burpees (one count is 2 burpees for a total of 360 degrees, i.e: like a ring)

6 Dive-bomber merkins

7 World War I’s

8 Staggered merkins (4 with each hand forward)

9 Jump Squats

10 American Hammers

11 Monkey Humpers

12 Jumping Lunges

The PAX did the last sequence with all 12 days together (Dimon and Fresh Prince did all 12 days twice!!)

Mosey back to upper parking lot for Mogul’s Plank Circuit x 8

Name-o-Rama, COT, BOM and prayer giving thanks that for the rain holding off. Holiday traditions do not exist without family. I thank my F3 family for the privilege to lead!





12 Pains of Christmas Pre-Blast: 12.1.18

AO: The Theatre (Antrim)

When: 0600-0700

Who: All PAX of F3 Columbus

What: It’s December and that means it’s time for Christmas traditions. Come join your F3 brothers for the Annual 12 Pains of Christmas. ‘‘Tis the season to give!!🎄🤪💪

Whine Man’s Hill Back Blast: 11.29.18

AO: Wyman Woods

PAX: Hack, Specimen, Brain, Mariah

QIC: Grovetucky

Specimen came in hot at 0530, without gloves. Brain loaned him an extra pair and a quick disclaimer was given.

Mosey up Grandview Ave to the fire station entrance for COP:

SSH x 30 IC

Sun Gods x 10 forwards and backwards

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

Side to side cotton pickers x 12 IC

Willie Mays Hayes x 12 IC

Rash stretch


Brisk mosey up to 1st Ave to Fairview to the the top of the hill at Urlin Ave, 1 minute of burpees

Down Urlin, up the Elmwood Hill to Bluff Ave, 1 minute of burpees

Down Westwood up Wyandotte, 1 minute of burpees

Brisk mosey back to the park to the turn around at the knee wall

Wall Sit x 40 count

Mini Leg Blaster Circuit

Staggered Merkins x 10 each side

Mini Leg Blaster Circuit

Staggered Merkins x 10 each side

Wall Sit x 40 count

Mini Leg Blaster Circuit

Mosey to the shovel flag for a round of Howling Monkeys

Name-o-Rama, CoT, and Ball-o-Man. Prayer to thank God for the push and to keep us healthy and free from injury during this winter of workouts.  We covered about 3 miles with plenty of elevation change. Great work!!

Reminder: 12 Pains of Christmas this Saturday 12-1-18 at 0600 at The Theatre (Antrim). Be there!!



Camp Willis Back Blast 11.19.18

QIC : Rash

PAX: Mariah, Mogul, Grovetucky, Dimon, Bootleg, Teach

COP:  Few late arrivals due to moderate rain and sub-40 degree weather.  Tried to keep moving the whole time.  SSHx30, sumo squats x 15, crescent lunges x15, cotton pickers x 15, willie mays-hayes x 15

The Thang: Tennis court suicides, touch the end line on all 3 courts EMOM style 5 times over 5 minutes.  Second EMOM circuit 4 burpees, 10 mountain climbers, sprint 3 court lengths, adding a burpee each round for 5 rounds over 5 minutes.  Cool down shuffling the tennis court lines for a few minutes.  Final EMOM circuit, mini leg blasters (5 squats, 5 lunges each leg, 5 jump lunges each leg, 5 air squats) 5 rounds over 5 minutes

Finale: 3 vs 3 Pain train (Indian run with 6 performing a sprawl and 6 mountain climbers) 1/2 mile.  By the time we had figured out strategy, Mogul, Grovetucky, and Teach nipped us at the finish line

BOM: Thinking about recently injured and stressed safe workouts doing moves to standard and modifying when necessary.  Teach took us out.  Thanks for showing up in the gloom.  Appropriate start to Muck Fichigan week.