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Back-Blast 07.19.18 – Guts & Glutes

Where: Whineman’s Hill (Wyman Woods Grandview Heights)
When: 0530-0615
Who: schembechler, ballbearing, grovetucky, mogul, mariah
QIC: Mariah

Last car rolled in at 0530 and we were off on a mosey around the park to the playground for COP.
SSH icx30
Imperial Walkers icx20
Sun Gods icx12 each side
Overhead Clap icx20
Mountain Climbers icx20
Dry Docks icx10
Merkins icx10
Cotton Pickers icx15
Peg leg cotton pickers icx15
Willie Mays Hayes icx20

Warmup: Every 30 seconds progression of Burpees with jumping knee tuck returning to plank until next 30sec starts. So 2nd 30s = 2 burpees, REPEATO until 5.

The Thang:
Mosey to path by road to where we’re facing the grass hill all the way across the park.
25 squats then progressive run across field until base of hill for sprint up the hill, mosey back across field to path. REPEATO x3

Mosey back to playground for COP
Frog Bridge icx20 (butterfly position, laying back raise hips)
Side Plank Clams icx10 each side (butterfly position on side)
Curtsey Lunges icx20

Short Circuit: Speed Skater hops OYOx10 then Warrior III Squats OYOx10 each leg (Arms out balanced on one leg bent over, short one leg squat) REPEATO x2

Mosey to circle wall by parking lot.
– Way Leg Raises OYOx20 each side (hands and knees sideways on wall one leg draped straight to ground. Raise leg straight out to side in split then kick leg back and repeat)
– Bulgarian Squats OYOx15 each side (One legged squat facing away from wall with foot on wall behind you)
– Single Leg Glute Bridge on wall ICx20 each leg (fingers behind head, heel on wall other leg pointed to sky and raise to traps touching ground)
– Decline Plank Knee-up Heel-to-sky icx20 each side

Mosey to lot. Sprint half of the lot, back to baseline and on to the flag.

BOM and COT – We talked about the importance of showing up and what the quote “The Man in the Arena” by Theodore Roosevelt means. Importance of modifying and encouraging others to get up and get out, to do “something”. Schembechler took us out in prayer.


Back BlastThe Theater 07.19.18 “Rise and Shine”

QIC: Francis

PAX: Heads Up, Wildebeest, Dimon


YHC arrived at 0525 and saw Wildebeest stretching in the parking lot before hand and some mummblechatter was had as Heads Up and Dimon rolled in hot and then the PAX grabbed bricks and got started.

Sun Gods forward IC x 10

Sun Gods backward IC x 10

SSH IC x 30

Pick up one brick per PAX and mosey to dock.


Aiken Legs

20 Squats,

20 Box Jumps, modify as step ups

20 Lunges (10 each leg),

20 Split Jacks (10 each leg forward).

Repeat 2 times

V Sit – 60 seconds

Eight Count Body Builders IC x 10


Grab bricks

Goblet Squats IC x 15

Split Weighted Lunges IC x 10 each leg

Calf Raises IC x 15

Repeat Circuit twice


Hill Sprints and planks


Sprint up  hill, mosey down x 2


Plank for 6 and then PAX calls different plank position


Sprint up hill, mosey down x 2


Oh your six holding brick with legs straight 30 degrees for 60 seconds.

Repeat exercises but switch to running backwards up the hill.

As it was 0611 the PAX mosied to the upper lot to finish with protractors.

Count Off, NameoRama and BoM as Wildebeest led us out with prayer and encouragement for the rest of our week. Looking forward to seeing the PAX today at Bootlegs!

A quote to think on:

“Difficulties are things that show a person what they are.” – Epictetus

Part of F3 is facing hard workouts head on and moving through them, sometimes modifying and sometimes striving. Always forward. It is an honor to lead members of this PAX

YHC: Francis

Back Blast: Band of Brothers 7.18.18 The Theater

Who: Francis, Heads Up, Dimon

Where: The Theater (1600 Olentangy River Rd)

What: YHC saw on Slack that we were completing a Fitness Exam for this workout and instantly regretted a 5k earlier but was excited for the test! YHC woke up with no time to spare at 0530 with Heads Up waiting in the parking lot. Some light stretching and mummblechatter occurred as YHC knew Dimon would be coming in hot and wouldn’t want to miss the fun.

After Dimon arrived the PAX completed 20 SSH IC. The PAX then mosied to the dock for the Thank:

2 minutes timed Push Ups, if knees ever touch you’re done.

2 minutes timed sit ups.

2 mile timed run around the lake.

The PAX all continued the 2 mile run without stopping and all finished under 20 minutes. As the run ended at 0611 the PAX mosied back to the top lot and stretched for the last minute of time.

PAX counted off and BoM. Dimon led out the PAX with thoughts and prayers for all PAX members who are needing support and for us all to continue to grow as Father’s, husbands and people.

Come out tomorrow for a solid leg day led by YHC and as always its an honor to have been freed to lead! Aye!




Pre-Blast: The Theater Thursday 07.19.18 Rise and Shine

When: 0530-0615

Where: “The Theater” Antrim Park 1600 Olentangy River Rd.

QIC: Francis

Who: All PAX, HIMs and men interested in getting better!

What: I’ve been sleeping in too much lately and so have my legs. The bricks get lonely on leg day sometimes so we’ll bring them with us!

Brick City Pre Blast 07.17.2018

AO: Brick City

Who: All PAX, HIM’s, and FNG’s


What: I don’t think that coffee I drank Sunday night was decaf. I also don’t think you all did enough step work this morning.


Back Blast The Theater 7.14.2018

AO: The Theatre

QIC: Group Q – each PAX had input.

PAX: Crash, Dimon, Ripcord, Creepers.

Met up near the play ground, we got started a 5 min late waiting to who showed up.

Then we got to it.

Moseyed to the dock
Sun gods
Good Mornings x10 IC
Cotton Pickers x20 IC
Can opener / teach stretch

Into the first main event (how awesome is that we had more than one main event)

Count down !!
So the idea here is run from the dock and around the loop, in the parking lot,  then do 30 of each movement plank till everyone is done, run then do 20 of each plank till everyone is done, run then do 10 plank till everyone is done. Each PAX had input on to what movements we were doing. No one said burpee’s so at least there’s that.

4 PAX so 4 movements
Merikans  – Ripcod
Dips  – Diamon
Mountain climbers – Creepers
LBCs – Crash

Got done with that pretty quick then a mosey around the lake with stops.

1. Jumping lunges x20
2. Superman’s x30
3. Jumping squats x30
4. Burpees x10

The mosey back to the parking lot.

Grabbed some blocks and Dimond pushed us through some lunges. Lines here are between parking spots on the closed off part of the parking lot in front of the tennis courts.

Lung 4 lines
Merikans feet on the blocks x10
Back lung 4 lines
Merikans hands on the blocks x10
Lunge 4 lines
Flat presses x10
Back lunge 5 lines
Merikans 1 hand on 1 hand off the block. x10

Then back to the start.
Over head lunge 4 lines
Flat presses x10
Back lunge 4 lines
Lbcs with block on chest x20
Overhead lunge 4 lines
Merikans hammers x20
Back lunge 5 lines
Merikans 1 hand on 1 hand off the block x10

Head to the play set to finish out with some flutter kick protractor around 2x and plank series around 2x

Name-o-rama, COT, BOM. Dimon lead us out with a prayer.

Off to coffeteria!

Whine Man’s Hill Back Blast: 07.12.18

AO: Wyman Woods Park

QIC: Grovetucky

PAX: Mogul, Regulator, Matlock, Bo Schembechler, Mariah, Brain, Pepper (F3 Dayton)

PAX assembled on-time at the shovel flag. Disclaimer was given, not perfect, but better than Monday. Then mosey around playground back to shovel flag for COP:

SSH x 25 IC

Cotton Pickers x 15 IC

Willie Mays Hayes x 15 IC

Various stretches (Downward/Upward Dog, Runner’s stretch, Teach stretch, Rash stretch)

Mosey to playground for the THE THANG:

4 groups of two, 3 stations. Begin at a station and perform exercises until Bertha’s arrive, then take Bertha’s to next station, give Bertha’s to group at that station and perform exercises until Bertha’s arrive again :

Station 1 at Playground:

Burpee broadjumps over retaining wall and back x 10 (20 burpees)

20 step-ups each leg

repeat until relieved by Bertha’s

Station 2 at grass hill:

run up hill x 1, then run up hill backwards x 1, then 10 merkins

repeat until relieved by Bertha’s

Station 3 at the street corner:

Leg Blasters (10 squats, lunges x 5 each leg, Mary Catherine’s x 5 each leg, Jump squats x 5) then WWI’s x 10

repeat until relieved by Bertha’s

The PAX completed 2 full circuits

Then form two lines of 4 for Indian Run with Bertha’s back to the flag.

Leg Climbers x 10 each leg

Am Hams x 20 IC

Name-o-rama, COT, BOM. Bo led us out as we prayed for Ball Bearings family. Savannah’s surgery went well as we continue to pray for his speedy recovery. Humbled to lead this morning!